“guys how e go be naw” the love peddlers asked us as they dragged our hands, and i smiled after i recovered from my initial shock, the girls were so pretty and seductive and i wished i could have all of them to myself, even with the “big as.s heavy duty” among them who was like three times my size and truthfully i have never felt so important in my life before, for they clinged unto as if their lives depended on us and it really felt so good…. “guy choose one nah” my friend harrison said to me with a smile and i shook my head, “no thanks, i’m not in the mood” i lied and pretended to him, cos truthfully i never knew his motive, for he always behaves in a “pastor like” manner and so i had to reject his offer cos i found it surprising and besides he didn’t tell me on time that we were going in such place.. The girls soon left us expertly, when they discovered that we weren’t interested and disappeared as they went in search of other willing customers, expect for one who still clinged to me and followed us into the bar, i felt warmth in my joystick and i swallowed hard as i looked her over, “d--n she was extremely beautiful” but i shook my head again to her, “we came here for a drink” i said to her and she looked me in the face and saw that i was really serious and departed without another word, “guy why you no tell me on time say na dis kind place we dey come nah?” i asked harrison who just grinned at me, “i wan surprise you he said” and i eyed him feigning anger, “you for tell me on time so that i could prepare myself” i said to him and he laughed, “what is there to prepare nah, they get rooms here so what else you go need” he answered me and i looked at him suspiciously, “80% percent of them are igbo girls” he also said to me as if i had asked him, and i licked my lips as i saw them going on with their business while some of them danced, “chai supposing this boy had told me on time ooo” i said to myself again, cos seriously you cant just go and make love with a love peddler without preparing yourself, at least emotionally and physically….. “choi i wish owerri is like this” i said to myself as i shook my head again while harrison watched me with a dirty smile on his face…. And truthfully that place looked like sodom, “finally bayelsa here i am” i exclaimed……

To be continued….

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