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    ep. 22
    “Jeez, that thing’s fast.” Seamus is
    barely able to deflect them all. He is
    given no time to rest though as
    Nuve has a massive supply of bolts
    in a satchel on his side and a wire
    bow string that re-draws itself every
    time he clenches his fist.
    “I really didn’t want to have to fight
    you,” Nuve shouts over the sound of
    his arrows clanging off of the sword.
    “You could still let me go,” Seamus
    suggests jokingly.
    “If only I could,” Nuve sighs.
    The next bolt to hit the sword
    explodes in a cloud of smoke,
    knocking Seamus off his feet. “What
    was that?” he coughs while rolling
    behind a barrel to avoid another
    slew of arrows.
    “Some of these things are pretty
    tricky,” Nuve informs him. “Those
    ones you saw last night are meant
    to set a whole building ablaze.
    What do you suppose they’ll do to
    your measly shelter?”
    “Is that your only weapon?” Seamus
    “I’ve never needed anything else.”
    Nuve shrugs while preparing to
    launch another volley.
    “Good to know.” Seamus smirks.
    Nuve’s arm suddenly jerks
    downward at the ground,
    accidentally launching one of the
    flaming arrows. “What is this?”
    Nuve asks while tugging on a long
    silver wire coiled around his metal
    appendage. It is holding him in
    place, making it impossible to flee
    from his own fire.
    “Do you like it?” Seamus laughs.
    “I’m still learning how it works.
    You’re lucky you have that hunk of
    metal. I had to feel that thing
    scraping the skin off of my arm.”
    “This is… Arma Scov,” Nuve
    realizes. “Where did you get this?”
    “Wouldn’t you like to know?”
    Seamus is grinning ear to ear as he
    stands up from behind his barrel.
    “Are you willing to call this a draw
    “Not by a long shot.” Nuve is
    smiling as well. He folds the bow
    back into his arm just as the wide
    blade he showed them the night
    before springs out. It can’t cut Arma
    Scov but it stretches it far enough
    for him to slip free. He also drops a
    small pouch of powder from his
    satchel onto the arrow still burning
    in the ground. Seamus ducks behind
    the barrel again as it explodes.
    “Black powder,” Nuve informs him.
    “Quite strong, isn’t it?”
    “You take too much joy in your job,”
    Seamus spits at him.
    “I do, don’t I.” Nuve simply smiles
    “Seamus!” Row shouts from the
    cover of the overhanging roof of the
    inn. What remains of their carriage
    is still sitting underneath it in the
    “I think it’s time for Arma Venture,”
    Seamus shouts back.
    “Arma what?” Nuve’s eyes widen as
    Row tosses the antler wreath at
    Seamus. He knows he can’t let this
    already overpowered human touch
    the deadly weapon. He tosses
    another pouch of black powder at it
    and shoots it with one of his flaming
    arrows. Seamus’s hand explodes
    along with the wreath, which
    shatters into tiny pieces. “Try
    piecing that back together,” Nuve
    tries to remain smug but his fear
    still shows.
    It is Seamus’s turn to stare with
    wide eyes at the bloody stump that
    was once his hand. “Maybe you
    could use one of these,” Nuve taunts
    him while waving his metal hand.
    Slowly Seamus starts to pick the
    pieces of antler out of his arm and
    chest. Each one feels more painful
    coming out than going in. Suddenly
    the remaining shards start to sink
    into his skin, causing him to bite his
    tongue to keep from screaming in
    agony. “What’s going on?” Nuve is
    extremely disturbed.
    He and Row continue to watch from
    a distance as what remains of Arma
    Venture digs its way into Seamus’s
    flesh. They can almost see the
    bumps in his skin as it travels up
    his arms and into his face. Seamus
    grabs his head and screams as two
    small horns poke out of his
    forehead. “What in god’s name are
    you?” Nuve’s arm falls limply at his
    side as he stares in awe.
    Seamus’s eyes start to glow silver
    as the blood pouring from his stump
    increases. Eventually it starts to
    solidify. Finally it starts to morph
    into the shape of a new hand. Nuve
    draws a W across his chest with is
    left index finger, a popular symbol
    used when praying to the demigod
    Wan. Slowly the horns protruding
    from Seamus’s forehead retreat
    back under his skin, allowing the
    wounds they created to heal over as
    Nuve is at an utter loss. “What has
    become of the Golden Clairvoyant
    and the Silver Shape Shifter?” he
    “I am both of them,” Seamus
    manages to answer despite being
    hoarse from screaming.
    “Blasphemy,” Nuve whispers.
    “I am your god,” Seamus raises his
    “Heresy.” Nuve shakes his head.
    “You are a usurper. You have stolen
    those powers. You are not a god;
    you are a pretender. You are…”
    “Enough!” Seamus shouts as his
