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    Book 11, Necropolis of the Gods – Chapter 10: Moving Cautiously
    After the human experts and the magical beasts experts entered the Necropolis of the Gods, the High Priest finally spoke.
    “Lord Beirut?” The High Priest looked at Beirut. “If that Bebe encounters the divine beast, ‘Ba-Serpent’, what then?”
    Perhaps Beirut didn’t give a d--n about the lives of the others, but he definitely cared about Bebe. And, in the Necropolis of the Gods, even Beirut wouldn’t be able to save them. The High Priest was confused…why did Beirut dare to do such a thing!
    Beirut laughed. “It’s fine. Bebe won’t encounter the Ba-Serpent. Because…he took the right tunnel.”
    “Lord Beirut, what are you saying?” Cesar’s face changed.
    Beirut laughed calmly and nodded. “Just now, when I opened the tunnels, I did a quick investigation. The Ba-Serpent is in the area of the left tunnel, and it is beneath the fifth floor…thus, I had the magical beast Saints enter the right tunnel.”
    The High Priest, War God, Dylin, and Cesar all sighed secretly.
    “Then Linley…” Cesar said in a quiet voice.
    Beirut said calmly, “I hope his luck is good. I can’t always protect them. They made the decision for themselves to enter the Necropolis of the Gods. Enough. Let’s go. We’ll come again in ten years.” Beirut immediately turned and flew out from the tunnel they came in from.
    The High Priest, the War God, and the others all hurried after him.
    The dark, gloomy tunnel was ‘lit’ by black light. The group of experts entered the tunnel. The waters of the deep sea weren’t able to enter this tunnel at all. Fain and Linley walked side by side.
    “Linley, remember. If you encounter anything dangerous, the safest thing you can do is retreat to a lower floor.” Fain was giving Linley the benefit of his experience. “Every single layer here has a large amount of terrifying creatures or undead, but they remain on their own floor.”
    Linley nodded slightly.
    “Also. No matter what, do not release your spiritual energy in the Necropolis of the Gods.” Fain said solemnly. “If your spiritual energy draws the attention of some creatures, they will quickly discover your presence.”
    “I know.” In a dangerous place like this, actively releasing his spiritual energy was telling all the creatures and undead of this floor his location. That was as good as looking for death.
    Linley said questioningly, “Fain, the Necropolis of the Gods is built with so many types of creatures on each floor…I have the feeling that someone built it on purpose.” It was simply too bizarre. After all, if many Deities had died here, it should have been a chaotic place.
    But instead, it looked indeed like an enormous necropolis.
    “From what Master said, Lord Beirut had told him once before that this Necropolis of the Gods is actually nothing more than a Sovereign’s game.” Fain laughed bitterly.
    “A Sovereign’s game?” Linley was stunned.
    But then, Linley immediately understood. “That Hodan had said that in the Higher Planes, there are trillions upon trillions of Deities, but there are only seven of each type of Sovereign. Sovereigns sit on high, far above the Deities. One must have sent his subordinates to construct a necropolis for the corpses of many dead gods, and then intentionally allow Saint-level experts or perhaps Deity-level experts to enter here and seek treasure.” Linley felt a sense of helplessness.
    Sovereigns were far and above their level.
    All of them, including the High Priest, the War God, and the other Demigods were nothing more than a tiny chess piece in this game to the Sovereign.
    “Perhaps the Sovereign would actually find some amusement in watching us fight for our lives.” Fain sighed.
    Linley understood. The Sovereigns were far above them, looking down and watching as they struggled, much like how when he was young, him and the other children watched the ants on the ground.
    All of them, including the High Priest and the War God, were nothing more than ‘ants’ in the eyes of the Sovereigns. Perhaps even the seemingly powerful Beirut, in the eyes of the high Sovereigns, was nothing more than a rather large ant.
    “Regardless, the chance we have here to seize a divine spark is far greater than the chance we would have in the Higher Planes.” Fain sighed deeply.
    Linley sighed deeply as well.
    It was time to prepare to fight.
    “If I can get a divine spark, even if I don’t use it, I can give it to Delia.” Linley deeply treasured Delia. He had left and would be gone for ten years, but she hadn’t said a single word of complaint. He truly felt lucky to have been able to marry such a wife, who always thought about him first and foremost.
    “Everyone, we’ve reached the end of the tunnel.” A callous middle-aged man who wore a turban on his head said loudly. “If we continue forward, we will be at the first floor. Remember. Don’t be too greedy. You dying isn’t a big deal, but don’t drag down others with you.”
    After speaking, the turban-wearing man walked out of the tunnel.
    This person was one of the Five Prime Saints, the number one expert of the great plains of the far east, the War Saint Tulily.
    Behind him, one Saint after another exited the tunnel.
    “Who knows what will be on the first floor. We better not encounter that terrifying Deity-level ‘Ba-Serpent’ magical beast on the very first floor.” Linley stared at the pitch-black end of the tunnel, then stepped through it. Instantly, the world spun and the environment changed.
    “Whooooooooooooosh.” A wild wind was blowing desolately, and yellow sand was flying everywhere.
    This was an extremely desolate desert world, and the wild wind blasted the yellow sand everywhere, causing the entire world to seem blurry. The heat waves here caused the air itself to distort as well.
    “There’s magical beasts over there.” Linley could clearly tell that off in the distance, there was a ferocious, three-horned magical beast that was hundreds of meters tall, which was currently roaring with anger. Its entire body was covered with a metallic shine, and its fierce fangs were dripping with some sort of liquid. “This magical beast appears to be quite formidable.”
    Linley was secretly surprised, and he immediately transformed into his Dragonblood Warrior form.
    In a place like this, he didn’t dare to be incautious.
    “Hrm?” Linley suddenly realized that a great deal of sand was being blown by the wind through the body of that ‘ferocious magical beast’. Soon, the ferocious magical beast disappeared from view.
    “Mirage?” Linley began to understand.
    Many of the Saints were inspecting their surroundings carefully upon entering this place, and then quickly were beginning to fly in search of the passageway to the second floor.
    “Where’s Barker?” Linley hadn’t discovered Barker yet. “This d--n place. There’s sand everywhere, the air is distorted, and mirages constantly appear. I can’t even see anyone clearly.” Linley secretly cursed. Aside from a few of the nearer Saints, whom he could make out clearly, he couldn’t see any of the other Saints at all.
    Linley didn’t waste any more time thinking, and he immediately flew out as well.
    “Linley.” Suddenly, someone drew near Linley.
    Linley looked at him. This was the fifth personal disciple of the War God, Eddins [Yi’deng’si]. Eddins reminded him, “Linley, remember, this d--n place is filled with mirages that are hard to tell apart from reality. They are truly irritating. Don’t stay in one place. What you need to do is run everywhere and search for that gateway to the second floor. If you stay in this place and waste too much time, it’s possible that trouble will find you.”
    After speaking, Eddins immediately flew away by himself at high speed.
    The scorching waves of gas caused the air itself to distort. Soon, Linley could no longer see Eddins any longer.
    “I can only do what Eddins recommended.” Linley immediately began flying everywhere, searching for that gateway to the second floor. The most common life form here in this desert was an enormous cactus. As for creatures…he didn’t even see one.
    Linley flew in the air while carefully inspecting all of his surroundings, searching for that gateway.
    “Swish!” A flash of light suddenly shot out from beneath the yellow sands, shooting directly towards Linley. Linley’s iron-whip-like draconic tail struck at it lightning fast, and with a ‘whap’ sound, the ray of light was immediately shattered and broken.
    Immediately afterwards, six skeletons whose entire bodies were covered with a diamond aura emerged from the yellow sand at high speed.
    “Draconian, obediently give us your corpse, and we’ll give you a clean death.” One of the six Saint-level undead spoke out, his eyes-sockets filled with two lively balls of fire. The six Saint-level skeletons surrounded Linley, their weapons at the ready.
