“what is the matter with you” she asked me seriously with concern showing on her face and i kept quiet, saying nothing to her, “i dont really understand you anymore” she said to me as she looked me in the eye and i saw love, doubt and confusion on her face, “i dont really know why i’m doing this, but since you still dont want to talk to me, i’m leaving” she said to me with a sad tone and i really saw her for what she really was, that moment, a simple, plain and confused girl, but then i was really stunned cos i had not expected to see her in my room, and infact i was really lamenting my loss cos i thought i had spoiled everything when i left her room unceremoniously, and i had also buried my face on my pillow, cos i thought i had messed up with my crying scene, so i had feared that it was finally over between us, but i then forgot that girls easily do get emotional and that my tears could move or bring out the compassion in her and i knew that moment that she still loves me, and seriously she is a great girl whom i got in a platter of gold……
I’m sorry i finally said to her as i held her hand and she shook as she felt my touch, “i know i really have a whole lot of explanation to do, but first accept my valentine gift which i bought for you with my sincere heart after which i will tell you the whole truth” i pleaded to her with sincerity and she breathed deeply as she saw the innocent face which i presented to her, “ok” she finally said after a brief silence and i got up from my bed happily as i held her hand and we went together to the car park, the time was around 5:45am that morning, as I gently opened the boot of my car when we got to the car park and i brought out a giant sized teddy bear which had cost me quite a lot with a set of jewerries, and her eye shone in surprise, but she controlled herself and i knelt down for her to her greatest surprise, “pls accept them” i muttered but she dragged me up immediately, “nawa for you oo, why you go kneel down for me” she asked jokinly as she took the teddy bear from me, “i will call him my val”…… She said as she smiled and i smiled back, “part one is finally over” i said to myself as we entered back into the house but still yet i knew that she was waiting for me to tell her the truth i had promised……

To be continued…….

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