“so guy did you later give her the money?” i asked anxiously and he nodded, “i later gave her 3k{thousand} when dey come involve oga landlord again” he explained and i shook my head, “guy you fu*k up oo” i exclaimed and harrison looked at me and shook his head, “no he do wetin real man suppose do” he corrected me and chijioke continued, “but wetin dey pain me be sey d girl brother come later call me for phone dey threaten me sey im go show me” he added and we felt for him cos we knew that he really spent alot of money on the girl’s head and now all that has gone, “chai this life is somehow” i said to myself and harrison spoke again, interrupting my thoughts, “guy see your way nah, if for sey i beg you 200 naira that time, you no go gree give me” he said to chijioke and we laughed, but then “why did chijioke not find a girl himself??” i asked myself, but truthfully, it really isn’t easy for some guys to get a girl on their own cos it is all about how you package yourself……

The hygienic condition of the compound i visited was very pitiable, they had only a single bathroom, which isnt really a bathroom but a small space which was closed in both sides with wood, and water flows from the floor when bathing, into a nearby stream or river{cos 80% of yenegoa is water}, they also had no toilet, and the only way you can dispose your solid waste is to do it inside the bathroom on a small nylon{water proof} and fling it inside the stream when you are done, and most times very early in the morning you really need to be careful when going to the bathroom because of children wastes which would be littered everywhere, and truthfully it wasn’t really easy for me that first week, to the extent that i had to hold myself for days before disposing my solid waste and i even had to prepare my mind very well before going to take my bath, yet i held on and still refused to return back to owerri, but then what really am i doing there or is even keeping me there?? Hmmm i really knew not…….

To be continued……

NEXT IS a short story sent to me by one of us who need advice……

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