“longest time! You are really looking good” mirabel{chinwes friend} greeted me and i swallowed hard as i looked at her semi unclad body, “d--n this chic is really set with beautiful curves oo” i said to myself and looked away instantly, “thanks oo” i replied her calmly while chinwe smiled…..

I finally drove back to my cousin’s house that morning deep in thought about chinwe and her friend mirabel, cos i was really scared that she will spoil chinwe or infect her with her unruly behaviour and that might really bring our relationship into jeopardy….. “Hmmm hope it dosen’t happen i prayed”

my great dislike for mirabel really clouded my judgement and i started suspecting chinwe without knowing why, i now began calling her at odd periods, which i normally do not do before to know her whereabouts and yet chinwe never gave me any cause to be suspicious for she always answers my phone calls very well no matter the time of the day, yet i wasnt satisfied and on friday evening five days later i came to her hostel to pick her up for the weekend, and i saw two guys in her room, sitting on the bed with mirabel as chinwe opened the door for me, and my jaw tightened but i controlled myself.. But then i almost hit chinwe when i told her that “i no longer trust what she and her friend were doing”, as we climbed down the stairs to exit her hostel and she stopped in her track and gasped at me, “what do you mean by that comment?” she asked me in surprise, and i looked back at her, “isn’t it obvious that your room will soon be turned into a brothel” i answered her angrily and her mood changed as her face fell, “so you are trying to tell me that i will soon be turned into a love peddler” she asked me with a sad face, but i was devoid of any feelings for i was terribly angry, “do you need someone to tell you that?” i answered her back and she gave me a final sad look before turning and heading back to her room and i shook my head as i watched her retreating figure without calling her back and without another word i headed down towards my car, turned on the engine and drove furiously away, “go to hell chinwe” i fumed as i drove……. but deep inside me i knew chinwe had retreated back to her room, for me to call her back and apologise, which i never did……

To be continued……

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