“what if your pastor or any of your church members sees you here?” i asked harrison as we drank the malt which we bought at a costly price in that god forsaken place, and he smiled to me, “none of them do come this area” he said to me and i laughed, the place was really crowded and men trooped in to drink and satisfy their urge in great numbers and i shook my head in astonishment, cos i never knew love peddlers do get this amount of customers, “hmmm” and in all my life i have never been in such place before and so i fed my eyes to the fullest, and ‘d--n’ yenegoa is really lively at night……

Precisely 9pm later that evening, we left the place and strolled back home as we joked and laughed when my phone rang and it was chinwe, “how was ur day, what are you doing, what did you eat??” was all the questions she threw at me and i answered all of them calmly, before she ended the call with “take care of yourself” and i smiled as i wondered how she will ever feel if she learnt that i was in such place at such ungodly hour and i shook my head in disgust as i spat out, but then one thing i learnt about such a place is that you go in happy and smiling, while you come out satisfied and ashamed of yourself, ‘hmmm’ what an irony……

Patience was still outside when we returned, {cos most of the natives and even tenants of that area do stay out late, without even minding the where abouts of their grown up children} and she came towards us with a smile, “where una go?” she asked us and harrison casually told her that we went strolling, and truthfully Patience is really a sweet caring girl, who really wanted us to speed up with our ‘affair,’ but then even though i would gladly like to have a taste of her honeypot, i really do not want to rush it, cos you never can tell what she is having in mind…..

But then the young girls of that area do not really keep intimacy in high esteem the way igbo girls or families do take it, and they do enjoy their life to the fullest by having random intimacy without regard for their future, ‘hmmm’ and talking about future, they really do not stress or bother themselves that much and that is why most of their young guys do play snooker during working hours, ‘hmmm’ but then i do not blame them cos their land is blessed with black gold {crude oil} and their girls are really quite appealing and easy to get, hmmm life in yenegoa is natural and sweet……

To be continued…….

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