“baby i dont really know how to tell you this, but i guess i have no other option than to tell you the truth, since i know that you will still find out later” i said to her, immediately we had settled down again in her room, and she held her new teddy bear as she looked intently at me with all seriousness, but just that moment, the door of her room which was half closed was pushed open by my 6 year old youngest sister and she rubbed her eyes as she entered, “sister good morning” she greeted adaora and also looked at me in surprise because she had never seen me in adaoras room that early before and she also greeted me, “bro good morning” she greeted as she climbed on top of adaoras bed and started to admire adaoras new teddy bear….. Adaora looked at me with understanding and she smiled to me, “dont worry, later i will come over to your room” she said to me and i stood up as i smiled back, “i will be waiting” i said to her before leaving…..

I however spent through out that day in my room and in a happy mood cos i knew that adaora had given me the benefit of doubt and i knew that the continuation of our relationship is now left on how i play my cards and seriously i was really over confident that i had gotten her back, but then did i ever lose her, hmmm well i was almost at the verge…..

The day really moved fast and i spent my afternoon alone, talking with chinwe over the phone, my last two younger sisters were the only ones around while my immediate younger sister went with adaora to her house, “i’m missing you” chinwe said to me over the phone and i smiled to myself while my ego over flowed, cos nothing really delights me the most than hearing that someone is missing me, “babe i will soon be back” i said to her and surely i always enjoy every moment with chinwe…….

Nightfall soon arrived and i took my night bath early and freshened up after dinner, as i waited for adaora to come over, who knows i might even be lucky enough to have a quickie with her i said to myself over confidently as i lay down on my bed and i watched t.v in my room, while i waited for her to come but to my utmost surprise she never showed up that night…..

Hmmm i really was confused the following morning{saturday} and also clueless on the next step to take and i really do not know whether to be angry, bitter or sad, what is wrong again?? I wondered as i kept to myself…..

To be continued…,

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