“i’m very sorry for not coming yesterday”, adaora apologised to me, when she finally came to my room that saturday evening, and i faked a smile, “baby it’s ok” i said to her even though i was not happy with her for “keeping me waiting”, all through the previous night, “i will finally be moving to our house tomorrow morning in order to prepare for my service {nysc}” she said happily to me and i still smiled with her, “wow so soon” i asked her, “my mum will be returning early tomorrow so i need to see her and sort some things with her” she replied happily and i smiled as i held her hand, this time with sincerity, “i’m really sorry about what happened on ‘vals’ day and what really happened was that….”, “sshhhhhh” she said to me as she placed her middle finger on my lips, interrupting me, “it’s past tense now and i dont want to hear of it again” she said to me with a smile and i looked at her in wonder and surprise, “is this for real?” i heard myself ask and she came closer to me and kissed my lips “yea it is cos i trust you” she said to me and i held her waist as we kissed for a while, before she finally freed herself, “i will miss you,” i said to her with a sad expression and she held my hand, “same with me dear” she said to me and i felt like to grab and make love to her that night, cos she was really appealing and seductive, besides this might be our last night together for weeks or even months to come, but then i couldnt summon the courage, cos i really do not want to upset her again with my randy behaviour, for she might not be in the mood, “one more kiss dear” i finally said to her with a cunning smile on my face and she came back to me with her lips open, and we kissed while i grabbed her right succulent b---m with my left hand, but then to my surprise she expertly took off my hand and later broke the kiss after a minute, “good night dearie” she said to me with a haughty smile, before leaving my room like a fairy spirit and i watched her in amazement with an enlarged roaster as she left my room, “why didnt she agree me tonight” i asked myself and my evil mind even wandered on the possibility that she might be cheating on me…….

She finally left our house early sunday morning and i also found myself racing back to owerri later in the day, cos there is no need staying further at home and i drove back to owerri in silence and prayers, “hmmm what do the future really have in store for adaora and i”, i asked myself, but couldnt find any answer cos i really do not know, but her actions last night was kind of weird and surprising, but then why am i really reasoning in this direction??, hmmm, just because she denied me (.s)ex, but couldnt she had spared me at least one round,, since we wont be seeing again for few months??……

To be continued…….

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