“hmmm” what a relief it really was, for my cousin that night, when he heard chinwes assurance, and i myself was also happy that benita had finally calmed down, but yet i knew it wont still be easy for him to make up with her, cos no matter chinwes assurances, benita is still a lady and she will still do the normal “hard to forgive” thing, which is quite typical of girls and which is really acceptable….. ‘Hmmm’ i breathed, cos i knew chinedu my cousin will from now on thread carefully whenever he is dealing with women…..
I was really proud of chinwe that evening and i loved her the more, cos i saw that she really do have wisdom in her, “baby you are just wonderful” i said to her when we were finally alone on my bed that night, and i bit her ear as i whispered sweet words of love to her, she just kept quiet and smiled as she listened, “oh love is surely a beautiful thing” i said to myself, as i touched her that night and i really felt like making love to her too but then i held myself cos truthfully even though i like (.s)ex alot i really knew that too much of it as a bachelor isnt good and i really have to learn how to control myself before i become extremely addicted to it, yea i used the word “extremely” because i knew that i am already addicted to (.s)ex, but then i still have the ability to control it and my fear have always been for it not to get out of my control especially now that my ‘nysc’ call-up is drawing near……….

Monday finally crept in and i dropped chinwe at her hostel very early that monday morning, but not after a friendly hug and bye from benita who hugged her as if they are sisters after which they exchanged numbers, ‘hmmm’ i only scratched my head as i watched them in silence but then i wasnt really comfortable with what they did and then the events of the previous evening came flashing back to me, “hope she did not tell benita anything about me” i said to myself cos the way she and benita hugged really showed me that something was amiss, and it was as if there was a kind of bond between them, “but then what could it be” i wondered, but seriously “girls are really smarter than we thought” i said to myself, that morning, but then i couldnt really control my curiousity and i finally asked her when i dropped her at the hostel that monday morning, with my innocent face and cunning smile, “baby wont you gist me on what you discussed with benita yesterday?”,i asked, but to my surprise she merely looked at me with a charming smile on her face, “no dearie, i wont gist you cos its girls talk” she said to me and i became speechless….
hmmm hope you guys aint thinking what i’m thinking?…….
To be continued……

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