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    So nice. Next

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    nice one

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    Nice one

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    Mr kruzz pls i need the link to one of our stories. I can’t remember the name but is about vampires, werevolves and shape shifter. The main character is a girl that was kidnapped as a child and seperated from her family her father is the king. Her name is JINX. I didnt finish the story, send me the link plssssssssss. Anyone that has the link should also help plsssssss

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    Am so loving this

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    the royalty in me that d name @juddy

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    Thanks faridah pls need the link to the story plsssss

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    ep. 21
    “Good morning.” Nuve is waiting at
    the bottom of the stairs of the inn to
    greet Seamus and Row at sunup.
    “Are you still here?” Seamus’s
    response is not a friendly one.
    “As I said, I shall stand watch until I
    am sure this village is safe. Quite a
    shame I didn’t arrive earlier though.
    A good number of people were
    “That’s your concern, not mine.”
    Seamus stalks past him to the bar
    where the innkeeper is waiting to
    serve him breakfast.
    “What will you be having?” the man
    asks in as cheerful of a voice as he
    can muster.
    “Whatever you have is fine,” Seamus
    decides not to be picky. It is a
    wonder the man can even continue
    to function normally after the
    commotion of the night before.
    “Oh, I’ll pay for the lady’s food,”
    Nuve offers with smile.
    “Um, I don’t think that’ll be
    necessary,” the innkeeper tries to
    deter him.
    “Why not? A woman has to eat,
    right?” Nuve wiggles his eyebrows
    suggestively at Row.
    “The lass doesn’t have much of a
    stomach,” the innkeeper makes an
    “Well that’s no good.” Nuve clicks
    his tongue while shaking his head.
    “Come on now, darling. You have to
    keep your strength up. Here, I’ll feed
    you.” He grabs a piece of bread from
    Seamus’s plate and tries to push it
    into Row’s mouth.
    “Don’t touch her.” Seamus’s hand
    travels to the hilt of his sword.
    “Easy now, calm down.” Nuve
    prepares to block any impending
    attack with his metal arm. “What’s
    the big idea? Is she incapable of
    “It’s a condition,” the innkeeper
    spouts. His attempts to cover for
    Row are only making things worse.
    “A condition, eh?” Nuve’s eyes
    narrow. “I’m reaching here but that
    sounds an awful lot like a
    bloodsucker to me.” Row and
    Seamus glance at each other
    nervously. “Of course that’s
    impossible, right?”
    “Damned impossible,” the innkeeper
    is far too enthusiastic.
    “Then eat the bread,” Nuve’s voice is
    stern, almost threatening.
    “I’m not hungry,” Row mutters while
    hiding her face behind Seamus’s
    “What’s the matter; already had
    your fill on human blood?” Nuve
    taunts her.
    “What are you insinuating?” Seamus
    glares at him.
    “Why does it matter? All she has to
    do is eat a little bit of bread. If she’s
    human then I’m not even asking that
    much. Problems only arise if she’s
    not human.”
    “She’ll eat your bread… right?”
    Seamus stares at Row inquisitively.
    He has never actually seen her
    consume human food before.
    “I don’t want to,” she mumbles
    almost inaudibly.
    “Too bad.” Nuve shoves the bread
    towards her again.
    “Come on, Row, just a bite,” Seamus
    urges her. She stares at him as if he
    has asked her to hang herself.
    “Please,” he is practically begging.
    Slowly she opens her mouth to
    allow Nuve to push the bread inside
    while making sure to hide her fangs
    from view. All three men watch
    cautiously as she chews for what
    seems like forever. She looks like
    she may be sick at any moment but
    she manages to swallow it at last.
    “There, satisfied?” Seamus asks
    “Absolutely.” Nuve beams proudly.
    “I knew you couldn’t be one of those
    monstrous creatures. You’re far too
