i regretted my earlier action when my anger finally cooled off and i realised that moment that i really had no basis for being angry, but then i do not really know whether any of you guys have ever been angry without due cause before, for it really makes someone unsure of himself and that was exactly how i felt that evening, but then i knew that the harm has already been done and that i couldn’t apologise to chinwe, for the moment in order not to admit that i was wrong, cos it might be seen as a sign of weakness, “hmmm male pride”

however my guilt returned back to me around 7pm that evening as i was boiling hot water which i would use in preparing tea, that i had planned to drink with the bread i bought earlier on my way back from chinwes hostel and i realised that moment that it was all because of my anger that i was preparing tea for my dinner, cos if chinwe had followed me home, i could have at least gotten a decent meal, and i shruggled in resignation…..

However I had barely settled down at the dinning table around 7:25pm that evening, when i heard a loud knock on the gate and i hurridly rushed to the gate in order to settle with the person, before starting my dinner, cos i do hate abandoning my meal halfway to do something else, cos i always do lose my apetite after that…. But then, lo and behold standing on the gate was no other person but chinwe and she appeared composed and smiled at me while i stood surprised and looked down in shame as the evening breeze blew upon us, cos she was the last person i had expected to see that evening and she calmly stepped into the compound, without a word dragging two nylon bags with her while i hastily locked the gate and followed behind her in silence….. She entered the house and headed straight to the dinning room where she reached for a bottled water which was inside the fridge and in the process also looked at the dinning table and she saw the bread which i was about having for dinner and a mockery smile showed on her face, while i stood shoulder high with hands in my pocket and a straight face cos i wasnt ready to show any sign of weakness that evening nor admit that i was suffering it, besides i had sworn never to appear weak in the eyes of a woman ever again, so i maintained my composure even though i was dying inside to see what she had brought with her, but then to my surprise, after drinking the water, she just walked straight into my room without uttering a single word and i sat down with a sneer and ate my bread and tea……who will apologise first??

To be continued…. Next update coming tonight…. Thanks for your care…..

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