on sunday 4th march two days after my arrival in bayelsa, my friend harrison took me to greet his landlord, which is a rule most of the tenants in that vast compound do obey, cos even though the place is in yenegoa city the compound inside was organised in a 20th century village setting. The vast compound is however surrounded with small little single rooms which was built haphazardly into any space the landlord could find anytime he comes across any extra money, the houses or rooms were poorly built but then majority of houses in yenegoa town are really built in that way, apart from those undergoing renovation or erected newly…… The landlord’s apartment is a more solidly built block house situated in the middle of the compound and the landlord himself is a middle aged man and a drunkard, though he mostly does his drinking in the evening….

After being introduced to the landlord, his wife’s younger sister sort of took interest in me from the moment she learnt that i am a graduate and from that particular day, started visiting us{harrison and i} with the pretence that she wants me to help her in science subjects because she registered for G.C.E which she will be writing later in the year and this particular year is her third attempt of writing the exam, “hmmm waec customer”

her name is patience and she is really quite attractive with good body features even though she has short height, but then i also noticed that the majority of ladies in that town are short as well, her behaviour and closeness towards me did not go unnoticed, for i immediately understood and even encouraged her much to the dislike of my friend who discouraged me from doing anything with her, but then my mind was already made up and there was nothing much he could do but to keep silence and watch on, while i on the other hand, soon started to enjoy the company of a riverline beauty who is naturally endowed, and truthfully it was my first time of being with a non igbo girl and that also made my ear block to any form of advice, besides “what harm will a little fun cause?” i asked myself as i wondered, and that was how my affair with patience began, without any second thought or guilt on my part, and seriously i realised that moment that i will continue to be what i really am,(a woman freak) cos i am now beyond change and seriously i do not know whether i am even possessed……..

To be continued……

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