i stood at the doorway and waited anxiously for her to change her mind and open her door but alas the poor girl seemed to have hardened her heart and she remained in her room for hours while i stood at the doorway, i tried my luck again by knocking on her door and i knocked till my hand was sour from knocking but yet adaora refused to open her door and i gave up in anger and boiled with rage as i left her house around 10am that morning….. But then “isnt she over-doing it?” i wondered and fumed as i drove back to my house that morning……

No one was at home when i entered and i took the key from the gateman and let myself in to the main house, i quickly had my shower and laid down on my bed as i thought over the events of the past day…… “is chinwe worth losing adaora for?” i wondered, “will adaora ever forgive me” i also wondered and i bit my lips as i recalled the embarassment i had received that morning from her, i felt bitter, angry and remorse, “if only she had let me talk to her” i said to myself as i shook my head….
hmmmm what next will i do, i asked myself as i reasoned hard, i then sent her ten text messages begging her to grant me audience later in the day but yet she replied none of them and i even tried to chat with her via BBm but she still declined to reply, “hmmm isnt she cold hearted??”…..

Mum returned home around 3pm that wednesday and looked at me in surprise, cos i never told them that i will be coming home that day, so they weren’t expecting me and she asked me whether everything was ok… “yes ma” i replied her and she shruggled as she entered her room, but not before casually saying, “adaora even checked for you here yesterday and i was surprised when she told me that your number wasnt going, what errand did your father send you to do in the village??, she also asked me unseriously cos she suspected nothing while my heart jumped as i realised that adaora was in our house on valentines day….. Hmmm i was really stunned while my mum gave me another look and entered her room without another word, ‘d--n’ how do i go about this i wondered cos losing adaora at this moment will really be a big blow to me, and then my family what will they think of me if they get to know? Hmmmm……
To be continued

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