“my friend mirabel is now staying{lodging} with me”, chinwe said to me in the morning as she dressed up and my jaw tightened as i heard her, and anger boiled within me, “why must it be mirabel??” i asked myself, cos i knew her fairly well through chinwe, when she always do visit her, but then i never liked her one bit cos she is a girl with “the proper imsu babe character” and also the type of girl who hardly keeps one guy at a time, and her behaviour and composure always portrays that fact, besides she is too materialistic for my liking, a girl who hardly uses less than two blackberry phones at the same time, and yet could not afford to pay for any hostel, but instead she prefers squatting from one place to another, and that is the type of girl chinwe choosed as a friend and now living with, ‘hmmm’ but then i knew i had no right to judge anyone but then, i wont really take it lightly on anyone or anything which will stand in the way, between chinwe and i, cos truthfully the girl will be a bad influence to her…….

“Why are you quiet” chinwe asked me as she noticed my mood and i forced a smile, “i really do not like that your friend”, i confessed to her and it was also at the tip of my tongue that moment to bark an order on her, to pursue the girl from her room instantly, but then i couldnt, cos chinwe might see it the other way round and so i restrained myself, “dont worry about her character dear, i know myself” chinwe said to me and i shruggled……..

I finally dropped chinwe in her hostel around 10am that monday morning cos i spent the last two hours battling with my car, which i had not warmed for long, and she held my wrist when i parked in front of her hostel, “baby, i told her you will be coming, so please just come and say hi to her”, chinwe pleaded with me and i lazily followed her into her room, where mirabel welcomed us as she gave me a “bad girl smile”, she was wearing only a “bum short” and a bra that monday morning……

To be continued……
Friends am not happy with your silence, *sad*

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