i watched her in silence as she turned her back on me and i was really lacking on what to say to her, but what then could i have said to her that would have consoled her??, absolutely nothing cos she now knows me as a chronic liar and so there isnt any explanation which could change anything unless she just choose to. I gasped at her and her words flashed back into my head, hitting it with a deadly blow, “there is no need asking you, for you would have lied about it” she had said to me, “d--n of what use is my playboy nature now?” i asked myself as i wondered deeply, for i had really gotten nothing out of it and now it is even threatening my stability, my relationship with adaora is now at crossroad and now chinwe has also confirmed that she do not trust me for her words exactly portrays that fact….. “hmmm” i breathed deeply and watched chinwe as she slept for she had fallen asleep with tears in her eyes, i checked my time and it was 11pm, “hmmm how time flies” i said to myself…….

I dropped her off to her hostel the following day without apologising or even explaining anything to her, but then of what use will my apology be to her, if i couldnt make any reasonable explanation, and making the explanation means that i will definetly lie again and she will still know that i am lying so i guess its better i leave things as they are and leave fate and destiny to play its role, i concluded as i said a quiet ‘bye’ to her before driving off……. ‘Hmmm’ my mates are all out there struggling to survive, trying to be somebody in future and i am here wasting my time and thinking only of women, i rebuked myself as i drove back to my cousin’s house that morning, but then it wasn’t really my fault, for if my school had processed my results on time i wouldn’t have been here now, i said to myself in consolation but then “can’t you find something better to do”, i heard a quiet voice ask me, and i shruggled in resignation……

And Finally on friday 2nd march 2012 i found myself in a bus heading towards yenegoa bayelsa state, cos i needed to get away from all these worries and temptation and face a real life, my parents were unaware of this journey and my cousin only got to know that morning, but then there was nothing he could do about it but to wish me “safe journey” and i neither told chinwe nor adaora….. Hmmmm but then will this journey change me for real?? Welcome to yenegoa the blue sign post read……

To be continued…….

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