my cousin chinedu and benita returned from work together that friday evening and they were extremely delighted to see chinwe with me, especially benita who immediately dragged chinwe with her to the other room as they chatted endlessly. And dear friends i ended up spending the weekend with chinwe in my cousin’s house, cos benita and chinedu insisted she stay and i had no other option than to oblige them, much to chinwes delight…..

The weekend however was really uneventful, cos we really spent it indoors and i finally got to discuss seriously with my cousin who really opened up to me about his relationship with benita….. Chinedu was really fond of benita but then the truth was that he was just managing her since he had no other option and since he preferred her more than caroline, but then his deep affection still lay with Amara{the girl he got into a fight with caroline for}, but then amara was proving headstrong and he no other option but to try and build his relationship with benita, cos there is an igbo proverb{adage} which says that “if you cant find where to place your hands, you place them on your knees” and that was exactly what my cousin was doing, but then can love be built in that way??…..
Benitas love for my cousin however isn’t questionable for she really loved him and since chinedu’s confession she brought out more of her time in building their relationship, her clothes i also noticed were now in chinedu’s room though they are few and seriously left for me, i do prefer benita more than amara, but then i really do not know what guys see in younger girls{i inclusive}, even though i noticed that they are more saucy than their senior counter-parts….but then, cant love be understandable?? I always ask myself, cos i really do not understand why someone will leave a person who truely loves him or her to settle for less, which to me seems stupid. And then my conscience always do touch me anytime i see benita cos i really knew that her relationship with my cousin will definetly end once amara accepts him back, but then will amara finally accept him back?? Hmmm i really saw the possibility cos chinedu had already slept with her before and seriously i wish there is a way i could help benita but then telling her of my cousin’s secret is definitely not an option and so i just waited patiently as the events unfolded and i shook my head as i recalled carolines last word to benita, “dont laugh at me cos he will still do the same to you” she had to her and then i also felt guilty in all these, cos i had really joined in pleading to benita for her to forgive my cousin…. “Hmmm but then relationships ain’t really a bed of roses” but “bia”{come} aint i supposed to remove the dirt in my own eye before checking the one in my cousin’s??? Hmmm i seal my lips……
To be continued

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