the town of yenegoa is really a fast growing settlement surrounded by water and inhabited by people of many ethnic diversities unlike the east which is predominantly occupied by the igbos, which really made the most popular language spoken in the town of yenegoa to be pidgin english, the natives of the town however are very few and with different languages that sometimes igbo, delta-igbo and sometimes even yoruba is spoken or heard more often in peoples lips than the ijaw language of the natives{though other languages still exist there} and i noted all these within just a fews days of staying in that town {just my observation, i might be wrong}…….

My visit to yenegoa was mostly to have a change of environment, with rest and also to see whether i could be on my own in a competitive world, cos right from my birth i had always been under the control and protection of my parents, ‘hmmm’ even my university life was no exception cos i used my parents money in living a comfortable student life, but here in yenegoa was a different case altogether………

My friend harrison whom i came to visit was my secondary school best friend but he stopped schooling after his senior waec exam because of his father’s death, and so he was unable to further his education, but instead came to yenegoa to fend for himself and he was really successful, cos he was able to pay for his one room apartment and feed himself with his own money and sweat which truthfully isnt easy, cos majority of his agemates including i myself can not survive without the monthly dues we recieve from our parents……..

The compound in edie-epie where my friend is staying and where i visited is a large compound filled with tenants of different tribes, that the place is always noisy during the evening, and half of them where young couples with numerous young children and young single guys and ladies as well, but then none of them are graduates, cos they all are marketers and artisans and my friend did not waste time in introducing me to all of them and for the first time i really saw the bridge between the rich and the poor, & the educated and none educated, cos i really stood out among them and thus i became a ladies man once again, and in this town the ladies do not pretend or hide their feelings like my igbo sisters…… And it didnt take long before things started happening again, even though it wasnt in my plan and i really wasnt prepared for it….. Pls dont shake your heads…..
to be continued…..

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