i finally travelled home the next day which was sunday, after i had dropped chinwe in her hostel that afternoon, “greet everyone for me and do take care of yourself”, she said to me as we shared a last minute kiss before i drove away and i saw real love in her eyes as she said those words……

I finally drove into our compound around 6pm that evening, and everyone welcomed me happily cos i have really been away from home for almost a month,”home sweet home” i breathed as i smiled, and i also noticed adaoras family car, which was parked beside my mother’s car, and i reasoned that she must have returned with it after going to her house the previous day, like my sister had earlier told me, “sister adaora is also around” my youngest sister said to me as if she read my mind and i smiled to her……..

The rest of the evening was really uneventful though i spent it chatting with my mum and sisters, until around 9pm when i went into adaoras room to check on her, for i noticed that she was not with my sister’s and mum who were watching their usual late evening soap-opera in the sitting room, “hi” adaora casually greeted me as i entered her room and i sat down on her bed and looked at her, but she sort of ignored me as she nodded her head to the beating of the music which was playing in her phone, for she was putting on an ear phone on her ear as well, my jaw drew and my fist clenched but i said nothing as i waited for her to pay me attention while i calmed myself at the same time…..

“I came to see you” i finally said to her after a while, since she pretended as if i was not there, and she paused her music and pulled off her ear phone and faced me, “you have seen me nah, or is there anything you wish to tell me” she asked me coldly and my anger returned once more while the urge to hit her took over me as i clenched my fist once again…….

To be continued…. Tonight….

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