but then telling chinwe that i will soon be leaving on this special day when she had planned a whole lot of things, really proved to be difficult and my heart continued beating as i waited for the appropriate time to break the news to her, but then i lacked the courage and seriously i really never knew what caused it, cos everytime i summoned up the courage to tell her the lie that i had already constructed, my lips do fail me and i will be unable to mutter anything, but then chinwe being a very observant girl noticed my mood, when we were in her hostel{back from the market}, “what is wrong with you”, she asked, as she sat beside me on her bed while she held my hand, “baby tell me please” she pleaded to me with concern and my heart pounded louder cos i saw that i have gotten the needed opportunity to break my lie to her, ‘hmmm’,i breathed as i looked down with pain on my face, and she drew closer to me holding my face with her palms, “baby talk to me”, she said to me with concern and care, “baby i dont really know how to break this news to you but the truth is that my dad sent for me this morning before you even called but i do not want to spoil our day thats why i kept it from you all these while” i said to her with an unhappy tone and she kept quiet for a while, “is your dad in the village” she asked me and i shaked my head, “no he is in enugu” i said to her, and i noticed chinwe shiver even though she tried to hide it and she finally said to me with a smile, “i think you should go and see your dad, cos it might really be important”, she said to me but then i knew that she was really hurt, cos no matter everything she is still a young girl who needed much love and attention from me and i hated myself once more, but then do i really deserve a girl like chinwe?? Hmmm i dont really think so, but then the irony of life is that the “bad ones keep on getting the good things of life while the bad things of life keep on going to the good ones”…
But then i saw tears in her eyes when i finally faced her and she immediately turned her face for me not to see her tears, but then it was too late cos i have already seen them……
To be continued

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