i finally travelled back to owerri on friday after spending two days at home and yet unable to see adaora, “have she finally carried out her threat”, i wondered cos i was really surprised with her behaviour and for the first time i witnessed another side of her, which i really hated, “have i finally lost her” i also wondered as i drove back to owerri that friday, with her ‘valentine gift’ still in the boot of my car, and seriously i really felt the pain of what she did to me, even more than how i felt when agatha originally broke up with me, and i prayed for us to ‘make up’ cos i really felt something for her, even if it wasn’t genuine love which i’m yet to know and then there is this male pride or possessiveness in me which really made me see adaora as my property, and i dont really know whether it happens to other guys but seriously i’m really infected by that ego….. “Is this really how it will end?” i asked myself but then knowing how close she is with my family i still had a gleamer of hope, “unless she is more stone hearted than i thought” i concluded…..

I arrived owerri around 2pm that friday and i invited chinwe who came over immediately, and seeing her drowned all my pains and i held her to myself as i kissed her in my room, she moaned as she gave me her body and we both pulled off our clothes as if we were in heat and truthfully one thing about chinwe is that she hardly denies me (.s)ex unless she is in her monthly cycle…. I caressed and s----d her succulent bossoms as she rubbed my bare back and head and it really felt so good, “baby wait”, she said to me seductively after a while and i stopped and watched her as she grabbed my d--k and s----d, she s----d it so hungrily and i was lost in deep pleasure, “hmmm, (.s)ex, (.s)ex, (.s)ex” the evil wind that blows the youth no good but yet sweeter than honey, i said to myself……. “chiee” i moaned as i finally buried my d--k inside her honey pot after she had slid on a rubber on it and we rocked and rocked into ‘mississippi’, and truthfully she tastes good everytime.. “Well i still have chinwe” i said to myself as we both lay spent, beside each other after our hot s.exual encounter and i gazed at her in admiration…
but then, it seemed like i have finally lost my spark and it now looks like i have only chinwe, is it normal or is it fate?? How will all these end??……
To be continued

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