my last sunday in yenegoa, finally arrived and it was also the day i was scheduled to return back to owerri…. Early that morning, i followed my friend harrison to his church, “you must follow me to the church today” he had said seriously to me around 6am that sunday morning, and i had scratched my head in resignation, “no wahala” i replied him cos i really had no choice but to accept for i had refused going with him the other past sundays, and he had been taking it as if i am worst than him, “after all its just a two hour thing” i had also said in my mind that morning before going to prepare ‘for church’…….

We finally arrived his church together, clutching our bibles for he had given me his extra bible and we sat together at the extreme end of the church and waited for service to commence, while i tried to remember the last time i have been to church, “hmmm wasnt it last year xmas?” i tried to remember as the memories of my last visit to church flashed back into my mind, and that was on the 24th of december the previous year and i smiled as i remembered the love which adaora and i had made on our return from the church, “hmmm good old memories” i said to myself as i smiled……

“wont you stand up and join us in praising God” harrison asked me as he shook me, interrupting my thoughts and i looked around me and was surprised that i was the only one sitting down, for other members of the church were already engulfed in the aura and frenzy of worship songs which their experienced singers were giving out and i grudginly stood up and joined in the singing, even though i looked like a black sheep in the midst of white lambs……

Finally around 2pm that fateful sunday, i left for owerri a ‘wiser’ man and seriously i felt like a man who has seen the world, and truthfully i really had gathered a whole lot of experience and lesson in bayelsa and i felt like staying further for i enjoyed every moment i spent there……..

Yea April 1st 2012, was the day i finally returned back to owerri and to my chinwe who rushed immediately to my cousin’s house to welcome me, as soon as she heard that i was back, and i had never felt so happy seeing her and i realised that moment that i really missed her. chinwe on the other hand was extremely delighted to see me and as i looked at the love in her eyes, i knew that she had equally missed me, and seriously sometimes a bit gap or distance is required once in a while in a relationship and as i kissed her that evening, i rediscovered our love, hope and future “oh the lips of chinwe is so tender and succulent”, i groaned as we kissed…..,

to be continued…..

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