my heart pounded louder as i watched the three thugs drag out the two occupants of the car in a commando style, and it seemed like the other man in the passengers side of the jeep was wounded cos he held his right hand which was bleeding as they dragged him out, and pushed him into the back seat of the car with his friend{or so} while two of the thugs jumped into the front seats and the third joined the captives at the back seat and they sped off firing warning shots, while the second car followed them and seriously all these happened within five minutes…..
I was visibly shaken and was really unable to concentrate with my driving that morning as i continued on my journey and my legs kept shaking as if i was under the influence of malaria, “hmmm thank God” was all i could mutter…….

I drove straight into adaoras compound by 7:18am that morning and as usual her family house was very quiet and empty, except for the two security men and two female servants who work there…. one of them went upstairs to call adaora while i waited patiently in the sitting room as i rehearsed the lie i would tell her…… An hour passed and adaora was yet to come downstairs and i became anxious and scared, ‘hmmm’ my heart also increased the tempo of its beating and i started sweating once more… I then tried calling her through the phone but she switched it off after it rang for the ninth time, i breathed heavily as i felt the pain of what she just did, cos truthfully i can’t really recall when someone or a girl had switched off her phone because of my phone-call, “well its all my fault” i said to myself as i stood up and i climbed upstairs to her room, the door of her room was wide open and i saw her lying down and reading a magazine, she immediately looked up in the process and saw me at her door, her eyes quickly turned to dark red and she jumped up from her bed as she flared up, “get out from my room” she barked as she pushed me out and locked her door and seriously i stood with my jaw dropped cos i never believed what was happening before me could ever happen……
To be continued….

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