    pretty.” Row grabs the side of her
    stomach nauseously but manages
    to hide her discomfort from both
    Nuve and Seamus.
    “What exactly was all that about?”
    Seamus asks Nuve suspiciously.
    “Can you keep a secret, friend?”
    Nuve lowers his voice. “I was
    summoned here to track down and
    kill a bloodsucker. Look at this.” He
    hands Seamus a letter similar to the
    one he was supposed to take to the
    Dust Pail Pub in Glass Gate.
    Seamus’s eyes dart to the innkeeper
    “It weren’t me, honest.” He shakes
    his head violently.
    “Quiet you bumbling fool,” Seamus
    hisses at him.
    Luckily Nuve is too absorbed in his
    explanation to notice. “It seems
    there is a nasty little bloodsucker
    running around here. Something like
    a spirit was kidnapping women folk
    and this bloodsucker made the
    mistake of revealing itself while
    fighting the thing off.”
    “Really?” Seamus pretends to be
    perplexed, earning him a
    disappointed scowl from the
    innkeeper. “If this spirit was evil,
    doesn’t that mean this bloodsucker
    did the town a favor?”
    “The reason it chased the spirit off
    doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change
    what the thing is; a monster. This
    thing lives by sucking the life out of
    humans. It’s very name says it all.
    It’s my job to make sure creatures
    like that don’t get to wander free for
    very long, understand?”
    “I think I do.” Seamus frowns at
    him. He is beginning to question
    whether bloodsuckers are really all
    that bad or if humans have never
    even given them a chance.
    “Of course my services come for a
    price,” Nuve adds in a cheerful tone.
    “Killing a bloodsucker cost fifty
    times as much as a ghoul. I can’t
    wait to get me hands on one finally.”
    “Wait, you’ve never killed a
    bloodsucker before?” the innkeeper
    asks in shock.
    “There aren’t that many of them
    left,” Nuve laughs. “I bet you’ve
    never even seen one.”
    “I’ve seen one,” the innkeeper
    assures him. He is quickly warned
    to keep his mouth shut with a glare
    from Seamus.
    “Is something going on that I don’t
    know about?” Nuve is becoming
    “You better not say a d--n word,”
    Seamus whispers to the innkeeper.
    He looks like he would like nothing
    more than to tell Nuve everything.
    “I don’t like being left out of the loop,
    men. Whatever you know, spit it
    out,” Nuve demands. Despite his
    playful attitude and obvious lack of
    age he seems to take his job very
    seriously. The fact that he is
    missing his whole right arm is proof
    enough he has been in more than a
    few fights. Seamus is not sure he
    could face off against him head on.
    The innkeeper is practically bobbing
    up and down with anticipation. Air
    is escaping his mouth but he is not
    actually saying anything. “What is
    wrong with you, man?” Nuve is
    “She…” He does not have time to
    speak before a sudden fit of hacking
    and coughing from Row draws
    everyone’s attention. She falls off
    her barstool and lands on her hands
    and knees, choking on her own
    vomit as she expels the bread she
    Seamus starts to rub her back
    softly. “What’s wrong?”
    “It’s her.” Nuve backs away from the
    bar. “It really was her.”
    “What do you mean?” Seamus asks
    in confusion.
    “Bloodsuckers can’t eat human
    food,” Nuve explains. “Meat is a
    little easier on them but they just
    can’t process plants and grain. The
    term bloodsucker comes from their
    need for a strictly liquid diet if they
    consume anything at all besides
    pure life energy. Your pretty little
    friend there is a monster.”
    Row’s red eyes glare up at him as
    she continues to spit saliva despite
    her stomach already being empty.
    “What are you going to do?”
    Seamus asks cautiously, giving
    Nuve a chance to refrain from
    becoming their enemy.
    “I, I don’t know,” he admits. “I came
    here fully prepared to kill a
    bloodsucker, no matter how young.”
    “She’s not a child, idiot,” the
    innkeeper shouts at him.
    “I’m well aware of the aging process
    of bloodsuckers,” Nuve spits back.
    “Just let me think for a moment.”
