it was soon friday morning, and i went early to adaoras room, cos we all know that serious discussions are always held in the morning before day break….. She looked at me in surprise as i entered her room silently, and i was equally surprised to find her awake, “what is it” she asked me while her face changed colour as she gave me an angry look, and i gently sat at the edge of the bed like a frightened child, “i’m really sorry for what i did on vals day” i apologised to her but she kept quiet for a while before answering me with a sad voice, “you really surprised me” she said as she looked me straight in the eye and i brought down my gaze cos i couldnt really look back at her, ‘no not with my guilty conscience’, “i gave you my love, my heart, i shared my secrets with you and never cheated on you, yet what did i get from you?” she asked me and i kept quiet still looking down, “i love your family so much and i also love you as if you are part of me but you just took my feelings for granted”, she said to me, “have i ever denied you anything?, have i ever disrespected you?, what is it that i have done to deserve this treatment?” she asked me and i noticed that her tone has changed and i looked up only to see her in tears, “thank God i’m finally going for my nysc, at least i will be busy and forget all about you” she said and i felt a blow in my heart, “is it her parting words to me or is she just telling me her feelings?”, i asked myself in confusion, “oh no, no, no, i cant let adaora slip pass me like that, no not yet” i said to myself and she finally said to me, “tell me the truth, cos i will ask you this only once and it will really determine the fate of our relationship, “where went you on valentines day??” she asked me as she gave me a straight look with tears in her eyes and i swallowed my saliva as i gasped at her in surprise and i was really unable to find my voice, but then adaora really told me the truth and i realised that she had never cheated nor even caused me grief before and here i am doing this to her, no wonder my sisters always tend to side with her, i reflected, “aint you going to answer me??” she asked me seriously and i tried to say something but yet couldnt…… What do i tell her??……

To be continued…..

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