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    That could be grace

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    Next buddy!

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    Next plz!

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    :g 😷😷😷😷

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    @chilovely thanks

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    who else if not grace

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    Anneko (kenna)
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    Part 2

    ^^the strange phone^^

    ,,,••im home alone••„,

    I passed through the street that led to the bustop
    instead of going straight
    I decided to use the
    short cut that led to the layout
    so I took a bend to the corner
    I walked for like five mins before I heard my name being called

    I wondered who could be calling me in this area cos I’m d--n sure I don’t know anybody here

    I turned around to identify whoever it was

    but I saw no one

    the entire road was empty apart from houses on the opposite sides

    I scrunched my eyebrows

    **I’m I sure I’m not hearing things again**

    I shook my head
    then continued walking

    after taking a few steps
    on the road

    I heard it again

    this time louder than before


    I turned around quickly
    and to check

    to my utmost surprise

    nobody was there

    “wait what’s going on,,is someone playing pranks on me or something”
    I said out loud

    I hissed and continued my way

    it wasn’t funny when I heard my name again

    “what’s all these for crying out loud”

    now look I’m not a superstitious fellow
    but after that third

    I started feeling nervous
    then I incresed my pace as I walked

    the wind around me suddenly changed
    it became more heavier
    and I could hear whispers
    around me

    stuffs like

    its you,, ,listen to it ,, work it out

    **okay this is no longer funny**

    my fast walking suddenly broke into a swift run
    I ran as quickly as I could
    until I reached the streets filled with

    I placed my hands on my waist to catch my breath

    even at that
    I still kept looking over my shoulders to
    notice anything suspicious

    I changed my mind
    instead of waiting for the bus
    I stopped a bike that took me straight
    to my granny’s house

    I walked straight to her door and knocked hard


    I called out to her

    I saw her move towards the window to peep

    “who’s there,,” she called

    my granny’s eyesight is a little bad

    “abuela,,,estoy aqui”
    (grandma I’m here,,)

    she exclaimed as she went to the door

    “oh mi hijo es que tu”
    (oh my son is that you)

    I smiled as I hugged her and entered

    “si mami,,es so yo”
    “yes mama its me”

    she held my face solemnly
    as she patted my back

    “buenos noches,,,abuela”
    (good evening granny”)
    I greeted her

    ” si noches Mi papi”
    ( evening my papi)

    (my granny calls me papi
    …its kinda like “nna m” or “oko mi” in yoruba)

    I’m not sure what made me happier right now
    if it was seeing my granny
    or being far away from what just happened out there

    but I felt glad to be around mami

    we chatted on and on

    as she served a nice bowl of
    her native pumpkin

    I devoured the delicious dish as if I hadn’t eaten anything all day

    my grandma and I kept chatting

    as she asked me about school stuff

    “so,,, Espero que no seas travieso la school”
    she asked me

    I looked at her with a scrunched face as I tried decoding what she said

    with a concerned tone she repeated in english

    “kenna,,Im asking if you’ve been responsible in school”

    I did the. “ooh okay “,,face at her as I replied in the affirmative

    (there is a limit to my spanish tho)

    Answerin her yes made me question if I’ve truly been responsible

    well I think so

    I havnt done anything quite

    apart from joining “Pirate bay”

    well “pirate bay” are humanitarians

    apart from other student bodies

    we are the ones who fight for real injustice
    and promote student welfare

    even though the govenrment and school Authorities
    don’t think the same

    I spent a long time at my granny’s house

    I was so engrossed in our spending time that I lost track of time

    I soon stood up to leave

    I bade her goodbye as she gave me a nylon of snacks
    I relished the thought of eating it alone when I get home

    I went straight to my room and dumped my heavy body on the bed

    my locs scattered all over my head

    I wasn’t interested in even thinking of whatever rubbish
    happened on the road today

    no that’s in the past now

    I snuggled into my bed to take a long nap

    like my grandma said when I told her about it

    maybe it was the effect of the long journey that made me so lightheaded
    and start hearin things

    **but it felt so real**


    there is no such thing

    I was simply hearin thins

    I ringed it in my brains as I drifted off to sleep

    I was greeted by the warm morning sun

    I walked to the dining

    my mom already prepared breakfast

    and she was
    getting ready to leave

    as I helped her carry her things outside

    she kept rhyming the same thing all over again
    stuffs like lock the door ,,,don’t stay out late,,,don’t invite strangers,,,make sure to sleep on time,,always keep-

    I kept nodding my head like a lizard
    continuosly without listening to half of what she was saying

    **mom,,mom,,come on,,I’m not in highschool anymore,,,quit the whole mommying already**

    i mean what could happen

    this isn’t bongos
    this na IB
    its only in places like bongos that strange stuff happens

    my mom finally got in a taxi
    and zoomed of to the bus mass transit

    I whistled as I walked back to the house

    I enjoyed privacy a lot
    and now my mom was gone
    the first thing on my mind is


    sleep till I’m sick of sleeping

    (I know,,,I’m just so obsessed with sleep)

    I entered into the house
    and ran straight to my room
    forgetting to lock the door

    I dropped on the bed and immediately
    I took off

    A loud bang !
    woke me up

    I startled and sat up quickly

    **what the heck was that**

    I’m the only one in this house na

    so why I’m I hearing stuff

    I pushed open the door and went to the sitting room

    nothing is here

    I checked every room in the house

    everything seemed normal

    I sat on a chair with a puzzled look

    **seriously,,,what’s wrong with me**

    I looked at the time

    it was 5 pm

    I opened my eyes in shock

    “so I slept for 9 good hours”


    I need some fresh air

    I decided to step outside and stay for a while

    I opened the door and went out through the gate

    I sat on a pavement outside
    with my earphones on
    I blasted the loudest music I could find

    I soon felt like going inside again to eat some of those snacks granny gave me

    as I reached the gate

    I was shocked to see a brand new gionee phone lying on the floor

    someone must have dropped their phone

    but how come

    I was sitting outside the whole time

    I didn’t notice anybody passing here

    It was sitting on the floor of the gate.
    A white gionee 4S in surprisingly good condition. I picked it from the ground to get a closer look.