    “You’ll forgive me if I don’t wait for
    you to try to kill us.” Seamus helps
    Row to her feet and drags her
    toward the door.
    “What are you waiting for? Stop
    them!” the innkeeper growls at
    “If they’re leaving then it doesn’t
    matter, right?” He shrugs
    “What happened to your spiel about
    not letting them roam free? What
    are you gonna do when she attacks
    someone else in another village?
    Could you live with yourself knowing
    you could have stopped her here?”
    The innkeeper seems dead set on
    convincing Nuve to kill Row.
    The ghoul hunter takes a deep
    breath before responding. “You’re
    right. Of course you’re right. I don’t
    know what I was thinking. It’s my
    job to destroy these monsters.”
    “Then get out there, lad.” The
    innkeeper nods.
    Outside in the street Seamus is busy
    searching for a horse to pull his
    carriage. Of course no one in Quess
    is going to be willing to sell him
    one. He is actually contemplating
    stealing one, a crime punishable by
    death. Then again, aiding a
    bloodsucker carries the same
    Just as Seamus is about to un-
    tether Nuve’s horse from its post,
    the ghoul hunter startles him. “What
    are you doing?” he asks while
    shaking his head disappointedly.
    “Don’t judge me,” Seamus grumbles
    while continuing to fiddle with the
    “Are you seriously going to add
    another crime to your list of
    offences?” Nuve asks calmly. “Come
    on, man, walk away. You have
    nothing to gain from continuing to
    protect this bloodsucker.”
    “Leave me alone.” Seamus tries to
    ignore him.
    “Are you smitten? Is that it? Has she
    placed a trance on you?” Nuve tries
    to discern the reason for his loyalty.
    “I’m not like you,” Seamus spits
    angrily. “I don’t swoon the moment
    a pretty girl walks past.”
    “I’ll admit that was a mistake on my
    part.” Nuve smiles while tilting his
    head from side to side. “To think I
    was taken with a bloodsucker. They
    really are beautiful creatures, aren’t
    they?” Again he is ignored by
    Seamus who is still struggling to
    undo the knots in Nuve’s horse’s
    “You won’t get it. I tightened that
    myself with this arm,” Nuve informs
    him while flexing his metal
    “Does that thing even work
    properly?” Seamus scoffs.
    “If you’re asking if I have trouble
    controlling it then the answer is
    obviously yes. There is no possible
    way it will ever handle as well as
    my own arm but I don’t have much
    choice now, do I?”
    “I really don’t care,” Seamus
    “I’ve been awfully patient with you
    but I think it’s time you make a
    decision. Walk away or I’ll be forced
    to kill you,” Nuve’s voice is stern.
    Without warning, Seamus draws his
    sword, which clangs against Nuve’s
    arm, knocking him back into the
    street. He manages to somersault
    backwards before Seamus can
    follow up by pinning him to the
    ground with his blade. “That wasn’t
    smart.” Nuve’s eyes flare angrily.
    “Row, go wait in the carriage,”
    Seamus orders. The young
    bloodsucker is still feeling sick from
    the bread and therefore has no
    qualms about fleeing rather than
    “If you’re still there when I finish off
    this guy then your death will be
    slow and painful,” Nuve taunts her.
    Seamus tries to quiet him by
    slashing at his chest. Again Nuve’s
    arm serves as the perfect means to
    block it but he seems less confident
    in his ability to beat Seamus now. “I
    see you’ve been trained by a
    “I really couldn’t tell you if that were
    so or not.” Seamus shrugs. Without
    his memory of the rigorous training
    Champaign put him through
    following his ordeal with Rashad, all
    of his fighting skill feels like a
    natural part of him, coming out on
    instinct when he needs it.
    “I’ll wipe that smile off your face,
    once and for all,” Nuve snaps.
    “Wouldn’t that be you?” Seamus
    counters. “You’re such a happy-go-
    lucky person. If I were a cripple I’d
    be much more depressed.”
    “Now you’ve done it.” Nuve unfolds
    the crossbow attachment of his arm
    and launches three separate bolts at


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