i opened my mouth to talk, but yet i was unable to form any word and a lump appeared on my throat, “should i tell her the truth or should i lie to her” i battled with my mind and she looked at me as she cleaned her tears, “cant you talk again” she asked me and a smile appeared on her face, “or is your guilty conscience disturbing you” she asked me and i bit my lips as i looked back at her and suprisinly my eyes melted and tears appeared in my eyes, but then why was i in tears, “hmmm” i really do not know, but i then realised that moment that i am yet to get over my crying nature which started from my secondary school, when we were bullied alot by our ever uncompromising seniors, and since then i easily shed tears whenever i find myself in a very difficult situation, but seriously i really thought that i had gotten over that, until this encounter with adaora, “hmmm” what a bad character…..

I made to talk again but then i couldnt, and forcing myself would make my voice to ‘choke’ and i really felt like a ‘half man’ that moment and seriously it was really embarassing, because even though i had humbled myself to beg her that morning, i never planned to shed tears cos it was really ‘unmanly’ but now nature has cheated me and i finally heard myself saying, “you could have first listened to know what happened, but you never cared and it now seems like you have made up your mind, its ok thanks for not trusting me” i said to her not minding my “choking voice” before getting up and leaving her room absolutely embarassed and shaken up, “am i really a man” i wondered as i left her room that morning…. Getting to my room i buried my face on my pillow, “is this really how i will manage my own household”, i wondered as i bit my lips……..

I was about drifting into an early morning sleep as i buried my head on my pillow in deep thought when i heard someone enter my room and i noticed the pressure as the person sat on my bed, and i finally looked up when i felt the touch of a soft hand on my back, and i was really surprised, cos sitting on my bed was no other person but Adaora…….hmmm i breathed…….

To be continued…….

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