    eyes flare yellow. Nuve falls silent
    immediately, completely transfixed.
    “We are not your enemies, ghoul
    hunter. You will not attack us
    “Understood.” Nuve nods dizzily.
    “I will be taking your horse,”
    Seamus adds after a moment.
    “No, not Adrial,” Nuve snaps out of
    his daze.
    “What?” Seamus is too surprised to
    “Adrial was a gift from a farmer I
    once saved. I asked for his
    daughter’s hand but he wouldn’t
    hear of it. This was the only thing he
    would offer.”
    “What’s happening?” Seamus turns
    to Row for answers as he always
    “You’re not Lodar. You can’t control
    Arma Venture the same way; not
    mention it’s been shattered into a
    dozen tiny pieces. You control other
    people by dominating their mind
    with your own. If his thoughts are
    stronger than yours, then he’ll
    maintain control.”
    “But thoughts of his horse?”
    Seamus is skeptical.
    “He must have strong feelings about
    it.” Row shrugs. “Quick, try to lead
    him away from the topic before…”
    “You!” Nuve interrupts her. “What
    did you do to me?”
    “Easy now, ghoul hunter.” Seamus
    raises his hands, trying to calm
    “Wait a moment, why are we
    fighting?” Nuve glances around at
    the destruction they have caused in
    the wake of their skirmish.
    “Well…” Seamus tries to think of a
    way to answer.
    “We’re not enemies,” Nuve sputters.
    “You aren’t ghouls.”
    “I think some of what you said got
    through to him,” Row shouts
    “So you’re not trying to kill me
    anymore?” Seamus confirms.
    “Um, no.” Nuve stares at him like he
    said something unbelievable.
    “I can’t believe it.” Row laughs while
    running out from her cover and
    leaping into Seamus’s arms.
    “Ouch,” he groans as he tries to hold
    her weight.
    “Oh, sorry. Are you still hurting?”
    “Changing my form does nothing for
    the pain, unfortunately,” he answers.
    “I’m actually left with a lot of
    phantom feelings when it happens.”
    “I’ll get you some ice and water,”
    Row offers while leaping down to
    the ground again.
    “And what about you?” Seamus
    turns his attention back to Nuve.
    “I… I’ll be dealing with the ghouls
    outside the village,” he answers in
    an unsure tone.
    “Good, that sounds good.” Seamus
    nods approvingly. “I just need…
    need a moment to rest.” He falls
    face forward on the ground.
    “Seamus!” Row shouts while
    kneeling down next to him.
    “Seamus, you’ve used too much
    energy. I warned you about this.” He
    seems unable to respond though.
    “Come one, let’s get him up.” Nuve
    lifts him up onto his shoulder. Row
    stares at him in bewilderment. The
    man who only a moment ago was
    trying to destroy them is acting like
    an ally. She can’t help but feel
    extremely lucky that Seamus
    managed to at least insert that one
    thought into his head. It has
    completely drained him though.
    Despite having the power of two
    gods inside him, he is barely able to
    even access the potential they hold.
    Wan’s power to heal any wound is
    useless if it almost kills him in the
    Nuve is sitting alone at the bar of
    the inn, trying to wrap his head
    around the fight he just had with
    Seamus. With Arma Venture forcing
    him to believe they are not enemies,
    everything he figured out about Row
    has been suppressed. He does not
    even remember that she is a
    bloodsucker. “Another round?” the
    innkeeper asks while hovering a
    bottle of mead over his empty
    “No, I’m done.” Nuve turns the mug
    upside-down. He has only just
    turned sixteen and has not been old
    enough to drink for very long. He is
    not used to it at all.
    “So… I can’t help but notice that my
    two special guests are still here.”
    The innkeeper points at the ceiling.
    Presumably Seamus’s and Row’s
    room is directly above them.
    “And?” Nuve stares at him blankly.
    “Well… I just thought… weren’t you
    going to handle them for us?” The
    innkeeper stares at him in
    “Why would I do that?” Nuve is
    unable to recall anything due to
    Arma Venture’s control.
    “Never mind then.” The innkeeper
    raises his hands innocently. He can
    tell that something has happened
    and he has no intention of sticking
    his nose in any deeper. “It’s a good
    thing I sent a summons to Wan
    though, isn’t it?” he laughs while
    rubbing his nose proudly.
    “You what?” Nuve leaps to his feet,
    letting his stool fall backwards.
    “Yeah, I didn’t just send for a ghoul
    hunter. No, no, I sent for the real
    deal. A letter should have arrived at
    the Dust Pail Pub just about the
    same time you got yours.”
    “But, but, but,” Nuve sputters at him
    stupidly. Arma Venture is blocking
    his memory but he is almost
    positive Wan will not be able to
    answer the summons.
    “He should be arriving any second
    now.” The innkeeper peeks out his
