“why are you behaving this way” i heard myself ask adaora, even though anger had already taken control of me and she looked at me in a confused manner, “how do you mean?” she asked me, and i stared at her and was unable to talk again, “where do i start from” i asked myself cos i never really bargained this kind of character from her and i kept quiet, while she gave me an unserious look, “i’m sorry for disturbing you, maybe next time we will talk, cos i see that you are not in a good mood” i finally said to her as i stood up from her bed, cos i wasnt used to being treated in that manner by a female, so i was really angry and uncomfortable that moment, “i have something i also wish to tell you” she said to me when i stood up and i looked at her with a beating heart, while i waited for her to continue, “please i want us to end all these, it will be better if we remain as friends, cos we are really heading nowhere with this and i dont think i feel anything for you again” she said or read out to me like a poem, she had already memorized for long and i stood in shock as i listened to her, “please dont ask me why, cos i wont tell you anything further, Goodnight” she said and concluded as i watched her in silence cos i was completely stunned and surprised, and all i could do was just to stand and watch, besides i really was confused on what next to do “should i beg her or walk away” i reasoned hard and i felt deep passion, hate and anger for her that moment, and if killing was legal, i could have smashed her skull without second thoughts, but then all i could do was to bite my lips, while she returned her ear phone{piece} back to her ear and continued with the music she was listening before i entered her room….

“what insolence” i finally said to myself as my pride took over, but then the bitter truth was that adaora has broken up with me once again and she was really d--n serious this time around…… “What is really her motive for behaving in this manner??, has she found another guy??, will i still be able to reconcile with her again??” was all i could ask myself as i left her room that evening……

To be continued………

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