“what is it baby” i asked chinwe as i finally woke up around 6:45am that saturday morning, and was surprised to see her watching me, “nothing dear” she smiled at me and i grabbed and held her closer to myself, while she buried her face on my chest and it felt so good, “promise me what happened between us on friday will not happen again” she said to me with a sweet voice and i promised her, without wasting time nor thinking, cos i was enjoying the comfort which i was deriving from her body, “i love you” she said to me, as she planted a kiss on my cheek before climbing out of the bed and i licked my lips, as i admired behind{a$s} which i had helped her expand while she left the room…….

“bros we are back” my immediate younger sister giggled over the phone when she called{phoned} me that morning, “wow sister-corper when did you guys return” i giggled back and we both laughed out loud, “yesterday evening bro” she answered me, “wow how about adaora” i asked, “she is here with me but she will be going over to her house today, but will still return” my sister informed me and we joked a while before she ended the phone call and not before, i had promised to come home on sunday…… But then i was surprised that adaora never called nor informed me that they were returning even though we had spoken over the phone on thursday, it is true i never called her on friday, but then will that warrant her not to at least flash me when they had returned home?, ‘hmmm’ i smelt something *fishy* in her behaviour but then i waved it off as i assumed that it was a mere feminine pride, and so i completely forgot about her as i spent my day with chinwe, but however i still made another mistake, and that was forgetting to call her that saturday morning after i learnt that they were back, but then i finally did call her in the evening when i had a little chance from chinwes prying eyes, but ‘hmmmm’ she refused to answer my phone call once again……….. “Adaoras second name is pride”, i said to myself, but then isnt she taking it too far?? Hmmmm…..

To be continued……..

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