    Linley looked at the six Saint-level undead.
    “Draconian?” Linley glanced at them out of the corner of his eyes. “You think I am…” Halfway through Linley’s words, the various weapons in the hands of these Saint-level undead, such as a skeletal sickle and a skeletal spear, simultaneously struck out at Linley.
    The air immediately howled piercingly. The combination attack of these six Saint-level undead couldn’t be looked down upon.
    But suddenly, countless flashes of violet light appeared, and with a metallic clanging sound, the six Saint-level undead found themselves being knocked backwards.
    “Oh? They didn’t die?” Linley noticed that these six Saint-level skeletons only had some superficial scars on their skeletal bodies, but hadn’t collapsed. Although the ‘Rippling Wind’ technique’s attacks were extremely fast and could produce countless strikes, its raw attack force truly wasn’t very high.
    The devilish purple light flashed yet again.
    The six Saint-level skeletons didn’t hesitate at all. With a howl, they immediately tunneled back down into the sand.
    “Crunch!” “Crunch!” “Crunch!”
    Three of the Saint-level skeletons were broken in half by a chop, while the other three Saint-level skeletons managed to hide within the depths of the yellow sands.
    “They fled rather quickly.” Linley flew forward at high speed.
    After Linley left, those three bisected skeletons suddenly moved, immediately grabbing their other, severed half. To undead, as long as the fire of their spirits hadn’t been extinguished, they themselves wouldn’t die either. They absolutely could reconnect any of their broken or severed body parts.
    “Rustle.” Suddenly, multiple Saint-level skeletons came up from the sand, surrounding and slaughtering those three heavily-injured Saint-level skeletons, and then devouring the spiritual flame of the three.
    “That Draconian was terrifying.” One of the Saint-level skeletons raised his head, staring into the distance. “I wonder how long it will be before we collect enough corpses.” And then, those Saint-level skeletons immediately burrowed back down into the ground.
    Much as Linley had expected, as long as the divine beast, ‘Ba-Serpent’, wasn’t on this first floor, then this first floor held the least amount of danger, here in the Necropolis of the Gods. Linley disposed of a few Saint-level skeletons that had rashly tried to kill him before finally finding the stairs to the second floor.
    He climbed up the stairs.
    The second floor of the Necropolis of the Gods was a jungle world. Dense foliage and brambles were everywhere, making it very hard to see any dangers that might be present here.
    “There are no illusions here, but I need to be wary of ambushes.” Linley’s battle-qi had already formed his Pulseguard Defense, and he held Bloodviolet at the ready, heading into this jungle world at high speed. But suddenly, Linley came to a halt and stared into the distance.
    A human Saint had appeared, not too far away.
    “Him?” Linley let out a secret sigh of relief. Although Linley didn’t know the names of many of the human Saints, Linley still memorized what they looked like.
    Linley began to fly again, but the trees of this jungle world reached all the way to the top of this level, and they were so dense that they completely blocked one’s field of vision.
    Linley didn’t notice that a green little snake the size of a finger was coiled on the leaf of a tree. Its coloration was identical to that of the leaf, and Linley, flying through the jungle at such a high speed, didn’t notice it at all. But that green little snake’s eyes were filled with an icy glare as it stared below at Linley.
    As fast as lightning, the little green snake the size of a finger shot out towards Linley, biting towards Linley’s neck.
    “Hrm?” Linley’s face instantly changed. His Pulseguard Defense had actually been instantly penetrated 70% of the way through. The power of this attack was truly too terrifying. If a slightly weaker expert had encountered this little green snake, he probably would have died immediately.
    “Swish!” The devilish purple light flashed, and spacetime suddenly froze, then began to fold on itself. Even as the little green snake was crying out, Bloodviolet chopped down on its body.
    Profound Truths of the Wind – Tempos of the Wind, level two!
    “Whap!” The little green snake was chopped in two. Afterwards, the two halves suddenly expanded in size, immediately transforming into an enormous green serpent that was over a hundred meters long and as thick as a water barrel. The corpse of the giant serpent fell to the ground.
    Linley took a deep breath. “Saint-level snake-type magical beast, but of a type which doesn’t exist in the Yulan continent.” Linley glanced down at the corpse on the ground. “It’s a good thing that I Dragonformed, resulting in my battle-qi increasing significantly. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to take that hit.”
    Only now did Linley realize why both Beirut and Fain had said that one had to be absolutely cautious here.
    “Someone’s there?” Linley suddenly turned around to look.
    He saw a massive, three-meter tall monster fly over at high speed, but when he saw it, Linley laughed. This was the transformed Undying Warrior, Barker.
    “Lord Linley.” Barker flew over to him.
    “Earlier, I saw you from afar on the first level, but by the time I flew over, I couldn’t find you.” Barker arrived next to Linley and said resignedly.

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    Book 11, Necropolis of the Gods – Chapter 11: Plant Lifeforms
    “Not so loud.” Linley was extremely cautious. “See that massive green snake corpse down below?”
    Barker glanced down, then nodded. Linley said solemnly, “This massive green snake had transformed to the size of a finger and had hidden itself on a tree leaf. It suddenly ambushed me. If I had been too arrogant and hadn’t been in Dragonform already, my Pulseguard Defense in human form definitely wouldn’t have been able to take it, and I probably would’ve lost my life.”
    “That bad?” Barker couldn’t help but say in shock.
    Linley’s face was extremely grave. Staring at the surroundings, he said in a suppressed voice, “According to what Desri said, these three tunnels in the Yulan continent all lead to three different Necropolis of the Gods, and this is the most dangerous one. In the past, Desri and the others had hidden on the fifth floor and waited there until the ten years were up.”
    Barker clearly was rather shocked. “And to think I wanted to go to the eleventh floor.”
    “The eleventh floor? Desri didn’t even dare to go to the sixth floor, and you want to go to the eleventh floor?” Linley looked seriously at Barker. “Barker, don’t think that just because your defense is high that you can be rash. This damnable place has all sorts of creatures from different planes. There might be one that is perfectly suited for countering your abilities. If you aren’t careful, your life would be gone.”
    “Do you remember what Desri said? If we are just the slightest bit avaricious, we would be lucky to see ten of us survive, out of the eighty plus total.” Linley glanced at Barker. “If only ten were to survive, I expect that five of them would be the Five Prime Saints, as well as the others who had already come here. As for me, if I’m not careful, I might die here.”
    Hearing Linley’s words, Barker immediately grew much more cautious.
    After all, in terms of who would be able to survive, those who had come before naturally had a higher chance of survival. In addition, amongst the eighty plus experts, there were the likes of the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions and the terrifying magical beasts of the Forest of Darkness. When factoring in the human experts as well, there were definitely more than ten people who were as strong or stronger than Barker.
    “Let’s go.” Linley whispered.
    “Right.” Barker immediately followed Linley. The two of them travelled very carefully, Bloodviolet and the greataxe in their respective hands, prepared to do battle at all times.
    This actually made many of the powerful creatures in the forest decide not to attack them.
    “Lord Linley, in this place, there are far too many thistles and far too much foliage. We can’t even clearly tell which direction we are going in.” After flying for a long time, both of them grew impatient. From the outside, the Necropolis of the Gods had seemed to only be ten thousand meters long, but inside, the space had expanded so dramatically.
    Linley and the others could only stare in amazement at this.
    “Don’t worry. Be calm. Search calmly.” Linley whispered.
    Suddenly…“Ah!!!” A fierce, agonized scream could be heard from afar, and ravaged pieces of leaves blasted out from afar as well.
    Linley and Barker glanced at each other, then quietly moved towards the direction of the battle. Soon, the two discovered an astonishing sight; an enormous flower was wrapped itself around and ‘biting’ a Saint, like a massive mouth trying to devour something. The insides of the flower were quivering; clearly, the Saint inside was trying to fight back.
