i was shocked and embarassed the first time it happened to me on a saturday afternoon and i looked at her in shame as i tried to harness the feeling or emotions which would heat up my stick, but all my efforts were futile and it only rose a few inches for a moment and withdrew again, “choi” i was extremely embarassed and patience looked at me as she waited in anticipation for me to e.n.ter her, without even knowing what i was going through, cos it was the first time, so she never touched me, but stayed quiet as i undressed her……

I swallowed hard as i saw the beautiful meal in front of me, yet i had no apetite and i felt like d.rawing out my stick with my hand that moment, but finally an evil smile appeared on my face and i said to her, “baby thanks alot for i now realise that you truly love me, so i’m willing to wait a little more before tasting you” i said sweetly to her and her eyes shone as she looked at me in surprise, “no you are free, its from my mind” she said as she smiled to me, but i shook my head, “no dear i value you more than sex so lets wait a little more” i said to her as i kissed her cheek and i helped her dress up, “you are really so cute and romantic, i never knew igbo boys dey dis romantic” she said to me and i smiled to her, “you havn’t really known much about me, so relax cos my love is still coming out” i said to her and she smiled, but dearest friends you won’t believe it, that this same girl was later discovered to be pregnant two weeks later and how did it all happen??…….

To be continued…..

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