after that saturday when my joystick refused to rise, i tried avoiding patience, cos i did not want a repeat of that incident and besides i might not be lucky enough for her not to notice incase it happens again and truthfully i wasn’t ready to take that chance any more cos i was scared that i was sick, but instead she intensified her visits from that day, and always now tend to spend much of her day with me, that i never even suspected or saw any abnormal behaviour in her even though i tried everything possible to avoid her, but she also became more caring, and loving towards me and Sincerely, it only remained for me to verbally tell her to stop coming to see me that period, but then i couldn’t just do it, cos she had done nothing wrong to me….

So that was why i was really surprised a week later, when i saw her sister seeing her off very early on thursday morning as i was brushing my teeth and she clutched a small travelling bag with her and i looked up in surprise, “hmmm where you dey go dis early morning” i asked her and she smiled to me in her usual manner, “i dey go village, something came up” she said to me before moving on to join her sister and i wondered what would really be so important that will make her to travel without notice cos we were together the previous day and she never mentioned to me that she will be travelling, “well safe journey” i said loudly to her as i shruggled……

But i finally got to hear of the pregnancy from a yoruba woman {neighbour} who was living at the extreme side of the compound when she was telling her friend another neighbour, as they returned back from market “that the pregnant girl have finally gone”, “which pregnant girl” the other woman had asked her in confusion, “landlord wife sister nah or you don forget sey nah you make me notice say the girl dey pregnant last week” she said to the other woman who just sighed and entered her house, “make she go born another one drop for her mama, useless pikin” she said as she entered her house and my heart jumped “chineke mu eeh{my God} so i have been with a pregnant girl all these while” i exclaimed and shook with fright.. “hmmm nawao” i gasped and truthfully i have never been so shocked before and i finally told harrison what i heard when he returned later in the evening and he just laughed loud at me, “nah their way be dat naw” he said amidst laughter, “i warned you nah but you think sey i dey beef you” he said further to me and i shook my head as i wondered what could have happened supposing i had penetrated her………
To be continued…..

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