“are you still going to drop me at the park?” chinwe asked me, when she was finally ready to go and i stood up without looking at her, “lets get going nah” i said to her as i opened her room door and we silently went downstairs without saying a word to each other… I drove her to ‘ITC PARK’ that early evening and gave her four thousand naira which would be enough for her to go and come back, even though i can’t really say if i did it with my good mind cos i was still annoyed with her behaviour and i looked away without even saying ‘safe journey’ or ‘bye’ to her and as i switched on my car engine after giving her the money, she held my hand and looked at me with apology, “i’m really sorry for my behaviour earlier and i promise to tell you everything when i return” she said to me, but i still kept my sad mood and said nothing to her and she shook my hand, “i’m sorry nah” she apologised again and leaned forward to me as if she wanted to peck me, and i replied her coldly that i’m okay, “okay just a smile for me” she requested and i gave her a fake smile even though my anger had finally reduced after her apology, “safe journey” i later said to her and she gave me a last smile before alighting from my car, “hmmm” the power of apology” i said to myself as i shook my head and drove off, but then i was still curious to know what was really happening and i couldnt really wait for her to return cos i hate suspence…..

“See your way nah” frank {my best friend} said to me when we met in school monday morning in a canteen{the place later got burnt this year} beside ‘indoor sports’ and at the back of school ‘cafe’ and i apologised to him cos truthfully we havnt really seen or spoken to each other for quite a while and he really was looking good and happy, “o boy they posted me to ondo state oo” he also said to me after he requested for a bottle of malt for each of us and i smiled and congratulated him, even though i wasnt really happy that he will be leaving me behind in this God forsaken city, “guy i hear say that side nah another brothel in the making” he also said as he smiled, “serious?” i exclaimed in a normal boyish way and he laughed out loud, “so you never hear the story of yoruba girls?” he asked amisdt laughter and i shook my head, “guy your own better oo, infact i go run come visit you after your camping” i said to him and he sipped his malt and replied “nawa you oo wetin you wan stay here dey do? Abeg you must come” he said and we laughed……..

Frank finally left for ondo state the following day which was tuesday, likewise my sister and adaora who travelled to abuja that same day and i really used that moment to reflect on my life so far cos i then realised that no condition is permanent and that everyone is moving ahead for his or her own good for you can never be a child forever and seriously i kept to myself throughout that tuesday………

Chinwe returned on wednesday morning of that week and she visited me later in the evening and i knew she planned to sleep over, cos of the time she came which was around 6pm and seriously it was really a welcomed development for me, cos i really needed to sort out some issues with her even if it means staying awake all through the night, “i must definitely hear her story”……..i said to myself….

To be continued…….

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