thursday morning i was woken up from sleep by screams which came from the room opposite our’s, the room belonged to chijioke an igbo boy from abia state, he is a carpenter {couch & chair maker} and he is also a very good friend of harrison{my friend whom i visited}, the scream however was coming from a lady, but then i had other voices as well as i listened more, which came from outside the room, but then it wasnt chijioke’s voice and i shook harrison, waking him up in the process, “guy listen to that noise”, i said to him and he kept quiet and listened for a while before getting up and rushing out, i followed immediately behind him and we stopped outside, in front of chijioke’s room{cos you need to step outside the compound before going to your neighbours room} and we gasped in surprise as we saw a whole lot of other neighbour’s standing there, while a female neighbour who sells foodstuffs across the street, held a young girl on the hand and screamed at chijioke as he brought out some female clothes and soaked them into a bucket of water which was kept outside, “chieeeee” the crowd screamed and the girl held her head and wailed, “god go punish you, thunder go fire you” the female neighbour, who held the girl cursed chijioke, “if you never ready to marry, stop to dey decieve young girls” she shouted further and he advanced towards her, “this witch hope you know say nah you be the cause of this problem” he said to her and a short pot bellied delta man rose up immediately and charged towards him, “how dare you insult my wife” he screamed, “nah me and you today” he shouted further, and some other neighbours rushed and held him, while they cursed chijioke who entered back into his house and shut his door with a loud bang, when he saw that the crowd was against him, but then that is life, “people always tend to side with women before even knowing the cause of a problem”, i noticed and shook my head, “chijioke come out here now” the landlord ordered like a general as he stood in front of a plastered poorly built single room of chijioke, while the crowd urged him in support and i stood hand akimbo as i looked on, “damm i love bayelsa” i said to myself as i positioned myself in a good position with perfect view……..

To be continued…….,

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