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    Anneko (kenna)
    Anneko (kenna)
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    Hello dear viewers I’m writing this reality clip
    Of how it is to come up with a story at Eyes only

    The biulding from scratch
    Choice of words
    Dragging with editors
    Blah blah blah
    And worst of all
    Working out the story outline with your boss,,,Gosh!!,,that’s the major pain in the neck


    Just sit back and imagine with me as I tell the story

    PART 1

    ••Working with the boss••

    The following day
    I took a taxi straight from my house to the Meetplace
    I felt confident of my self cuz I’m certain this time around mr Bako will give me a chance
    Last week I dropped a story on his desk
    To obtain his approval but to my greatest shock
    He rejected it sayin in his own words
    “That story is too weird and redundant”

    I almost laughed out loud
    “Redundant” as if he knows anything about my imaginative writing
    I’ve been willing to break out of the norm of writing the same style and direction most writers both in eyes only and in general do their story
    I was ready to prove to mr bako today

    I stepped into the biulding
    I headed straight for mr Bakko’s office

    I met his elegant secretary on desk

    A fair skinned lady with Appeasing features her angelic smile could make one distracted and forget an appointment with his boss( Nope not me,,,there is nothing that would make me miss this “”Absolutely nothing””

    Secretary:Good morning Mr kenna

    Me: oh Good morning anna,,,you r looking vibrant as ever

    Secretary:( smiling in her angelic manner ) thank you sir

    Secretary :uh sir would you like to see mr bakko

    Me: oh yes hope he z in?

    Secretary :sure sir you can go in to meet him

    Me :alright thank you

    I approached the door and knocked twice before pushing it open


    His office seemed empty,, but anna told me he z in

    Me: hello mr Bakko!(pause) ,,,°°almost shouting°° Mr BAKKO!!! I’m HERE!!!!

    I heard his rusty voice from above my head

    Mr Bakko: argh,,,shhhhh ,,why so much noise this early morning eh kenna

    I looked up towards the ceilin and I was shocked to see mr Bakko hanging upside down from the chandelier

    I opened my mouth wild and just stared at him

    Mr bakko: well have you come here to watch me all day or did you come to work on your new story ?

    He had an annoyed look on his face as he asked me

    Me:•urh ,ugh ,sir ,,but sir why are you hanging upside down up there

    He looked quizzically at me and redirected my question

    Mr bakko:• and why are you standing downside up down there

    Withdrawn,, I looked down and whispered under my breath
    Me: (whispering) gee I don’t know maybe ,,cuz that’s what normal people do

    Mr bakko shifted cuz I could hear the chandlier clinging

    Mr bakko•• enough talk boy drag that mattress towards here so I can get down and we would start for today

    He pointed to a bed leaning against the wall as I pulled the bed under the chandlier I kept asking myself the question ** how did he get up there in the first place**
    I saw him disengage from the chandlier and landed on the soft cushion
    All my life I’ve never seen anyone more wierder than this man infront of me
    Everyone can testify to his strangeness
    He quickly got off the bed and went to take a seat I followed him and sat too
    He poured himself a drink and offered me
    But I politely declined

    Mr bakko••:(taking one last gulp) , arrh,,,sweet wine!,,,so ,,,kenna what do you have for me

    Me: um I came up with this concept last week ,,,(lowering .my voice ) ••after the previous rejection••,,,,its a thriller with a lot of complicated plot and I need your input before I can go any further

    Mr Bakko:(nodding his head) alright then let’s begin

    he grabbed an ipad ,,stationeries and other materials from his cupboard and placed them on the table

    Mr Bakko:so first things first ,lemne know the title of your story

    Me: (taking a deep breath) the title is “Maggots and mysogyny”

    Mr bakko: (with a scrunched face)

    I sighed
    Me:sir its a thriller story about mutated insects and alien

    Mr bakko paused for a while and stared at me like as if I was a kind of mental case

    Mr bakko: ken,,,two questions ,,1 what the heck is a mysogyni,,,2 if aliens even existed dont you think there are better places to invade than this naija,,,

    He asked me the questions practically

    Gosh,,,he has started again
    I bearinly tried to answer his questions

    Me:sir actually I’m not sure what a mysogyni is,,,but I’ll still find out ,,,now concerning the aliens I’m concepting aliens just to show my imaginative capabilities in-,,,

    He interrupted me

    Mr bakko: you know ken ,,ever since I met you I’ve always had a problem with this your redundant imagination
    (Here he goes again)

    Me:but sir-,,,

    Mr bakko: you want to write a science fiction about mutant maggots and flying aliens,,,stuff that doesn’t even concern the regular people in this kind of society

    Me: I’m only trying to convey what it would seem like if people could imagine themselves in that kind of situation

    Mr bakko: (sighing) ken how many times must I tell you that here at “Eyes only ” we don’t do science fiction,,,we are based mostly on romantic teenage stories and action packed thrillers

    Not backing down

    Me : ehen “mostly” right,,,that doesn’t mean we can’t deviate everyonce in a while

    I knew mr bakko would object,,,but I must definitely write this story,,by fire by force
    Even if it means kidnapping him and forcing him to approve

    Mr bakko:(putting his palms up in surrender) okay! Fine no more chit chat (he picked up his ipad and started scrolling). Let’s do your aliens and maggots

    Me: Maggots and mysogyni sir

    Mr bakko: (almost annoyed) whatever !! Just continue

    I picked up my notepad to scribble down some details and he went to grab another drink


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    ride on

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    Seated already

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    I think the man has some kind of power

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    @jummybabe thanks a lot


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