    But in just a few moments, the insides of the flower regained its normal calm.
    That Saint had died already.
    “Man-eating?” Linley couldn’t help but frown.
    In the Forest of Darkness, upon seeing that living, metallic castle, Linley had come to understand…that it wasn’t just humans and magical beasts which had life force. Even metals or plants could have intelligence, and sometimes were even more terrifying than humans.
    “Lord?” Barker said in a hushed voice.
    Linley gestured at him with his eyes. At this moment, Linley, too, had noticed…that some vines and thorns were slowly moving.
    “These rattan vines are alive. Most likely, there’s some plant lifeform that wishes to kill us.” Linley quirked his lips. Against plant-type creatures, using the adamantine heavy sword probably wouldn’t be very effective. After all, even if one demolished half of the plant, the other half would still be alive.
    But if one used a sharp, quick weapon such as Bloodviolet, the effect would be much better.
    “Rustle…” Suddenly, from afar, a rattan vine dozens of meters long suddenly shot out directly towards Linley and Barker, while at the same time, the vines wrapped around the various trees also left them, moving to surround Linley.
    The vines in the grass also shot out.
    In an instant…hundreds of rattan vines, thin or thick, covered the skies, attacking from above, from below, and from around them. Even the rattan vines in the mud snapped out. Linley and Barker had suddenly found themselves trapped within a prison of countless vines.
    The countless rattan vines formed a giant, ten-meter wide green rattan sphere.
    Linley and Barker were within that giant sphere.
    “This will be troublesome.” Linley tried to use his arms to push apart the rattan vines that were wrapped around him, but the rattan vines were extremely soft and pliable. They only bulged outward slightly. Raw strength alone simply wasn’t capable of breaking through this rattan vine cage. In addition, Linley had the sense that countless sharp needles were piercing out at his entire body from those rattan vines.
    Although his ‘Pulseguard Defense’ was able to take it, his battle-qi was beginning to deplete at a rapid pace.
    “Lord, I’m unable to break free.” Barker was frantic as well. He wanted to wield his greataxe, but the large number of rattan vines surrounding his arms made it impossible for him to wield it. The elasticity and endurance of those vines was simply terrifying. “Lord, what should we do?”
    Barker was frantic.
    Although he was powerful, the life force of these enormous rattan vines was even greater.
    “Haha, the two of you, accept your death. After killing the two of you, I will kill three more, and then I’ll have enough corpses. Once I offer the corpses to his Lordship, I will also become a Deity. Don’t resist. You aren’t able to resist. The strength of you humans can’t possibly match mine.” A thin, wild voice echoed from within this rattan cage.
    “Enough corpses?” Linley was shocked.
    He was beginning to understand why all of these creatures in the Necropolis of the Gods wanted to kill them.
    “Die.” That thin, sharp voice rang out again.
    Linley sensed a terrifying force coming at him through the rattan vines. Every single one of the vines was exceedingly strong, and right now, hundreds or perhaps a thousand of them were exerting force at the same time. Even Linley and Barker felt themselves to be under tremendous pressure.
    The large number of vines coiling around Linley had caused his arms, legs, and draconic tail to be bound. Even when using all of his raw strength, he was only able to move slightly.
    “You want to kill the two of us?” Linley laughed coldly, and then with a flick of his wrist…
    A devilish purple light immediately flashed. Under the attack of the ‘Tempos of the Wind’, wherever Bloodviolet passed by, rattan vines immediately split apart. Linley’s Bloodviolet sword quickly transformed into a blur, and countless vines split apart. A desolate, miserable cry could be heard.
    Those remaining, unbroken vines quickly fled at high speed.
    Soon, those undamaged vines disappeared, while the shattered vines lay there on the floor, but continued to twitch as though they were living tentacles.
    “Hrmph.” Linley stared at his surroundings.
    Linley was searching for the core of that plant life-form. And soon, Linley discovered some tiny tracks, but as he did, Linley could only shake his head and sigh. “This fellow’s main body is actually hidden under the ground. Killing him will be troublesome.”
    Barker still felt some fear. “Lord Linley, if I were by myself and encountered this rattan life form, what could I have done? Bloodviolet is small and easy to use with but a flick of the wrist, but my greataxe is different. If I had to wield it with just my wrist, the attack power would have been weak and I wouldn’t be able to break apart those rattan vines.”
    Linley nodded slightly.
    Barker had huge strength and strong defense, and his greataxe was used for powerful chopping blows. But just then, with his entire body wrapped around by vines and his arms unable to move, it would have been very hard for him to break through the vines.
    “Against this sort of plant life-forms, brute strength is far inferior to sharp weapons.” Linley glanced at Barker.
    “The main problem is that your understanding of the Laws is not very high. Even empty-handed, I could use the ‘Tempos of the Wind’ technique and use the edge of my hand to chop apart those rattan vines. Using the ‘Profound Truths of the Earth’ would also be sufficient to disintegrate those rattans.” Linley reminded Barker, “In the Yulan continent, it is fine for you to rely on your great strength and your mighty defense, but if you are to encounter any creatures with strange powers, you would really be in trouble.”
    “Right.” Barker firmly took this lesson to heart.
    “Let’s go.” Linley said.
    But after the two had flown only a few dozen meters away, Linley suddenly turned and charged towards the ground as fast as a thunderbolt. He smashed down with his right hand like a heavy mace and delivered a vicious blow to the ground. The entire world seemed to tremble slightly.
    Profound Truths of the Earth – Throbbing Pulse of the World, 128 Layered Waves
    This was Linley’s current limit, and it was far more powerful than his previous 256 layered waves.
    “Ah!” A miserable cry could be heard from underground.
    “Hrmph. You are fortunate to not die.” Linley quickly flew up again. “Barker, let’s go.”
    When the rattan vines had fled, Linley had actually been able to more or less calculate the general location of the rattan life-form beneath the ground. But this was just a general area. As Linley saw it…this rattan life-form’s main body was undoubtedly huge.
    Linley predicted where it probably was, and then delivered the ‘Profound Truths of the Earth’ into the center of that area.
    “Although I am not able to attack the heart of the creature, I should still be able to attack the general location it is in.” Linley had thought to himself. Indeed, as he had predicted, although he hadn’t struck the creature’s core and the rattan life-form had been lucky enough to survive, Linley still had caused it great harm.
    Soon after their battle against the rattan life-form, Linley and Barker found where the second gateway was hidden. It was a set of stair surrounded by a large amount of vegetation. Linley and Barker climbed directly up the stairs, finally arriving at the entrance to the third floor.
    “Be careful. Every single floor potentially has the divine beast, ‘Ba-Serpent’, within it. You cannot be too rash.” Linley reminded Barker.
    “I know. If we discover the Ba-Serpent, I won’t even say a word.” Barker nodded.
    Linley and Barker then headed directly into the third floor. Upon entering it, Linley and Barker both couldn’t help but shiver. It was too cold. This sort of cold, Linley and Barker had never felt before.
    This was a world of ice.
    Icebergs dotted the landscape like mountain ranges, and a large amount of white energy was flowing everywhere. When that white energy drew near them, Linley and Barker couldn’t help but shiver yet again.
    “How can it be so cold?” Linley was secretly shocked. “I have both my Pulseguard Defense and my draconic scales, but I still feel cold. This is monstrous.”
    But although both Linley and Barker thought this, they didn’t dare to make a sound. Before fully ascertaining whether or not this floor contained the divine beast, ‘Ba-Serpent’, the two wouldn’t dare to make any noise at all. Linley and Barker flew carefully.
    “It is Eddins.” Linley saw the Saint from not too far away. Right now, Eddins was currently flying carefully with two other Saints.
    When Linley and Barker drew near them, Eddins seemed to have noticed Linley as well, and he hurriedly gestured at Linley with his eyes.
