my stay in my friend’s{harrison} house really prepared me for the challenges of life, cos i witnessed first hand how the lowly class lived their lives and it was really educative as i saw the world of drugs, prositution, church extremism and struggle, hmmm does of us who really have the luck of having good parents should really thank their stars cos truthfully it isnt easy out there……

Harrison’s other igbo neighbour kelechi, is a driver who works in one of the transportation companies in yenegoa town, but his love for women really surpassed his love for food, that he changed them at random, both young girls, older ladies and love peddlers, yes love peddling is really a profit making business in yenegoa because of the high clientel which they do have, their major customers are artisans, traders and the natives of that town who really do not play with alcohol or sex………..
Our other neighbour, Ella a warri girl, is one of the most beautiful high class girl living in that compound, she really has no occupation but she lives large, though sometimes she do spread some ladies foot wears in front of her room which she claims to be selling…… A wall divided her room and my friend{harrison’s} room at the left corner while chijioke’s room is at the right corner and every other night we do sleep with our ears blocked and filled up with her moans as she satisfies her numerous male friends who often pass the night in her room, but however the most shocking of them all, is that her major customer or friend is a pastor, “hmmm judge not for judgement is in God’s hand” harrison do always tell me, but then isn’t a leader supposed to lead by example??, anyway it wasn’t my business and i never really caught them red handed, all i knew was that i always do hear screams and moans from her room anytime the pastor is around but then it might just be a simple deliverance session…..

Patience my new found friend continued in her caring attitude towards me and i enjoyed every moment with her especially when harrison has gone to work {cos he works in a building company}, but then my favourite part of her body was her behind, which is beautifully curved and seductive, the type traders in “eke ukwu” market owerri do call “elewa ukwu” (looking nyash) but then i really do not know what really scares me any time i pull off her pant, that makes my joystick refuse to stand, or am i finally sick?? Hmmm,

to be continued……

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