chinwe was really upset and angry that i travelled to bayelsa without telling her and she even refused to answer my phone call for two days, “what is the benefit of this relationship?” she had asked me on the 3rd day when she finally answered my phone call, “cos i dont think we are going to achieve anything with it and seriously i have given up on you” she had concluded in her sweet voice and her words really touched me cos for a strong girl like chinwe to utter such words definetly means that she had thought of it very much and then for a girl like chinwe to give up on me, “hmmm that means no lady can tolerate me for long” but then i knew that chinwe really loves me and i never stopped for a moment in showing her care and love, but then showing love and care isnt really my problem and the problem is just for me to be faithful for once… “hmmm” but that word faithfulness is long gone in my dictionary and even though i do reflect on my bad behaviours in my dark period{moment} i still do rush back into the same behaviour with any given opportunity…….

My friend harrison is the type of guy we do call ‘pretenders’ in school for he behaves like a saint on the outside cos he is a member of a new generation church but within him he hungers to live my type of life but all these notwithstanding, he is still a better guy than i am, and he also has a girlfriend who is a bit older than him but she was unaware of it because he had lied to her about his real age…….

The beauty of yenegoa town is however at night, for that is the period you will see wonders and that was exactly how i felt on wednesday night of the following week when harrison finally took me out for a drink at mechanic street where a whole lot of drinking joints and bars are located.. The place is within the tompia junction vicinity and “d--n” i saw wonders that night, for lined up at the road leading to the bars were love-peddlers of different ages and sizes even underaged girls, and they rushed towards us immediately they saw us approaching, my head almost exploded in amusement and surprise as they held onto us like those fulani children that do beg at the streets, and all i was able to mutter was “chineke mu ee!{my god}” for i have never seen such in all my randy life, because in owerri they do hide their identity unless you visit their known crib even though it is at your own risk because of police disturbance and those of them that do stand on the road do it with caution that sometimes you won’t even know that she is a love-peddler, but here in this town the case was different cos they{the love peddlers} seem to be having a field day without fear of arrest or intimidation and the most surprising thing of them all, was their numbers, “jeez” they were d--n plenty and i looked from one face to another with my mouth open……..

To be continued

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