    “What is it?” Linley was secretly surprised.
    Eddins’ glance clearly conveyed that he was worried, while at the same time, he pointed in a certain direction.
    Linley immediately looked towards the direction which Eddins was pointing at, and he saw what looked like a serpentine creature, covered with green scales. It was over ten meters thick, and as for length…Linley was only able to see a few dozen meters of its length. The rest of it was blocked off by the various icebergs.
    “Could that be the Ba-Serpent?” Linley’s heart shook.
    Barker was astonished as well. He shared a glance with Linley, and they both flew cautiously and quietly. It wasn’t just them; Eddins and the other two Saints didn’t dare to make any noise at all either, afraid that they might awaken the terrifying divine beast, the Ba-Serpent.
    After flying for a while, Linley was able to see the main part of the Ba-Serpent’s body.
    The body of the Ba-Serpent was actually wrapped around a mountain-like iceberg, and one couldn’t see the end of its body. But the part wrapped around the iceberg alone had to be thousands of meters long. This was the physically largest magical beast which Linley had ever witnessed in his life. Normal magical beasts were at most a hundred meters long or so.
    But the visible portion of this Ba-Serpent was already thousands of meters long.
    “Could it be that it is over ten thousand meters long?” Linley, Barker, and the others continued to fly about in search of the next gateway. Linley saw that from behind, more experts had entered the third floor as well. “I hope these people won’t awaken the Ba-Serpent. If we get dragged down by them somehow, that would be disastrous.”
    There were now quite a few experts on the third floor. If a single one of them made noise, all of them would be doomed.
    “The head of the Ba-Serpent.” Linley saw from afar a massive serpentine head, at least twenty meters high. The Ba-Serpent’s eyes were closed. Its breathing wasn’t very loud, but in the silent atmosphere of the third floor, Linley and the others could make it out very clearly.
    When the Ba-Serpent was asleep, it would constantly emit puffs of black gas from its mouth. The black gas scattered towards the surrounding area like the wind, and whenever the black gas touched the nearby icebergs, the icebergs would immediately crumble into ground ice dust.

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    Book 11, Necropolis of the Gods – Chapter 12: The Ba-Serpent Awakens?
    On the third floor of the Necropolis of the Gods, all the Saints were moving with the utmost of caution, not daring to make a single sound for fear of startling awake this slumbering, terrifying creature…the Ba-Serpent. In the entire third floor, the only sound was the soft, quiet snores of the slumbering Ba-Serpent.
    “Whoosh. Hiss. Whoosh. Hiss.”
    With each breath the Ba-Serpent took, scattered pieces of ice nearby were drawn into its mouth. Whenever it exhaled, black gas came flowing out.
    “Fortunately, there are no other creatures on this third floor aside from the Ba-Serpent.” Linley cast a glance at the distant Ba-Serpent.
    The ten-kilometer long scale-covered body of the Ba-Serpent, wrapped around that massive iceberg, had a massive head that was the height of a building with six or seven floors. From its closed eyelids came flashes of metallic, steel-like light. The feeling those dim flashes of light gave off alone made many Saints feel terror in their hearts.
    After searching for a long time.
    “Where is the passageway to the fourth floor?” Linley was growing somewhat impatient.
    Not just Linley. The other experts on the third floor were growing frantic as well. If they were forced to stay on the first or second floor for ten days or a month, they wouldn’t be too afraid, but this was the third floor. Even a few hours were difficult to bear.
    If anyone made any loud sounds, this Ba-Serpent would definitely wake up.
    Even if it didn’t wake up from noise, the Ba-Serpent might wake up on its own. If they just so happened to be here while the Ba-Serpent was awake, then the Saints wouldn’t even have the chance to cry before dying.
    “There are more and more people arriving on the third floor now. There’s over thirty, I wager.” Linley turned back and glanced. Those experts that had been on the first or second floor were all all making their way to the third floor now. Nobody in the third floor had found the fourth floor entrance yet.
    Naturally, the population in the third floor was continuing to increase.
    Although the Ba-Serpent’s breathing wasn’t very loud, it still struck at each person’s heart like a hammer.
    “Desri, Tulily, and Fain came in first, but I haven’t seen them yet.” Linley carefully moved past a flow of black gas, which brushed against a nearby iceberg. The iceberg immediately transformed into powder.
    The black gas which the Ba-Serpent exhaled was not to be touched.
    “Desri and the others are experienced. Most likely, they have already found the entrance and have gone to the fourth floor already.” Linley understood that while he had been searching for the gateway in the first floor, Desri and Fain probably had already begun moving up into the higher floors.
    There was nothing for it. They had the benefit of experience.
    A person drew near. It was Eddins. Linley looked questioningly at Eddins.
    Eddins used a finger to point towards another direction, then a second direction, indicating that several of them would search in the first direction, while Linley and Barker were to search in the other direction.
    Linley nodded.
    Eddins smiled, and then flew in the first direction with the other two Saints. Linley and Barker exchanged a glance, knowing what the other was thinking. They flew in the second direction. What mattered right now was finding that gateway!
    Time passed, one minute at a time, one second at a time.
    The experts in the third floor became more and more in number. From what Linley understood, by now, there were around forty of them. After all, there were only sixty or so human Saints, while the magical beasts numbered nearly twenty. Desri and Fain had already entered the fourth floor.
    But if they continued to waste time like this, then the number of people here would naturally grow larger and larger.
    “Eddins.” Linley looked to the distant Eddins.
    Eddins and the other two shook their heads. Clearly, they hadn’t found the gateway. Linley also shook his head. Him and Barker had yet to find it either.
    Quite a few of the Saints who knew each other were exchanging messages through meaningful looks. Clearly, none of them had found the gateway. As time went on…Linley, Eddins, and the others grew more and more nervous. But this large group of people still couldn’t find the gateway.
    “Impossible.” Linley frowned. “This third floor is rather large, but with so many experts flying around searching for it, it’s impossible that we can’t find it.”
    “The only possible explanation is…”
    Linley looked towards the Ba-Serpent. “The passageway is next to the Ba-Serpent’s body!”
    Ever since arriving at the third floor, every single Saint, upon seeing the Ba-Serpent, immediately moved away from it in terror. None of them dared to go near it. First, the Ba-Serpent was too terrifying. And second…the Ba-Serpent was surrounded by a large amount of black gas.
    The power of that black gas was simply too great. Even those extremely tough icebergs crumbled into dust upon touching it.
    Nobody dared to go near the Ba-Serpent!
    “But precisely because no one dares to go near it, that’s why there’s a chance the gateway is there.” Linley nudged the nearby Barker, who looked questioningly at Linley.
    Linley pointed towards the Ba-Serpent, then gave Barker a meaningful look before flying directly towards the Ba-Serpent. Barker didn’t hesitate either, immediately following behind Linley. Soon, the two arrived close to the Ba-Serpent’s body.
    Many Saints saw Linley and Barker do this, and they frantically tried to signal them with their eyes, telling them to stay farther away.
    It wasn’t because these Saints felt worried about them. It was because they feared that Linley and Barker would awaken the Ba-Serpent, and cause the deaths of all the Saints present!
    “Now that we are fairly close to the Ba-Serpent, let’s begin flying alongside its body and try our best to search for the gateway.” Linley pulled Barker, not letting him go any closer to the Ba-Serpent, and then the two of them began to fly around the Ba-Serpent’s massive body, trying to search for that opening.
    They started from the safest area, near the tail of the serpent.
    Saints were very intelligent. Seeing Linley and Barker do this, many Saints suddenly understood. They, too, now guessed…that perhaps the opening was next to the Ba-Serpent’s body. Immediately, many other Saints drew near and began to carefully search as well.
    The Ba-Serpent moved. Its enormous body actually moved.
