i picked up chinwes phone and fiddled with it while i waited for her to finish her bath, and i found myself scrolling down her text messages, ‘hmmm’ i really had nothing in mind as i scrolled through her messages, cos i have a whole lot of trust in her, but then going through a girl’s “text message” is one of my bad manners and i always control it by keeping away from their phone, cos once my hand touches it, there is a big possibility that i will go through the messages, but then i really know that majority of guys also do the same, but then it seems to be in our nature as guys to always be inqusitive…..

There was really nothing spectacular in her messages apart from a ‘text’ which was saved by the letter “u” and i clicked open the message and was really surprised with what i saw, “i know he is there with you, just tell him that i said hi” it read, and i saw no name tag or inscription on the message and my hand shook as i edited it, cos i really do not know what to make of it, and then as i edited the text message, i saw the senders number and it was no other person but adaoras number.. I froze and my heart jumped, as i gasped in astonishment, “is this what adaora has been doing with chinwes number she collected from me”, i asked myself as a million and one questions also raced into my head, “but why havnt chinwe told me” i asked myself, but the more question i ask myself, the more questions that come rushing in, hmmm friends and i also know that you have many questions to ask?? And that was exactly how i felt that moment…. I clicked the message again and searched for the date it was sent, and lo and behold it was sent by 6:15pm on valentines day…..

“Hmmm what really is happening?” i asked myself again cos chinwe wasnt behaving like someone who has something in mind and adaora, well her behaviour was kind of abnormal the last time we met, but then how could they both be this composed, i wondered, “are they both in it together??”, i asked myself again but then knowing ladies, i do not really think it could be possible, but then what really is happening?….. Well i have to wait for chinwe to answer that…….

To be continued…….

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