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    Anneko (kenna)
    Anneko (kenna)
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    hello there
    I’m sharing this reality clip on a whim

    I wasn’t sure about writing it before
    but now I’m convinced
    people need to know

    so sit back and listen to my story

    ..note:the story is divided into 8 parts but I’ll do my best to make sure its not more than five

    hope you guys enjoy

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    Bring it on

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    bring it on

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    Anneko (kenna)
    Anneko (kenna)
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    part 1

    ^^”my Mind sets”^^

    °°the strange phone°°

    It was a long ride from plateau state down to ibadan
    But this bus was really fast we were already at ile ife by the time it clocked 10 o’clock

    I had an earphone on
    As i was admiring the vast country side from the window
    “Naija has so many potentials we just need to find a way to grasp it”

    Those were the words peter said to me the last time I spoke with him

    Peter alani was a computer specialist I met in school
    I got so interested in peter that I volunteered to be the spokes person for his organisation

    “Pirate bay”

    We are only five in pirate bay
    But each of us has strong influence in school

    Unfortunately peter got arrested by the NIA
    He was charged with leaking confidential materials,,, Nigerian social security database, driver’s licence database, and the shared IT system used in the Schengen zone
    The shared system was meant only for the school to make profits of students
    But we made it free for them
    Now the federal beareau are hot on our tails
    For many days we protested against peter and three other members of pirate bay
    Strikes upon strikes
    Rocked the school
    The authorities of bongos polytechnic were not ready to listen to us
    We went on hunger strikes but they were not ready

    The laat straw that made them shut the school was our no development strike

    (That explains my overgrown hair tho)

    Peter said I should take this time to chill off at home
    Although I was reluctant at first I he persuaded me
    And I obliged

    So here I was now
    Heading away from plateau state down to ibadan

    Although I school and live in plateau

    My mom stays in ibadan
    I decided to spend the holidays with her

    I was still reminiscing on the events of current
    When someone tapped my shoulders
    I turned to the girl sitting beside me

    She had an oval shaped face with glinted eyes
    I admit she was very pretty

    “Yeah?” I said to her
    As I took off my headphone

    “Did you hear the driver,,,he just passed challenge now,,and he asking for who is dropping there”

    I revved and said

    “Uhh,,no I’m not stopping there ,,I’m going straight to iwo road,,,,but thanks anyway”

    She had a solemn tint in her voice

    “Ooh,,,iwo road,,I’m stopping there too”

    “Really,,,which side” I asked her

    “The last bus stop,,at abe bridge” she replied

    I nodded then said

    “I just hope this truly won’t be our last bus stop,,,if you know what I mean?”

    She laughed at my joke

    We continued chatting
    As we spoke

    I noticed she kept looking up at my hair

    In my mind I was like

    **you can stare all you want,,,I’m not obliged to explain anything to you,,,the only thing I’m worried about is explainin to my mom**

    How will she react when she sees me

    She’ll probably think I’ve joined some evil bad gang in school
    The original “Nigerian thinking”

    That everyone out there with dreadlocks
    Probably smokes weed and does all sort of Notorious activities

    I don’t care tho
    I know when I step down and walk into my neighborhood
    Everyone will be giving me suspicious looks

    Perhaps she read my thoughts

    “I don’t mind it though,,,I think its cool” I heard her say

    I raised an eyebrow at her


    She pointed to my locks

    “Infact you look really good with it” she smiled

    I scrunched


    I was surprised
    Its rare
    I expected accusing comments

    We kept chatting for sometime
    When she asked me what I do on my part time I simply replied

    “I’m an innovator”
    I noticed the puzzled look on her face
    Per haps she expected a straight answer

    Not me!

