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    Holakizzo (Jum'iez Hubby)
    Holakizzo (Jum’iez Hubby)
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    Samuel(not real name) was an avid
    Chelsea fan… He was also a regular at
    the Nairabet sports betting shop 2
    streets away from his house.
    Samuel had no job. He had just been
    recently laid off by the bank he was
    working with. He was doing quite well
    for himself before he was sacked. He
    had afterall bought a car a couple
    months back.
    But the sacking came as a surprise to
    him and he had only a little cash
    saved up.
    He was desperate to make some
    His friend, Akin always came around his
    house bragging of how he kept on
    winning Nairabet virtual games at the
    betting shop. Samuel was suddenly
    keen on learning about this stuff that
    akin was always playing and
    supposedly winning.
    Samuel: “Guy how far now, Na only you
    wan dey win this thing wey u dey
    play, teach me now”
    Akin: “Ah, You nor say u nor be street
    man now, Na corporate man you be”
    Samuel: “Guy forget that thing. Abi you
    don forget say them don sack me?
    Yarn me tori jor”
    Akin: “Ok, no wahala. I go carry go the
    place this evening make you play
    one sure game wey i get. You go hold
    like N500 naira ooo”
    Samuel: “That one na small thing na,
    Suffer i win money. I really need cash
    Not long after, He had gotten a hang of
    how it all worked. Soon he was a
    regular at the betting shop.
    Day in, Day out. Samuel would stroll into
    the Nairabet betting shop with
    sometimes N5,000. Sometimes N3,000
    but never below N1,000.
    He would play virtual football games on
    the big screen on the shop with his
    friend, Akin by his side directing him on
    what games to bet. He would
    mostly accumulate about 6 draws, a
    couple home or away win games.
    His friend, Akin was always bragging
    about how he would soon strike gold
    and win millions off nairabet. But
    days…weeks…months passed by and
    Samuel had not won anything tangible.
    He always left the betting shop with
    all the cash he came with.
    One game or two always kept
    ”cutting” his ticket.
    He was becoming increasingly
    frustrated. He kept cursing “Alabi” (as
    we all
    sometimes do… lol) after each of his bet
    He vowed to ‘wreck’ Nairabet soon. But
    he was running out of time. His
    little savings was fast depleting and he
    had no other source of income.
    Then something dramatic happened
    one day…
    to be continued…
    P.S. Hey man, My hands are tired from
    typing… lol. But do not worry, I’d
    complete the story later in the evening probably night.

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    why nt nw

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    Etz Froshberry
    Etz Froshberry
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    Bring It On!

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    Holakizzo (Jum'iez Hubby)
    Holakizzo (Jum’iez Hubby)
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    gosh so tired

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    Holakizzo (Jum'iez Hubby)
    Holakizzo (Jum’iez Hubby)
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    (Here is the remaining part of the story…)
    One day, Samuel finally ran out of cash.
    He had almost nothing in his
    savings. His friend Akin was nowhere
    to be found. His car had been parked
    at home for almost one month – he had
    no money to get fuel in it.
    He was frustrated.
    Meanwhile he had heard stories and
    even seen a couple guys brag about
    the secret to winning on the virtual
    football was betting BIG. They claimed
    to hit hundreds of thousands by
    staking 50k. Sometimes 70k per
    He had never really paid attention to
    these stories.
    Until now…
    As he sat on the long bench in the
    Nairabet betting shop. He again
    a guy claiming someone had won
    N700,000 a day before by staking
    The sound of the cash won gave him a
    good feeling. If he got that type of
    cash in his bank account, he could not
    have cared less about losing his
    “If the secret to this vfl thing was big
    money, where would i get this big
    money?” he pondered.
    In a flash… The most ridiculous and
    stupid idea came to his mind. “I can
    sell my CAR!”
    He asked a few ‘gurus’ in the bet shop
    if the secret to winning vfl was
    really “BIG MONEY” and they all
    reiterated it, telling him stories of
    people who had won BIG by staking
    At this point, Samuel was convinced. He
    was going to sell his car and
    hopefully rake in millions from the vfl by
    staking big. He could always buy
    his car back after winning BIG, He
    Within a week, He desperately sold his
    car for less than #300,000. A car he
    acquired for about 3 million plus.
    He had somehow contacted Akin, his
    friend. Akin too was in the school of
    thought that the key to winning
    millions on the VFL was by staking BIG
    money to win BIG.
    Together they set out to the betting
    They started betting with a sum of
    #20,000 per betslip. They accumulated
    games per ticket. They picked draws
    mostly. Each payout they were to
    receive if they won was about #8
    million naira. Samuel was happy with
    figures and waited patiently believing
    he would win.
    Game after game. He kept losing. When
    he was down to his last #17,000 from
    a whooping #300,000. Samuel ran out
    of the betting shop…
    From the source i got the story, Akin
    too followed and ran away in chase of
    Samuel. Everyone was in disbelief when
    they heard how much they had lost in
    a few hours.
    Samuel later relocated to Lagos to meet
    his brother who he started staying
    with so he could pick up his life back…
    Mind you, this is a true life story that
    happened in Ibadan. It was the
    friend to his brother who gave me a
    first hand detailed account of this
    I did my best to convey as much
    information in this version of the story
    possible so you learn from the story of
    You see, the biggest pain points from
    this touching story are:
    1) He went to school but he was clearly
    a mugu. (How could he believe a
    myth about BIG winnings by BIG
    2) The fact that Samuel was GREEDY
    3) He depended on luck and did not
    follow a system in tackling the virtual
    football league…

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    Holakizzo (Jum'iez Hubby)
    Holakizzo (Jum’iez Hubby)
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    There are always many myths on-going
    in the soccer punting world and if you
    are not careful, you will catch wind of
    this and start believing it too.
    Some popular ones is that Akin Alabi
    pays the big clubs to lose matches, or
    he uses “juju” to prevent you from
    winning, or a mad man can give you
    which will win. These are all myths!
    Samuel was greedy too. In the world of
    soccer betting in general, a pro
    punter rule is never to be greedy.
    Always be reasonable and set sights on
    achievable income.
    Some people want to use #200 to win
    10 million naira. This is simply being
    greedy. I am not saying you should not
    have such hopes or play those type
    of bets, NO. Who knows? You might get
    lucky and win – Even if the
    probability of you winning is extremely
    low – But that should not be your
    main strategy in ripping these bookies
    off their cash… You should have a

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    Holakizzo (Jum'iez Hubby)
    Holakizzo (Jum’iez Hubby)
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    Another lesson you can learn from
    Samuel’s story is that you do not need
    bet big to win big.
    …the end …… So all stakers watch out ….. @invincible abeg help me tell dem…. Here it is @Harmeenart and @delight @classic

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