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    seated, ride on

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    Anneko (kenna)
    Anneko (kenna)
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    part 3 will be here this evening,,,so keep it locked

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    Anneko (kenna)
    Anneko (kenna)
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    part 3

    (Passionate attractions),


    as I waited patiently for a taxi,,,
    someone tapped my shoulders behind me
    I felt a little flinched
    who would be walking around here
    by this time of the night

    an idea came to my head

    **don’t tell me a real jarwal actually exists in real life,,,and has come out of my own story to get me**
    **no its not possible**
    I contemplated as I turned around to find out
    my heartrate increased a little
    I fully turned and saw in front of me
    a gorgeous looking lady
    she was smiling lavishly at me

    “hi kenna,,,long time no see”

    I couldn’t utter a word
    Eva was standing right in front of me
    I was speechless as I looked into her beautiful face
    Eva and I were childhood friends,
    I fell deep for her in high school
    although I never told her my feelings
    I was afraid it will ruin our friendship
    but then my best friend cyrus
    who also had a crush on her made her know of his feelings
    and they both started dating
    for a while I felt bruised,,betrayed and a little angry
    but I knew I couldn’t blame him
    he wasn’t a corward like me,,,he pushed his limits
    he went for it while I stayed back
    later on
    I made myself loose my feelings for her
    all for the sake of friendship
    I loved cyrus like a brother
    I wasn’t ready to loose our friendship
    I acted happy for both of them
    and their relationship blossomed
    although we were really young but cyrus and Eva were already making wedding plans
    eva just turned 19 and cyrus was 21
    everything seemed to be going on well and I supported them
    we were all really happy
    untill the day tragedy struck
    my world was torn apart
    my only true best friend was gone
    Cyrus was gone
    I still remember his words as his blood soaked body lay on my arms

    “ken,,,,take good care of her for me,,,”
    and with his last breath he coughed out blood and said
    “good bye brother,,,you’re a true friend”

    I was dejected ,,,I wanted to go mad,,,I felt like I was hit by a time bomb
    that moment I trully understood how Muna felt when Dre died ,,,the true feeling of losing someone more close to you than a brother
    the anguish in my heart still remains ever to this day

    now here she was again
    the girl who stole my heart
    the girl who I gave up for friendship
    standing in front of me
    she didn’t look much different from before
    she still had the same body frame
    still made me feel the same way
    still a beauty

    “you must be really shocked seeing you are unable to even say something” she asked again still smiling

    I revved up
    “uh,,oh,, I’m sorry ,,i ,I thought you were a um”

    “a what?,,a jarwal” she asked

    I widened my eyes
    ” how did you know about that?”

    she chuckled
    “I left home kenna,,,but my heart never left you”

    I was surprised,,,ever since the incident Eva had travelled from bongos for close to five years now,,,but how did she know about my-

    “I’ve been following all your stories and I heard about this new one too”

    she had a proud look on her face
    “I’m proud of you k,,you proved to your dad and did what you wanted to do”
    “you established yourself”

    she shivered a little
    “are you cold,,,maybe we should go in” I asked her

    “no I’m fine ,,,I was supposed to meet someone here today” she looked at the “Eyes only” biulding

    “but its late so I should just make it tomorrow”

    I felt really glad to see eva but it also brought back that guilty feeling again
    the feeling of guilt I had buried away for a long time

    “so,,,are you here for a long period or,,,-” I inquired her

    “um ,,not really for long I just have some blueprints create and deliver here and I’ll be going back to gwaza”

    we started strolling down the streets
    I felt a little saddened on hearing that she won’t stay long

    “so you’ll be leaving soon”

    as if she read my mind she quickly added

    “its not like I don’t want to stay for long,,,its because there is this movie that’s been shooting in gwaza and I got employed as a scriptwriter there,,so I can’t-”

    I flinched

    “wow,,,you’re writing the script for a movie,,,that’s impressive”

    Eva seemed to have gotten far tho
    and I’m still busy doing rubbish here with mr bakko

    “,its not really that much,,,its a story about a virus outbreak that causes a a wipeout of the entire countries population,,,only a few people survived,,and there’s a scientist working on a cure in lagos so-”

    I stopped her short
    “wait but ,,you said you’re shooting the movie in gwaza,,,how come the story is now about lagos”

    I was admiring her as she explained further

    “yeah the thing is,,,due to overcrowdedness and poor infrastructure ,,,lagos isn’t as developed as gwaza is,,,so we just made it seem as if we were in lagos”

    I raised an eyebrow at her
    “heey,,,what do you mean,,,you are insulting the center of excellence you know”

    Eva chuckled and looked up at me “sorry kenna,,,I know you grew up in lagos,,,but the
    truth is ,,,gwaza is a mordernised city with world class infrastructure, that rivals most european cities,,the government really did a good job,,,you should visit some time and see for yourself”

    I looked down and said
    “yeah,,that would be nice”

    I noticed we’ve been walking for five mins now ,

    “hey aren’t we going to get a taxi by now”

    she replied me
    “no need for a taxi,,,my house is just over there ”

    she pointed to an apartment just down the road
    “hmmn nice”
    “its quite big”

    she faced me then said
    “yeah from the outside,,the inside is not really spacious tho”

    I keenly followed her
    until she reached her doorstep

    she turned around and opened her arms saying
    “well this is it,,,”

    I looked at her and said
    “well atleast we reached here without any jarwal catching us and biting our heads off”

    she chuckled at my joke

    **gosh I missed her sweet laugh**

    I just stood and stared at her
    she took a step closer towards me
    I could see her face clearly under the light bulb
    she still had that glint in her eyes

    “you know I really missed you kenna,,ur pranks ,,your jokes,,your smile,,,your touch everything”

    my heart sank again
    I didn’t know what to say
    I also missed her to death
    but I still had that guilt feeling
    that stops me from getting closer to her

    I felt her step closer and it was like we were magnetically drawn towards each other
    all I had to do was look away
    or break eyecontact,,or bring up a topic
    but I couldn’t
    not when she was staring at me this way
    my hands wrapped around her
    I brought her close and I pressed a kiss on her lips
    it was a light kiss
    I just wanted to peck her a little
    that was all I intended
    but I never knew I ignited a long lost passion in her system
    out if instncts ,
    eva presses her body tightly to mine and deepened the kiss
    she had her hands wrapped around my neck and she returned my kiss hungrily
    the session got too intense
    as she pressed her boobs tightly on my chest
    logical reasoning came back to me
    like clockwork my senses came back
    I broke off the kiss and stepped back

    “I um,,,that shoudnt have happened,,,I’m sorry”

    I saw a flash of dissapointment in her eyes
    she sighed and said
    “I’m not”

    I watched her search for her keys from her bag
    all these while
    I never knew these feelings were still strong

    she found the key and unlocked her door
    then she pushed it slightly open
    as she was about to step in
    like an after thought she said

    “are you coming in,,,I could offer you a drink”

    I contemplated wether or not I should go with her
    but I decided

    **no harm can come from a little drink**

    I followed her in
    and she closed the door


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    hu said xo

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    Lee Chris
    Lee Chris
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