my conscience pricked me when i saw her in tears and i drew her closer to myself, “sweety i’m not going anywhere again” i said to her but she shook her head and said “no don’t mind me, just go and see your dad” she said to me forcing a smile, but then i still knew that the smile wasnt really from her heart and i made up my mind that moment to spend the valentines day with her, “i will think of a lie to tell adaora later” i said to myself, but then what could i have done?, i wondered…..

Having no option than to spend vals. day with chinwe, i composed two text messages for adaora, a valentines text and another text message informing her that i might be returning a bit late and i prayed for her not to have double thoughts about my whereabout, but then the summary of it all was that i spent my vals. day with chinwe while adaora waited for me in Enugu , but then how could i pull all this through without adaora even calling me on phone which is very typical of ladies??, hmmm i know you all have that question in mind……

On this fateful day my phone’s profile was left in silent mood and through out that day especially after i sent adaora those text messages she bombarded my phone with her calls, yea! I answered most of her phone calls that afternoon cos chinwe was later busy in the balcony cooking, and that i guess really made adaora not to suspect anything, but then i never really told her that i wasnt coming that day, i only told her that i will be coming very late due to the work i have at hand{cos i had told her fews days earlier that i have an errand to run for my dad on vals day} but then did she really buy my story?, hmmm i really do not know but she really sounded fine on phone that period before i finally switched it off……

Chinwe gave me a lovely flower frame and a wrist watch that evening and i was really happy cos i never knew that she could still afford anything for me, cos i knew that she is no longer financially bouyant, and i gave her a kiss before playfully dragging her downstairs where i opened the boot of my car and brought out my own vals gift for her, a set of jewerries and shoes……..

Our valentine night was really blissful cos we made love the whole night after filling ourselves with food, and we did not go out for any night party or outing cos chinwe just wanted us to spend it alone and we just rocked and devoured each other in the heat of passion and she really gave me her best that night and i happily found myself in jupiter as i dug and pulled my joystick in her honey pot…….. But then i couldnt go to enugu again that night…… Will this be the end of my relationship with adaora??……
To be continued

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