    “The Ba-Serpent woke up!” Linley’s face instantly turned ugly to behold. Barker’s face, as well, immediately turned pale, without a hint of color. The Saints that had been in the process of searching close to the Ba-Serpent’s massive body, in virtually the same instant, disappeared like locusts, flashing away from the Ba-Serpent’s vicinity.
    Without hesitating at all…
    Linley and Barker flew back at high speed to the entrance to the second floor. After all, right now, there was only two ways to escape. One was to return to the second floor through the gateway to the second floor. The other method was to immediately go to the fourth floor.
    Nobody knew where the fourth floor’s gateway was. Without any other options, they had to return to the second floor as fast as possible!
    “Quick, quick!” Linley was frantic. “We’re out of time!”
    At this moment, Linley’s mind suddenly flashed back to Delia, who was still waiting for him back at the Yulan continent, as well as his two children, Taylor and Sasha. Linley wasn’t the only one frightened; the other Saints were frightened as well.
    “Wait a second.” Linley suddenly halted.
    He had once more heard that sound of snoring, the sound of the Ba-Serpent’s snoring. After Linley halted, Barker flew a short while, realized Linley wasn’t flying, and turned back.
    “The Ba-Serpent didn’t wake up.” Linley was surprised.
    Linley wasn’t the only one to discover this. Many of the other fleeing Saints had discovered this as well. All of them began to fly back. If the Ba-Serpent really had woken up, how could it possibly have let them cross that long distance from its body to the opening as easily as that?
    Seeing that the Ba-Serpent was still slumbering, many Saints didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.
    Linley and Barker exchanged a glance, both grinning.
    “So it just rolled over in its sleep.” Linley could tell that the position of the Ba-Serpent’s body had moved slightly.
    Many Saints hesitated only a short while before once more drawing near the Ba-Serpent and once more searching carefully around it. In just a short period of time, a Saint discovered the location of the gateway. Linley and Barker could both clearly see seven Saints standing there in mid-air, staring at a location next to the Ba-Serpent’s head.
    “Could it be there?” Linley and Barker both flew over.
    The Ba-Serpent’s head was facing the cliff of that giant iceberg. The black breath of the Ba-Serpent was rapidly crumbling the cliff of the giant iceberg, revealing a passageway within it. The stairs were easy to spot.
    “So it is here. How terrible.” Linley and Barker shared a glance. They both had a terrible feeling.
    Just then, before the Ba-Serpent had turned over, the head of the Ba-Serpent had been resting against the other side. If they had found the tunnel then, they’d have to go close to the Ba-Serpent’s head, true, but it would be towards the back of the head. Linley and the others still would have been able to soundlessly sneak past.
    But now…
    The Ba-Serpent’s head was directly facing that passageway, and with each breath, that black gas blew towards the stairs. In addition, a large amount of black gas was still circulating around in that area.
    It would be very hard to reach the passageway to the fourth floor!
    “Right now, there’s only two ways we can enter the fourth floor.” Linley frowned. “The first is to rely on speed to dodge past the black gas and charge straight through to the stairs and enter the fourth floor quickly. The second method is…” Linley raised his head.
    This iceberg was enormous.
    Clearly, the stairs were continuing to the top.
    Linley expected that stairs ended somewhere in the middle of the iceberg mountain. They could drill a hole down through the iceberg mountain and directly reach the insides of the iceberg mountain, then look for the entrance to the fourth floor.
    “But drilling through the mountain would definitely create noise.” Linley was rather worried.
    Just as Linley was hesitating, two black shadows suddenly charged towards the black-energy shrouded entrance. Those two black shadows were very fast and agile. Despite the density of the black gas…one of the shadows was touched by the black gas, but the other made it onto the stairs.
    “Shadowshape Doppelganger Technique!” Linley said to himself.
    Just then, that person had relied on the Shadowshape Doppelganger Technique to risk his life and pass through the black gas blocking the stairs.
    “Can’t keep wasting time like this. If we keep wasting time, the Ba-Serpent will have breathed even more times and the black gas surrounding the tunnel will become even denser. Once it totally blocks off the entrance, then there won’t be any chance to go in at all.” Linley ground his teeth.
    He glanced at the nearby Barker, who nodded back at Linley.
    All of the forty-plus experts present understood that they couldn’t waste any more time. The more time they wasted, the less of a chance they would have.
    “Whoosh!” A flash of light suddenly sped towards the entrance at high speed. With but a flash, the person entered the tunnel. Yet another Saint had passed through and entered the fourth floor.
    Although the black gas was very dense and seemingly dangerous, all of the Saints present had their own consummate techniques, and thus still had a high chance of making it past.
    After two had made it past, the forty-plus remaining Saints all felt their confidence increase. Yet another Saints transformed into a blur and streaked towards the tunnel entrance. Linley recognized this Saint; it was the War God’s disciple, Eddins.
    Eddins was extremely fast, but suddenly, with a ‘puff’, Eddins was suddenly caught in a pincer by two flows of black gas. There was no way for him to dodge at all.
    The terrified Eddins opened his mouth, as though he wanted to let out a scream of pain, but he didn’t even have the chance to make a sound. The black gas surrounded him, and then he crumbled into tiny pieces. Not even his soul was left.
    “Eddins, he…” Linley’s heart contracted violently. This black gas was too terrifying.
    The faces of the forty-plus other Saints instantly turned pale. This black gas was too terrifying. Although they had guessed at how strong it was, they hadn’t imagined that just by touching it, even someone with Eddins’ power wouldn’t be able to withstand it for half a second. Even his soul had been destroyed.
    The mood was gloomier than ever before. On the third floor, only the Ba-Serpent’s slumbering snores could be heard.

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    Book 11, Necropolis of the Gods – Chapter 13: True Awakening! The Impending Calamity!
    What to do?
    All of the Saints were pondering this question. The situation was clear. That black gas couldn’t be touched at all. Touching it meant death.
    “Even Eddins wasn’t able to withstand it for even a moment. Perhaps even I wouldn’t be able to hold on for a second.” Linley knew very well that this divine beast, the ‘Ba-Serpent’, was a full God-level Deity. The gas it breathed out carried just the slightest hint of its power, but the power of a God, even just a hint of it…wasn’t something these Saints could withstand.
    Three people simultaneously charged towards the gateway to the second floor. Clearly, they wanted to return to the second floor.
    “Gave up?” Linley glanced at them.
    These people were returning to the second floor. Clearly, they were giving up this opportunity and preparing to stay on the second floor for the ten full years. After ten years, they would leave the Necropolis of the Gods.
    “Giving up means giving up all of the treasures of the Necropolis of the Gods as well, but they will at least have their lives.” Linley wasn’t able to determine if these people made the right choice or the wrong choice, but Linley himself didn’t wish to give up. Until the last moment came, he wouldn’t give up.
    Seeing the three leave, another five of the forty people present left as well, returning to the second floor.
    Only thirty or so people were now left on the third floor.
    “Swish.” A shadow flashed past, paying no mind to the black gas as it charged in. Clearly, this Saint was extremely nimble. He quite agilely dodged past the gas, and in the twinkling of an eye, ascended the stairs. Yet another expert had entered the fourth floor.
    But the next person, his face grim, who had charged out was suddenly surrounded by that randomly flowing black gas.
    “Whooosh.” The Ba-Serpent’s breathing continued unabated.
    The middle-aged man was transformed into crumbled bits, not even his soul remaining.
    All of the experts remaining had very solemn looks on their faces. They had a look of determination in their eyes. Yet another Saint charged down, but this one’s luck was very bad. It just so happened that several waves of black gas joined together and blocked off the entire passageway.
    He could only watch as the black gas surrounded him. Yet another man had died.
    “The longer we wait, the more black gas there will be in the passageway. There’s no pattern to the movements of the black gas. If I fly over just when the black gas is sealing off the gateway, then I’ll be finished.” Linley knew that this was no longer a matter of speed or agility. It was also a matter of luck.
