chijioke finally came out and all the neighbours standing outside, immediately began yelling at him, especially the women who seem to have rallied round in support of their friend, “why are you causing this kind of noise in my compound this early morning” the landlord asked chijioke and he kept quiet for a while before saying in an outburst, “mama solomon{the delta woman who sells foodstuff} be the cause of all these, ask her why she dey speak bad about me to my girlfriend” he said to the landlord, but he could barely finish before the woman interupted him and shouted, “see this ashewo thief wey no hold shishi dey talk wetin i tell your girl self” she shouted back while the other women supported her, and the landlord stood confused and sweated as he saw that the drama was beyond him, “go and settle with your woman, i no want any noise here again” he said to chijioke as he dismissed the crowd and we all entered into our various rooms while the delta woman dragged the girl with her as she entered her room and i wondered what really was the problem and i only got to find out two days later…….and here is the story….

Chijioke had asked his parents in the village to look for a decent girl for him to marry, and they introduced a young girl to him, whom he met briefly during xmas, before he travelled back to bayelsa and the girl back to lagos with her aunt to learn a trade…. After a month he visited her again in lagos and as i heard he really spent a whole lot of money, flexing her in lagos and she finally agreed to visit him in march…. She finally visited him that weekend and was really stunned in what she saw, a poorly built single room with little electronics and she was shocked as she equally discovered that the house had no toilet and her future husband a carpenter, “hmmm” trust lagos girls, she refused eating his food and that was how the whole problem started, but according to chijioke he ignored it and still did everything to make her happy, but she still insisted in returning back to lagos the following day, when she had already agreed spending two weeks with him before coming and he refused to let her go… After two days of quarrelling and settling, she finally ran to the delta woman, who haboured her for two more days, yet he kept silent, but however problem started early thursday morning when the delta woman dragged the girl into his room and insisted that he should give her transport money for her to use and travel back and when he refused, the shouting and screaming started, “hmmm” i breathed deeply as i listened to this shocking story and i wondered what i would have done if i was in his shoes, yet i saw some flaws in his behaviour, but then would you still have given her the transport money if you were the one??
Do stay tuned……
To be continued…..

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