MuckRock, a site
that specializes in filing freedom of information requests, has obtained an 83-page document,
which was created by the FBI to explain crazy acronyms kids use these days.

The document, which is called “Twitter Shorthand,” is
literally just a list of nearly 3,000 Internet acronyms and their definitions.

Here are a few of them.

BEF = best enemies forever/ best e-mail friend

BL = belly laughing/bottom
line/bad luck

BMT = before my time/basic military training

BRB = be right back

BTW = by the way

DOS = dozing off soon/dad over shoulder/disk
operating system

HOH = head over heels/hard of hearing

IFF = if and only if/Internet friends forever/identification: friend or foe

JC = Jesus Christ/Just
curious/just chilling

JFK = just for kicks/JF
Kennedy/JFK Airport

KIA = killed in action/know it all

LBH = let’s be honest/loser back home

LI = LinkedIn/laughing

LOL = laugh(ing) out loud

LV = Louis Vuitton/Las

NSFV = not safe for viewing/vegetarians/vegans

OW = other woman/oh, well

PST = please stand tall/pacific standard time

PTB = powers that be/pass the buck/please text back

SD = sweet dreams/secure digital/San Diego

SW = so what?/Star Wars/street worker

TTYL = talk to you later

WMP = with much pleasure/Windows media player

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