after eating the bread that evening, i went to the sitting room and watched t.v without even bothering to check on chinwe, but truthfully my mind wasnt even with me as i watched the t.v, but it was wandering in thoughts as i waited for her to come and apologise to me, but i waited and waited and she never came out……

Finally around 9pm i casually strolled back into my room, where i saw her playing {browsing} with her phone, “aint you going to eat tonight” i asked her, which was also the first word i had said to her that evening, but she ignored me and continued with what she was doing, which provoked me and i climbed on the bed and snatched her phone from her, while she looked up at me in surprise, “what is wrong with you today?” she asked me as she sat up on the bed and i tried to answer her, but then i couldnt find the right words, cos truthfully i was behaving *childishly* which i knew, but yet instead of stopping i continued with it, “ok i’m sorry for everything, if that will make you happy” chinwe apologised and my mind became at rest even though it wasnt the kind of apology i had expected and i looked at her as if i had never seen her before, as she climbed out of the bed, undressed, wrapped a towel on her body and left for the bathroom, my stick nodded its head in anticipation and i tapped it gently, which it understood and went limp again, while i undressed and rushed into the bathroom unclad to join her……

Chinwe looked at me in surprise as i entered the bathroom and she immediately backed me, while the shower poured water on us, i tried to touch her bare back but she pushed off my hand and hurridly finished up with her ‘bathing’ and left the bathroom for me…….

“i’m sorry” i finally apologised to her as i took the cream from her hand, and rubbed her half unclad back with it, when i finally came out of the bathroom, and she kept quiet saying nothing,”wow your back is still very smooth ooo” i joked but she still kept quiet, and i planted a kiss on her right ear which sent a shiver down her spine and she shook and stood up immediately, while i pulled off the wrapper she tied on herself {after she had spread her towel out to dry}, and wow there she was, an unclad chinwe, i whistled as i grabbed her and she kicked, hit and bit me while i fondled and romanced her and she finally gave up after a while and allowed me to have my way, ‘d--n’ the feeling was undescribable and my stick rose in attention, “i’m really sorry na”, i said in between mouthful of her bosoms and she laughed as she heard the sound of my voice, when i said those words, “naughty boy, next time try that nonsense again” she said to me and i didnt reply her cos i was engrossed with ” her bosoms “, oh what a feeling cos it really felt good, and i even felt a greater sensation when she rubbed my head with her palms, and it felt like a divine hand had touched me……. “choi” i exclaimed as her warm mouth finally found its way on my stick and i felt like dancing “azonto” that moment while i whistled in excitement, “oh guys you really need chinwe to handle you”…..

We ended up devouring each other, with passion that evening, as i felt and enjoyed her from behind, while she equally recieved me with great abandon, and it really felt good….

we finally ended up in the kitchen around 11:50pm that night after a nice session of hot love making, and we cooked and ate spaghetti she had brought while coming, and that was how our quarell for that day ended……”oh there is nothing like being in love and making love with a loved one” “hmmmm” but am i in love?? …..

To be continued

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