    Linley glanced the nearby Barker.
    The two shared a look, then nodded.
    It was time to prepare to go down.
    “Whoooosh.” “Hisssss.”
    The Ba-Serpent continued to snore, and that sound was a sound which seemed to ring throughout this third floor. The atmosphere surrounding of the thirty remaining Saints, by contrast, seemed extremely grim and terrible. If one was unlucky, one’s soul would be destroyed and wouldn’t even have the chance to become a departed spirit in the Netherworld.
    “Swoosh!” The next person was that burly man Linley had sparred with, Clay. Clay moved like a bolt of lightning, going in an arced line towards the tunnel entrance. Clay was extremely lucky; he dodged all of the flows of black gas and strode onto the stairway.
    Clay had a hint of a smile on his face. He glanced back at the other Saints, then went up.
    “This is the moment.” Linley noticed that the black gas had revealed a fairly large opening, and immediately prepared to charge. But there was someone who was even faster than Linley, and charged down before Linley did, forcing Linley to come to a halt.
    Indeed, because the opening was fairly large, that Saint had managed to seize the opportunity to charge through.
    Just as that Saint was letting out a sigh of relief, he suddenly felt enormous pain. Lowering his head, he saw that an extremely thin current of black gas had wrapped around his right foot, and that his right foot had already transformed into powder.
    At the same time…
    Stretching up from his right foot, his entire right leg instantly disintegrated. By the time this Saint reacted to what was going on, his entire body below his chest had disintegrated.
    The feeling of his soul suffering extreme anguish caused this Saint to let out an uncontrollable scream of pain.
    “Ah!!!” A piercing, agonized howl pierced through the calm of the third floor.
    The pain he felt was so great that it was worse than being cut by ten million knives. The Saint didn’t want to make any noise, but he simply couldn’t endure it. He had never suffered pain like this before…
    The faces of all the Saints present instantly changed. No blood could be seen in their faces.
    They were finished!
    “Flee!” Someone let out a sudden, angry roar. By now, it no longer made a difference if they made any noise at all.
    The thirty-plus Saints were like a flock of terrified sheep as they wildly began to flee at their maximum speed.
    But with a terrifying rumbling sound, the ten-kilometer long body of the Ba-Serpent suddenly began to move, and as it did, the massive, tough iceberg mountain exploded into tiny pieces.
    The entire iceberg mountain shattered apart, revealing the passageway that had been hidden within it. The exit of that passageway….was like a little window hanging in mid-air.
    The exploding iceberg mountain carried with it an irresistible amount of force in the shards it sprayed everywhere. Many of the Saints were struck by the ice and knocked flying backwards while they vomited blood. Each piece of ice contained within it a terrifying amount of force.
    “Terrible.” Linley felt that he was like a soldier who was dodging an endless rain of arrows. Large pieces of crushed ice transformed into countless streaks of light, blasting in each directions.
    “Barker.” Linley’s face suddenly changed greatly.
    Barker’s dodging abilities weren’t comparable to Linley’s. He finally was struck by a large piece of ice.
    The ice itself wasn’t frightening. What was frightening was the enormous power with which it had been hurled out.
    “Bang.” The piece of ice shattered apart, knocking Barker backwards. Barker spat out a large mouthful of blood. “Lord, flee, hurry!” A weak voice escaped from Barker’s mouth.
    The apocalypse had descended upon the third floor.
    The previously slumbering Ba-Serpent’s metallic eyelids opened. His dark, enormous eyes which had a hint of blue in them swept the surrounding area with a glance.
    The Ba-Serpent had awoken!
    Just a casual movement of its body had contained such terrifying force. If the Ba-Serpent had truly been trying to kill these Saints just then, would any of them have been able to flee?
    “You want to go in?” The Ba-Serpent raised its head, staring at entrance to the fourth floor which was located above it.
    At this moment, someone was charging towards the entrance at high speed. Clearly…this person was trying to enter the fourth floor. If Linley raised his head to look, he would have seen that this was the Prodigy Sword Saint, Olivier. But he had been noticed by the Ba-Serpent.
    The Ba-Serpent’s eyes emitted two rays of dark blue light. Given the speed of these two rays of dark light, Olivier definitely would die.
    But suddenly, Olivier’s body was surrounded on one side by a cover of black battle-qi, and on the other side by a cover of white battle-qi. His speed suddenly tripled, and with a ‘hiss’ sound, his two severed legs fell down from the sky.
    But Olivier himself flew into the fourth floor.
    Those two rays of dark light originally should have pierced into Olivier’s chest, but Olivier’s sudden increase in speed caused these two rays of dark light to only strike his legs. Two holes had appeared in his legs, which had quickly began to grow at an appalling speed.
    But Olivier was very decisive.
    He had cut off his own two legs!
    If that Saint who had his foot brushed by black gas had known how powerful the black gas was and had immediately severed his leg, he might have been able to preserve his life.
    “None of you will escape.” The Ba-Serpent rose up, staring around itself.
    Right now, there were two Saints who had already reached the exit to the second floor, but just as they were about to enter, for no reason whatsoever, their bodies suddenly turned into ice, and then, like cracked ice, suddenly shattered into dozens of pieces.
    The other experts on the third floor now felt true despair.
    “That bastard dragged our entire group down.” Linley felt his heart tremble.
    Right, Linley was currently terrified!
    The Ba-Serpent hadn’t even moved, but two Saints who had already reached the entrance to the second floor had suddenly died. What technique had the Ba-Serpent used? Linley didn’t know. And this not knowing was what was so terrifying.
    “Perhaps in the next instant, I will be suddenly frozen as well.”
    “I don’t even know where Barker is right now.” Linley’s heart was filled with bitterness.
    Linley suddenly gritted his teeth.
    No time to worry about anything else. Even if he died, he’d die trying.
    Linley’s hands were currently wielding Bloodviolet and the adamantine heavy sword. Linley raised his head to stare at the entrance up high. At this moment, Linley was only a few thousand meters away from the entrance to the fourth floor. This sort of distance, Linley could cross in the blink of an eye.
    “Swish!” A human form shot towards the entrance to the fourth floor at high speed.
    But in mid-air, the Ba-Serpent’s eyes once more shot out with those two rays of dark light, piercing through the man’s head. Yet another Saint died.
    “Everyone, together…” A Saint didn’t even have the chance to finish his words before, just like that, he died.
    The Ba-Serpent’s eyes stared with amusement at the dead person. The Ba-Serpent wasn’t in a hurry to kill those people. He had just taken a long nap. Now that he was awakened, it would be somewhat diverting for him to play with these ants in front of him.
    “Swish!” “Swish!”
    Several human forms charged towards the skies. One of them was the Dragonformed Linley.
    From the Ba-Serpent’s eyes, each eye shot out four rays of dark light in succession. A total of eight rays of dark light suddenly shot out at the eight people, Linley included. The others were unable to do what Olivier had done and suddenly triple their speed.
    One human figure after another died in mid-air.
    One of the rays of blue light was striking towards Linley’s head. Linley felt a sort of dread in his heart. Without question…once he was struck by the blue light, he would definitely die. In the last instant, Linley suddenly brandished Bloodviolet.
    “Clang!” Linley moved like a flash of lightning, scurrying into the fourth floor’s entrance.
    Of the eight people present, seven died, one survived.
    “Eh?” The Ba-Serpent raised his head in a surprise glance, and then murmured softly, “Intriguing. I didn’t expect to find so many wonderful surprises amongst this group of humans. One of them was capable of simultaneously using the Laws of Darkness and Light, while this one…actually has such an incredibly precious divine artifact.”
    This was a world of snow, endless snow.
    Linley stood in the middle of the blizzard, panting. Even now, his heart was still gripped by fear. Just then…Linley had seen the cold, remorseless eyes of the Ba-Serpent as it had shot out those rays of dark light. The little bit of power he had gained from his understanding of the Laws, in front of such an attack, was nothing but a joke!