    It probably belonged to a girl, judging by the glittering purple case.

    I admired the phone anyway – the phone case must be really strong

    The phone had not only survived what I assumed was a fall from a careless girl’s bag, but it was in pristine good condition. No cracks, no dings, no dents… nothing.

    As I marched into the house
    i walked to the kitchen to get a plate

    I continued inspecting the phone. Whoever lost it must surely be missing it.
    I pressed the home button and the screen lit up.

    A swipe right and I discovered that the phone was not, locked.

    I was surprised

    for a girl who doesn’t lock her phone

    that’s something

    I thought girls were more secretive than boys

    . I searched the contacts, found one labeled “Mom” and pressed the call button.

    I waited


    It was as though the touch screen hadn’t registered my fingertips.

    Puzzled, I pressed “call” again. And again.

    still Nothing.

    It was at that moment that I got a call on my own cell phone,
    I used a black infinix note

    (I just like black color)

    I checked the caller ID

    it read “Frank”

    I swiped it to answer as me and my body began talking

    “oboy how far na”

    “I dey o”I replied him

    “se you don reach house yesterday na” he asked me

    I answered yes

    then he said he also just came back this evening

    frank and I are very close friends

    we are even roomates in school

    I forgot about
    The strange phone as me and frank, continued our conversation
    we chatted on and on about guy stuff
    then we talked about the absolute chaos of college life.

    then frank mentioned something about a party

    “kenna ,,hope You not busy tonight?,,,”

    I rolled my eyes at frank
    cos I knew he would force me to the party if I dissagreed

    i said yes that ill definitely come to the party

    just to make frank happy

    i planned on locking my door

    and continue my everlasting sleep

    after frank gave me directions

    i hung up

    and dropped my phone

    i sat for a while

    just nexting through my
    music box

    after a while another call came to my phone

    I thought it was frank again

    without checking the iD

    I swiped and got ready to blast the dude for disturbing me

    I was greeted with a petite
    feminine voice

    “hello” she said

    “uh hello”

    “hello,,,kenna can you hear me”

    I puzzled as I shifted the phone from my ear and checked the iD

    it read ‘Grace’

    “ohh,,,grace hello,,,yeah I can hear you”

    “good evening,,”
    she greeted

    I replied her

    “how have you been”?

    that question sounded weird

    we only just met once
    a few days ago

    so how the hell should she be

    “I’m good kenna,,,and you”

    I replied in the affirmative

    I asked her about her home

    and she told me that
    the entire household is in a ceremonious mood
    because of the funeral activities
    so everywhere is a little dull and unlively

    I felt bad for her though

    after the chaos in school
    she comes home and finds another chaos

    “I just wish something would cheer me up” she said

    right then a thought enterred my head

    “uh ,,how about we go out”
    I said

    I could sense a confused expression on her face as she kept mute

    so I quickly added
    “I mean,,,a friend invited me to a party,,,so I’m asking if you’d like to go to.,,just to lighten your mood”

    she chuckled on the other end of the phone

    “I understand what you mean kenna,,,um lemme see,,,I think I can make it,,,its tonight right”
    she asked

    “yeah tonight”

    we continued talking and agreed on a spot we could meet
    to head off to franks party

    after I hung up

    I went to my room
    to get ready

    i then remembered the other phone sitting on my couch,


    I picked it up and opened it
    I sighed

    I decided to try calling another persons number

    but all the numbers were not going through

    I wondered if the problem was with the phone

    or the numbers
    then an idea csme to my head

    I browsed through the contacts again

    then brought out the owner’s mother’s contact information. That’s right!

    I punched the number into my own phone and hit
    I could at least call this way.

    The phone rang for a few moments. I was about to leave a message when an exhausted voice came over the speakers.

    “ehen yes?”

    I tried not to be put off by this rude response.

    “Hi, um, my name is kenna and I found this phone outside my house… I think it belongs to your daughter. Is there any way I could get it to her?” I said

    The line was quiet for a moment,
    aside from some labored breathing.

    Then: “Do you think this rubbish is funny? stop all these stupid pranks”

    I remained speechless for a few moments after she’d hung up on me.

    ** What the hell was her problem? ** i thought

    Thoroughly confused, I rechecked the number.

    I had dialed the right number…

    **well, whatever,**

    I shrugged.
    I couldn’t make sense of it, but it wasn’t really my problem, either. Sooner or later someone was bound to call her and then I’d pick up and explain the situation to them. It would get resolved somehow.

    I wore my jeans and shirt

    then without forgettin my black jacket

    I just like the way black looks on me

    I checked my self in the mirror a while

    I sighed as my eyes drifted to my Crazy hair

    I refused

    “nah,,,nah,,later,,just later”

    using my hand I brushed my hair through to straighten out the locks

    I headed for the door and stepped outside



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