monday febuary 13th 2012 slowly crept and passed without much event after i had dropped off chinwe in her hostel that morning, {though i later did a little shopping ahead of valentines day, for chinwe and adaora}.

And Finally febuary 14th arrived, a day most youths and couples wait for in expectation, like children waiting for christmas, but then i knew its not every youth that looks forward to this day cos some of us hate it, but then the truth is mostly because they have no lover to celebrate it with or that they are broke, and woe also betides any guy who forgets his girlfriend on this beautiful day, cos ‘hmmm’ i really doubt how the relationship would be afterwards, and we the guys also use this day to know whether our girl really belongs to us, cos any girl who refuses to be with you this day without any good reason truthfully isnt your girl. Hmmm! what a day but then is it really what valentines day is all about?? Well i knew not, cos i have grown up to see it in such way so i definetly wont be the one to change it…..
Adaora was the first to call me that fateful morning, “happy vals day sweetheart” she said to me with her lovely voice and i laughed as i replied her “same to you dear”, “pls do come quick, cos i have lots of surprises for you” she said to me with her joyful tone and i immediately felt guilty, but then one thing about cheating is that it works together with telling lies and we all know that once you lie for the first time you will still need another lie to cover up the first, and your lies continue growing from there. I really knew that what i was doing was very wrong but then how could i stop it without incuring the wrath of one or both of them{adaora and chinwe}, and besides i am already too deep into them to stop, so all i could do is to battle with my conscience every time, but still, the funniest thing of them all is that i really do not know whom to choose between chinwe and adaora, hmmmm….

Chinwe called me immediately after adaora ended her call and i smiled as i picked hers but then it was just a “flash”, so i called her back, “happy vals day baby” she shouted over the phone and i smiled within me as i wondered whether this day is really more fun to the ladies than to the guys, “pls start coming now” she pleaded and i tried to argue with her but she insisted, “ok nah i’m coming” i finally said to her as i ended the call, hmmm “today is today” i said to myself as i left the house for chinedu and benita, who it seems had finally forgiven my cousin…..

Chinwe and i went to “ekeukwu owerri” market that morning, it is the biggest market in owerri town and i really had to follow her just to make her happy, and she was really happy that i was with her, “baby today is our day” she whispered to me as we finally headed back to her hostel around 12noon and i prayed as i checked my watch{time} cos i really needed to be in Enugu that evening as i had promised adaora, and as chinwe smiled and sang happily with the music playing inside my car, i was busy composing the lie i would tell her when we get to the hostel…..
To be continued

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