    front window to check the street.
    “Ah, speak of the devil.” He pulls the
    curtain aside to reveal a tall and
    slender figure tethering his horse to
    the post outside the inn. “Welcome,
    my lord.” He bows to the man as he
    “Evening,” the man responds in a
    deep authoritative voice. “Is this the
    village of Quess?”
    “It sure is.” The innkeeper pulls out
    a new stool for him to sit. “You
    must be the demigod Wan; it’s a
    pleasure to meet you.” He tries to
    shake the man’s hand.
    “He’s not,” Nuve whispers.
    “No, I’m afraid not.” The man
    shakes his head solemnly. “I am
    known as Husk, the Bronze
    “Where is Wan?” Nuve interrupts
    “I don’t know,” he admits. “We the
    nine have had no contact with him
    in over five years. He has failed to
    answer any summons and has not
    made contact with any of us. All five
    of his most trusted vassals have
    disappeared as well. We fear the
    “I see.” Nuve stares down at his
    “Regardless, it’s been a while.”
    Husk slaps him on the back. “What
    have you been up to, boy?”
    “I have a name, you know,” Nuve
    “I know, I know. It’s, umm… what
    was it again?” Husk averts his eyes
    in thought.
    “It’s Nuve,” the hunter loses his
    patience. “We met in Palinthia
    almost five years ago.”
    “Yeah, but you were only a boy,”
    Husk defends himself. “I honestly
    thought you’d have become a
    vassal of another demigod by now,
    “I tried,” Nuve sighs. “I really did.”
    “I can see that.” Husk frowns at his
    metal arm. “I’m really sorry.”
    “I don’t need your pity,” Nuve
    grumbles. “I need answers; where’s
    “Like I said, he’s been quiet for far
    too long. I’ve been keeping an eye
    on this area in his stead. For that
    matter, I noticed an unusual amount
    of ghouls in the forest when I
    arrived. They seem to be planning
    something. Are you sure this town is
    “No, no it’s not,” the innkeeper
    interrupts them. “We’ve been
    attacked by spirits and
    bloodsuckers and ghouls night after
    night. It’s horrible. You need to help
    us, Mr. Husk, I beg of you.”
    “If you can afford the protection fee,
    then I’m all yours.” Husk grins at
    him kindly. He is a tall man with a
    slender yet not scrawny frame. His
    beard is short and dark as is his hair
    and his skin is rough and pink. He
    looks like a weathered soldier of
    “We don’t need you,” Nuve mutters
    while flipping his tanker over again.
    “What was that?” Husk cups his ear.
    “I’ve got it handled. I don’t need
    your help,” Nuve answers.
    “Either way, I think I’ll stick around
    for the night, just in case.” Husk
    pats his shoulder condescendingly.
    He does not seem to trust Nuve in
    the slightest.
    “Do as you like.” Nuve stands to
    leave the bar, spinning around on
    his heels and stomping up the stairs
    to his room.
    “What’s wrong with him?” the
    innkeeper asks while crossing his
    arms in annoyance.
    “His father was turned into a ghoul
    when he was ten,” Husk answers
    calmly, startling the innkeeper.
    “I didn’t realize…”
    “He didn’t see him again for a whole
    year while he survived in the
    woods,” Husk continues. “When he
    returned to Palinthia, he attacked
    and killed the boy’s mother. Wan
    and I killed the creature right in front
    of him.”
    “Wow.” The innkeeper’s eyes are
    wide with awe. “That’s not
    something any child should ever
    have to see.”
    “No it’s not,” Husk agrees. “He’s
    strong though. Rather than being
    upset, he channeled his sadness
    into resolve. He began to train with
    the intention of becoming a vassal
    of Wan one day.”
    “Wan? Why not you?” the innkeeper
    “Because I wouldn’t have him,”
    Husk sighs. “It’s nothing personal. I
    don’t have any vassals anymore.”
    “Why not?” The innkeeper is
    completely absorbed in his story.
    “They kept dying and leaving me
    behind,” Husk admits. A look of guilt
    spreads across the innkeeper’s face.
    “I work better alone,” Husk assures
    him. “I don’t need unreliable people
    getting in my way.” He is obviously
    masking his regret with harsh
    The innkeeper does not say anything
    though. He has already done
    enough harm by drudging up these
    memories of Husk’s. “Have
    whatever you want, on the house,”
    he offers.
    “Thank you.” Husk manages
    another kind smile.

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    Thanks alot mr kruz

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    Next. This story is like a film

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    please can u send me d link fr the forbidden season 3

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    WOw, at last

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    Mr Kruzz,pls kindly post the next episode


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