i woke up around 4am on the 15th of febuary 2012 after a night of (.s)ex with chinwe, and seriously that was really when my eyes opened and i realised the gravity of what i had done, and i feared the worst cos i never even bothered calling adaora back the previous evening and my phone had been switched off after i spoke with her the previous afternoon, “hmmm hope she will listen to me when i get back” i said to myself as i rehearsed the lie i will tell her…….
By 5:15am that wednesday morning, i was already speeding back to enugu, i did not even bother to stop at my cousins place to at least change my clothes, and that really showed how anxious i was that morning to see adaora, and then her own ‘valentine gift’ was also in the boot of my car cos i had bought hers and chinwes own, the same time and had kept both of them in my car…..

By 6am that morning i was already on the enugu/abia–portharcourt highway and my thoughts kept me company as i sped, and i smiled as i recalled the look on chinwes face when she opened her eyes that morning and saw me already prepared to leave, “baby i need to rush and see my dad like i told you yesterday” i said to her with a smile and she looked at me with concern showing on her face, “isnt it too early?” she said to me as she stood up to face me and i smiled again to her, “baby i really need to rush” i said to her and she breathed heavily, “i dont really have a good feeling about you leaving this early” she said to me but then i hugged her “bye dear” i said to her before leaving…..

‘Hmmm’ but then the risks we boys take sometimes is often unreasonable, cos what is really my motive for travelling this early??, just to see a girl and is it really wise?? Hmmm,, i leave you guys to answer that…..

By 6:30am i was almost within the vicinity of the cattle rearers{housing or so} along the enugu highway and on abia state soil{so i heard} when a murano jeep sped pass me and i shook my head in wonder “o boy all these new model cars can run ooo” i said to myself in admiration but just then i heard a gunshot, few minutes later which was aimed at the jeep when it had slowed down at a bad portion of the road and it swerved and ran into a small bush by the side of the double lane while i suddenly braked and my heart skipped as i saw three guys with gun blazing jump out from a toyota camry car which was painted in the same colour as mine and i closed my eyes as i said my prayers cos even though they had shot at the murano, i might still be a victim{target} cos i was really following the ‘murano jeep’, but then supposing the jeep had not overtaken me??…..”hmmm adaora adoputala mu ooo!” [adaora has killed me] i exclaimed after my quick prayer and i waited for my turn to get robbed……6:35am, 15th febuary 2012
To be continued…..

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