immediately after patience travelled to her village, her phone number became unreachable and i never heard from her again till this day, for she never bothered to call me, ‘hmmm’ hope she is fine, i do always pray, but dearest friends i still did not learn my lesson nor even changed my life style or atoned for my sins, but instead after a few days had gone, i forgot all about her and continued on with my life, however i finally downloaded some adult rated movie into my phone and when i watched it, my joystick rose and i heaved a sigh of relief, “i aint sick after all” i said to myself, but please dearest friends do keep this secret within you………

Days continued going by and i stayed in bayelsa enjoying my new found way of life while, Adaora and my younger sister were in nysc camp enjoying their drills and making something good out of their lives, ‘hmmm’ adaora and my heart skipped as it often does, whenever i do remember her, for we had parted like mere friends and not like lovers, which often led me to wonder whether she will ever return as mine again, cos she really behaved differently and more composed on our last days together before she travelled and now she is somehow a step above me, hmmmm only God knows and only fate could decide how all these would end, but then in life you cant really eat your cake and have it back, but for me i have already eaten mine and i am prepared and set to prove nature wrong, by having my cake back, “but then i knew it might not be easy as usual again for me” “well am alive and ready to do the inevitable if not for any other thing but for my pride and nothing is really going to stand in my way to achieve it, except if adaora gets another boyfriend in the camp” i do always say to myself, ‘hmmm, but then how possible will it be when my sister is always with her, i also do assure my self with a smile’ but then how about chinwe??, “hmmm that one is my toy and i can never lose her to another man” i do always say confidently to myself, but come to think of it, who really do i want cos my behaviour is becoming more stupid as days go by and yet i knew i can never marry them both, but seriously friends why i am always thinking of women all the time, aint is too young to be doing such?? “Hmmmm em” but then i have no other word for myself other than “jobless”………

To be continued……..

Dearest friends, I’m very sorry for what happened today, its as a result of some features which we added which dosent seem to work with old browsers, we are sorry & it will be fixed soon, but for others who aint affected, am sorry for keeping you guys waiting…… Oga donigspain pls forgive me for that mail thing…. I’m really sorry

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