“have you forgiven me” i asked chinwe when we finally seperated our lips and she looked at me and smiled, “is it now that you just remembered to ask me that question?” she asked me sweetly and i smiled, “i’m sorry dear, just that i’m scared of losing you” i answered her and she looked at me in surprise as she held my face with her palms, “is this for real?” she asked me and i smiled, “my stay in bayelsa had taught me a lot and that was when i realised that my chinwe is the best” i smiled and said innocently to her and i was really surprised to see her eyes wet in joy as i said those words and i swallowed hard, “do i really mean all i’m saying or is it just a matter of saying the right words at the right time” i reasoned within myself, cos truthfully i never even believed myself when i said those words, but then chinwe had already bought them and i felt for her as i looked at her, “is her love for me really that blind??” i wondered, cos even after all my nasty behaviours, i had always returned back to her and she had always recieved me with open hands, even after learning of what i did, and seriously no girl will ever take half the ‘nonsense’ which chinwe had been taking from me and that was solely one of the reasons why i valued her……..

I finally took her out that evening to a small fast food joint and we laughed, joked and played together, “stop it nah please” she finally said to me as she blushed and read the love text messages which i flooded her phone with, inside the fast food joint and i smiled in satisfaction as i saw joy, happiness and love in her face that evening, and i remembered one of my principles which i still make use of till now and that is to “always treat your lady right” no matter your shortcoming……..

We finally returned back to my cousin’s house around 8:30pm, that evening, {my cousin wasnt around cos he was on ‘his annual leave’ and so he travelled to Abuja to see his parents} and we rushed into the bathroom and had a cold bath together, while i played with her body, before we rushed back into my room for a night of hot love making, where chinwe rode me into jerusalem and i dug and plunged into her as if i was digging for crude oil, ‘hmmm’ but then her honey pot is really sweeter than honey and more valuable than crude oil, “oh chinwe” i breathed as i cumm’ed{climaxed}……..

To be continued……..

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