“who sent you this message” i asked chinwe immediately she came out of the bathroom, but she just gave me an angry look as she reached for her phone which was in my hand, “why are you going through my phone” she asked me as she tried to take it from my hand but i held the phone strongly and she left her phone for me and went towards her wall mirrow, where she stood and rubbed cream on her body without even replying my question, “who sent you this message” i asked again but she ignored me and continued with what she was doing and i was overcame with anger, cos as i said in my earlier episode, nothing really pains me more, than when someone ignores or refuses to answer my question…. I stood up from the bed and advanced towards her and she looked up at me in surprise, “hope you know you are violating my privacy” she accused me and i looked at her as i wondered why she is finding it difficult to answer me, “i dont really like what you are doing, i will tell you everything in my own time but you can’t force it out from me” she said to me like a lawyer and seriously she really insulted my pride with those words and i felt like slapping her that moment, but then i controlled myself and dropped the phone on her table and she smiled at me, “better” she said amidst smiling and i immediately put both of my hands inside my trouser pocket before i do something silly, “why couldn’t she answer just a simple question” i wondered and instead she is accusing me of violating her privacy, “hmmm girls can never be wrong” i said to myself and then, it wasn’t as if she dosent go through my phone as well, but truthfully i just controlled myself cos she was travelling to see her sick mother, and i really don’t know what could have happened between us if she wasn’t travelling that afternoon, but then i now know that chinwe is keeping something from me……..

To be continued…….

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