after having dinner together with her and my cousin {chinedu}, we retired together to my room and i held her as we lay down together, “so dear aint you going to tell me about that phone number” i reminded her and she looked at me and smiled, “do you know that i still find it unbelievable how you act sometimes” she said to me and i looked at her confused without saying a word, “you cant really tell me or deny that you don’t know that phone number” she accused me with a smile and i kept a straight face and waited for her to continue, “the owner of that number sent me that text on valentines day and after you left for your house the following morning, i called it back and when i inquired to know who the person was, the lady that answered the call simply told me, that ‘she is your “fiancee adaora” and i ended the call without saying anything further, cos i was really stunned and i never even believed that you two are still dating, i thought i had changed you, but i just kept quiet because you will still deny and lie about it, if i ask you and she didnt even call me back after i ended the call, seriously i really was annoyed when you pretended that sunday and asked me that silly question,” she stopped for a while before continuing, “so that is the truth as you requested” she said while she heaved a sigh and i gasped at her “and seriously, i dont even know why i’m still with you, i guess its because i now depend on you for almost everything” she finally concluded as tears dripped out of her eyes and she turned her back on me and faced the wall, while i swallowed hard as i realised that the table has been turned on me, where do i start to redeem her love??………

To be continued…..

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