    What to do?
    “It saved my life.” Linley looked at the Bloodviolet sword in his hands. This was truly a divine artifact.
    Although the adamantine heavy sword was very tough, it still couldn’t be described as a divine artifact. Thus, in the last moment, Linley had chosen to use Bloodviolet to block that ray of dark light. Bloodviolet hadn’t disappointed Linley. When that ray of dark blue light had struck Bloodviolet, it only made Bloodviolet tremble once; it didn’t damage Bloodviolet at all.
    “The ray of dark blue light didn’t possess any impact force. What it only had was a strange devouring force.”
    Linley stared carefully at Bloodviolet. It was the same as it had always been. Linley knew that Bloodviolet was no ordinary weapon…because from that day when he had first activated its baleful aura, Linley had discovered those large amounts of corpses, many of which emanated an aura that surpassed that of living Saint-level magical beasts.
    This was the weapon of a Deity. As to whether Bloodviolet’s former owner was a Demigod, a full God, or a Highgod, Linley had no idea.
    But Linley believed that for this divine artifact shouldn’t be damaged so easily by the God-level Ba-Serpent’s attack.
    Linley had bet his life on it, and he had betted correctly. He had survived.
    “But Barker…” Linley looked back at the nearby entrance. Below the entrance was the third floor, and Barker was still there. Linley, however, wasn’t able to do anything. In front of the Ba-Serpent, he had no ability resist whatsoever.
    “I didn’t expect that you would survive as well.” A cold voice rang out from nearby.
    Linley turned to look.
    Olivier was currently sitting on the snowy ground, his twin leg stumps surrounded by an aura of white light. At the same time, they were quickly regrowing. By now, they had already regenerated to the knees.

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    Book 11, Necropolis of the Gods – Chapter 14: The World of Snow
    Olivier’s face was currently very pale. Just then, he had used all the power available to him, but the price of tripling his speed was not a low one. And with the loss of both his legs…Olivier was currently in very bad shape.
    “Why aren’t you leaving?” Olivier raised his head, staring at Linley.
    Linley just stood there, in no hurry to leave. He could tell that at present, Olivier’s strength had dropped dramatically. With his legs gone, Olivier’s movement ability in any battle with enemies would drop greatly as well. Although he could fly…flying while lacking two legs would make one’s agility drop by half.
    “Thank you.” After a long silence, Olivier said these two words. And then, he focused on healing his wounds.
    Linley’s heart was in great pain right now. He turned back to look at the third floor. “Barker…if Barker truly died, then if in the future, his wife Leena, their two kids, Gates, and the other brothers ask me…” Linley felt helpless.
    In front of the divine beast, Ba-Serpent, he had been lucky to even stay alive.
    There was no way Linley could have saved Barker at all.
    “I hope that Barker’s luck was as good as mine. Perhaps he will enter the fourth floor, or flee back to the second floor.” Linley stood there without moving, partially to help Olivier protect against any creatures from attacking him, and partially because he wanted to wait…
    Wait to see if Barker would come out into the fourth floor as well.
    After a long while…
    “I’m done.” Olivier stood up and glanced at Linley, not saying anything else. He immediately transformed into a blur as he flew high into the sky.
    Linley stood there for another half hour. In the end, he finally let out a long sigh before flying into the air as well.
    The frozen ground was blanketed with white snow, and it was also dotted with many large, proudly standing trees. The snow covered these trees with a layer of silver decoration. After flying for a while, Linley saw a familiar face. It was Clay, who had sparred with him at War God Mountain.
    “Linley.” Clay laughed as he flew over. “I thought that you had already…below…”
    “I just entered the fourth floor. The person after you let out a scream of pain, and the Ba-Serpent woke up.” Linley shook his head. “I was only lucky, but my good friend Barker…”
    Clay said consolingly, “Don’t be too sad. Soon after I entered the fourth floor, I discovered Olivier with his legs severed. From him, I learned that the Ba-Serpent had woken up. I thought that all of you had been killed by the Ba-Serpent. It’s already very lucky that you survived. Your friend would feel happy for you as well.”
    Linley nodded.
    The two flew side by side, and Clay cautioned, “Stop thinking about your friend. This fourth floor is extremely dangerous as well. If you are distracted and die as a result of it, that would be a terrible waste.”
    Linley suddenly came to himself. Taking a deep breath, he shook his head a few times. “Got it.”
    “Fain told me that in the past, they had retreated to the fifth floor. This Necropolis of the Gods has eighteen floors in total. In the top eleven floors, every five floors represents one ‘layer’. The first four floors aren’t too dangerous, while the fifth floor is actually the least dangerous of the entire layer.” Clay explained.
    Clay had been alive for much longer than Linley. He knew many more things as well.
    “Oh? The fifth floor is the safest of the first five floors?” Linley was surprised.
    “Right. From what Fain told me, according to the War God, every five floors is a layer. The danger from the first to the fifth floor is fairly average, while the sixth to the tenth floors are extremely dangerous. Even Fain could die at any time.” Clay reminded.
    Linley nodded. In the future, he would be extremely careful.
    “The sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth layers are all extremely dangerous. Compared to these four floors, the tenth floor is actually less dangerous by comparison.” Clay laughed.
    Linley memorized these words. This was all information which Fain had no doubt received from the War God.
    The War God had definitely passed through the first ten floors. Naturally, he knew the situation in these floors.
    “Five floors a layer, with the fifth floor being the safest floor of the first layer, while the tenth floor is the safest floor of the second layer.” Linley suddenly had a strange feeling. “It seems as though the safe level is to allow everyone some time to prepare.”
    Clearly, the sixth floor would suddenly rise greatly in difficulty and danger.
    The eleventh floor was a place where there were corpses of Deities and divine sparks. As long as one wasn’t a fool, one would understand…the eleventh floor was most likely far more dangerous than the earlier floors.
    While flying past the snowy landscape, Clay laughed, “Only in the first five floors can we rely on our personal strength to fight through those various life forms. Once we reach the sixth floor…we will have to rely on our intelligence, our strength, and our luck, all combined.”
    Linley nodded.
    In the past, Desri and Fain had been so frightened that they didn’t dare to enter the sixth floor. They had hidden in the fifth floor until the ten years were up.
    There was a pile of snow below. Suddenly, a creature erupted from beneath the snow, flashing at Clay like a white flash of lightning. Clay’s body instantly turned metallic, then with a furious roar, his right fist directly down towards that attacking creature.
    The fist slammed directly against a furry palm.
    Clay was sent flying backwards at high speed, while that furry creature also landed hard against the ground.
    “Such enormous power.” Clay inwardly sighed in amazement.
    Linley looked down with surprise as well at that furry creature. Linley had sparred with Clay before, and he knew how physically powerful Clay was. “Clay is ten times as powerful as Haydson was, and his defense is comparable to Barker’s. But he was only on par with this creature.”
    The creature below suddenly stood up like a human would.
    “A bear?” Linley stared with shock at the creature below and spoke out.
    That seemingly bear-like magical beast was covered with white fur, but he had a black ring of fur lining his eyes, as though someone had punched his eyes and made them swell. Actually, that made this furry magical beast seem very adorable.
    “I’m not a stupid bear. I’m a Snowy Panda-Cat.” That furry magical beast rebuked.
    “Swoosh!” At this moment, the Snowy Panda-Cat suddenly rose up again, this time charging straight at Linley…like a flash of white light, the Snowy Panda-Cat arrived in front of Linley. Linley couldn’t help but be shocked by its speed.
    Linley’s draconic tail, glittering with metallic light, struck against the Snowy Panda-Cat. The sudden attack by the draconic tail was extremely fast, not giving the Snowy Panda-Cat any chance to respond at all.