    I like to be symbolic when I talk

    The journey continued for miles then suddenly

    Our bus stopped and I
    Waited for people to get down
    When I was sure everyone was down
    I jejely stepped down on my own
    I’m just a guy thah doesn’t like gra gra
    I always believe
    If something will happen it will happen
    As I stepped down
    I went to the back of the bus to get my luggage
    The girl sitting next to me was pulling her bag from the boot
    But she seemed to be wasting time
    The bag seemed very heavy
    I sighed as she continued
    I waited for sometime
    Then I slowly moved her and said

    “Hold on,,,lemme help you”

    She smiled as I grabbed the hand
    And effortlessly pulled it down
    It didn’t even seem heavy at all

    I raised an eyebrow at her as I handed it down

    I took my simple bagpack
    That I hung easily on my shiulders

    Another thing about me is I don’t like load

    I was about leaving then she said

    “So where exactly do you stay”

    I raised an eyebrow at her

    Then I said

    “Uhh,, I stay with my mom,,,I guess”

    She chuckled

    “I mean ,,,which area”

    Then I said

    “Uuh,,jonku street”

    She told me
    Her street which was a little far from mine
    It was then I realised that we were from the same school

    She asked for my number
    Incase any new developments was happeninh like if they’ve called of the strike
    I obliged and we exchanged contacts
    She was a native of ibadan though
    She asked me if iwas from
    I replied no
    Then she asked to know where exactly I’m from

    Its questions like this
    I always prefered to avoid
    How do I pinpoint my exact nativity when my entire family
    Is filled with different races

    “Um I didn’t catch your name” I asked her

    “My name is grace”

    I nodded then said

    “I’m kenna,,,its nice meeting you”

    “You too”

    We exchanged pleasantries then parted ways

    From abe bridge to my house wasn’t far off
    Just a 5minutes walk

    Wow I havnt been here in a long time
    Altough not much has changed
    Apart from –

    I looked sideways and saw a gigantic
    T V -signboard- bill board structure

    I shook my head

    “How is this one supposed to help people now” I said out loud

    The stuff is just another means for the government to Spend our precious money uselessly

    I soon reached my street and took a corner

    And it was just like I thought
    People were giving me that look
    I saw the grandma who sells akara by the side
    I greeted her
    She simply mumbled and looked away

    I continued walking
    But strangely enough
    I was smiling

    Why was I smiling?

    I was smiling because what was in this peoples head as they stared at me was probably
    That crazy falz song

    /All the good boys have joined gang/
    /and all the fine girls have joined gang/
    /you are….doing this one…doing that one….lol etc/

    I marched confidently to my doorstep and knocked on the door

    I heard my moms frail v oice as she asked for who the intruder was

    “Okwa mua”
    (Its me)

    I told her
    She opened the door
    As I saw her
    I greeted her immediately

    Asking about my journey and how I was as she let me in

    The house still looked like I remember it
    It even still smelt the same
    I went off to my room to drop my things

    I came out later
    My mom was already in the kitchen whipping something for me to eat

    It was a tasty dish
    I noticed the strange way she looked at me as I ate

    Altough I focused on my food I was waiting for her to drop the big queation

    She said nothing about my hair untill I finished eating

    I packed up then went to take a rest at my room

    My siblings weren’t home
    Each of them had travelled out to visit one relative or the other

    So it was just my mom
    I’ knew it won’t be long before she also travelled leaving me all alone in the house
    I napped for a few hours then I woke up
    Dressed up and decided to go see my grandma

    I loved my granny very much
    She was one of the few people who shared the same mind as me
    It was like we were in sync or something

    I stepped out of my room then announced to my mom that I was leaving for granny’s place

    (Ho ,,hold on)
    She called to me

    I stopped then she came asked me

    “Ke ihe I bu na isi etua”
    (What the hell is this on your head)

    I sighed
    I knew that question woul still come
    Now where it was

    “Maa,,,o maka ihe mere na school”
    (Mom,,,there was some issues in school)
    I said to her

    She looked bewildered
    She couldn’t understand how school could cause me to overgrow such a crazy hair

    I tried explaining to her the entire scenario
    And I promised her
    That when I was less busy I would cut it off

    I stepped out then decided to walk a little to the bustop to take a bus to granny’s place

    I haven’t gone much steps when I heard my name being called

    I scrunched my eyebrows
    Then I turned around to check who it was


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    Grace of course, Kenna nnwa mu ke ihi ibu na isi etua enh?


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