    “Bang.” The Snowy Panda-Cat slammed into the snowy ground again, while at the same time, a hint of blood appeared atop its pure white fur over its chest. The Snowy Bear stared at Linley, then at Clay, before finally bending over on all fours, then scampering away.
    He had fled!
    Linley and Clay both couldn’t help but laugh.
    “This Snowy Panda-Cat is really amusing. After a simple exchange of blows, he immediately fled.” But Linley was shocked by the power of the Snowy Panda-Cat. Its strength wasn’t one whit inferior to the Worldbear, but its speed was far greater.
    No wonder why it was called the Snowy Panda-Cat, and had the word ‘cat’ in its name.
    “Haha…if I had to fight this Snowy Panda-Cat by myself, it would really be troublesome. The Snowy Panda-Cat’s speed seems to be faster than mine.” Clay chuckled bitterly. “Linley, I have the feeling that at most, I’ll be able to rest on the fifth floor. The sixth floor, I probably won’t be able to break through.”
    “Enough. Let’s first find the tunnel.” Linley flew alongside Clay, searching for the tunnel.
    The Snowy Panda-Cats on this fourth floor were very strange. Aside from a few of the Snowy Panda-Cats that would suddenly attack, most of the Snowy Panda-Cats didn’t attack them at all. Instead, most of them were just rolled up into a ball and sleeping on the snow. At first, Linley and Clay had been worried, but afterwards, they felt more relaxed.
    “Listen up, the two of you.” Suddenly, an ancient voice rang out.
    Linley and Clay, in mid-flight, started, then immediately turning to look at location from which the voice rang out from.
    Beneath them was a Snowy Panda-Cat that was only one meter tall that was staring calmly at Linley and Clay. Although the Snowy Panda-Cats were much smaller than Worldbears, they were usually two or three meters tall at their full height. But this Snowy Panda-Cat was only a meter tall.
    “This Snowy Panda-Cat is extremely dangerous.” Linley immediately became guarded. This Snowy Panda-Cat, although physically small, gave Linley a sense of danger, not too far from the feeling which the War God and the others gave him.
    The ancient voice of the Snowy Panda-Cat rang out again. “I am the clan leader of this clan of Snowy Panda-Cats.”
    Linley and Clay exchanged glances. Snowy Panda-Cats had clan leaders?
    “Remember. On this fourth floor, as long as my children do not attack you, you are not to attack them either. If you kill any of them, then don’t blame me for acting viciously against you.” With a flip of the Snowy Panda-Cat’s hand, a bamboo flute suddenly appeared.
    Right. A bamboo flute.
    “Is he going to play the flute?” Linley had never seen someone who was able to injure someone else by playing the flute.
    But Linley and Clay both felt that this old fellow in front of them posed an enormous threat. They didn’t dare to say anything, and so Clay hurriedly said, “Don’t worry. Just then, when that Snowy Panda-Cat attacked us, we didn’t go full force against it either. As long as your citizens don’t attack us, we definitely won’t attack your children either.”
    “The passageway to the fifth level is over there, next to that giant tree. The passageway is inside the giant tree.” The leader of the Snowy Panda-Cats pointed towards the distant tree.
    Linley and Clay immediately began to fly in that direction.
    Seeing Linley and Clay leave, the leader of the Snowy Panda-Cats let out a long sigh. His clan of Snowy Panda-Cats had been placed here on the fourth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods, which was like being placed in a prison. As the leader of this clan of Snowy Panda-Cats, he wasn’t able to do anything about that.
    Given his current level of strength, it wouldn’t be too hard for him to kill many outsiders and then exchange their corpses for the divine spark of a Demigod. But he didn’t want to do this. The reason was, only he had the power to threaten and frighten experts on Linley’s level.
    “If I become a Deity and leave, then these children will die soon afterwards as well.” The Snowy Panda-Cat leader let out a long sigh.
    He, too, was a Prime Saint, only a single step away from becoming a Deity. But the power of this leader of the Snowy Panda-Cats was greater than that of the Five Prime Saints. This was because the profound truths he had gained insight into were different from that of others. It was much like how Linley…trained in the Throbbing Pulse of the World. In terms of attack power, it surpassed the insights which most others had gained.
    The profound truths this leader of the Snowy Panda-Cats had gained insight into was one of the rarest types of profound truths of the Elemental Laws of the Wind.
    The fifth floor. The world of fire.
    Linley and Clay, immediately upon arriving in this floor, felt themselves being attacked by waves of heat. This center of this fifth floor was a volcano, while the surrounding area was filled with desolate lava flows. It was an empty land…one could see off into the distance easily.
    But the temperature of the lava flows here was very high.
    “Boss!” A black shadow suddenly flew over at high speed.
    “Bebe.” Linley could clearly feel that it was Bebe who was flying over. Bebe leaped directly into Linley’s arms, his eyes turning misty. “Boss, I arrived at the fifth floor long ago. I’ve been waiting for you here the entire time. Desri and the others said that you encountered the Ba-Serpent on the third floor. I’ve been worried about you the entire time, Boss.”
    Linley couldn’t help but think back to what happened on the third floor, his heart once more filled with fear.
    “Fortunately, nothing happened. Wonderful.” Bebe’s face was all smiles.
    Bebe’s experience had been much easier than Linley’s. He hadn’t encountered the Ba-Serpent, and the attacks of the undead and the other creatures simply didn’t pose any threat to Bebe at all.
    “Hey, Boss, where’s Barker? Isn’t Barker with you?” Bebe suddenly wondered.
    Linley’s face froze. The look on his face couldn’t help but become somewhat ugly, and his eyes had a hint of pain in them.
    Bebe was intelligent. Seeing Linley’s reaction, Bebe was able to guess what happened. “Boss, Barker, he…could it be on the third floor…?” Linley let out a sigh. “Right. On the third floor, the Ba-Serpent woke up. We didn’t have the ability to fight back at all. I was lucky and managed to rely on Bloodviolet to flee to the fourth floor. As for Barker…”
    Linley’s voice grew low, and in the end, he wasn’t able to continue.

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    Book 11, Necropolis of the Gods – Chapter 15: Eight Years in the Necropolis
    Waves of heat permeated the fifth floor. It was hard to even see people in the distance, due to the distorted air.
    “Linley, hurry on over!” A familiar voice rang out from afar. Linley couldn’t help but turn to look towards the voice. The distant figure was very blurry, but Linley was still able to tell that the person standing in the distance was the Senior Apprentice of the War God’s College, ‘Fain’.
    Although Linley was very dispirited, his will was still very firm.
    In a place like the Necropolis of the Gods, unless you chose to give up, your only choice was to harden your faith in yourself and continue, one step at a time.
    “Bebe, let’s head on over.” Linley said calmly, and Bebe immediately jumped onto Linley’s shoulders.
    Transforming into a blur, Linley quickly arrived at the place where the many experts had gathered. Not only Fain was there. Desri, Rosarie, Tulily, and Rutherford were there as well. All five of the Prime Saints were together.
    Aside from the five of them, there were three of the Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions as well.
    “Now that the two of you are here, everyone is present.” Desri said with a calm laugh.
    Linley couldn’t help but feel puzzled. What did that mean? Everyone was now present?
    “Linley, come, sit.” Fain gestured. “I heard that in the lower floors, the Ba-Serpent woke up. That truly is a calamity. Fortunately, you survived. Now, let’s discuss the matter of ascending to the sixth floor.”
    Linley came to a rest, sitting down cross-legged.
    To Linley’s scales, the waves of blazing heat coming from below didn’t pose much of a threat.
    “You aren’t going to discuss things with those people?” Bebe pointed in confusion to another group of men and magical beasts off in the distance.
    Over thirty experts had survived and made it to the fifth floor. Amongst them were over ten magical beasts, with a similar number in men. Originally, there had been sixty human experts of the eighty plus experts present, but thirty or so had died on the third floor, and several had most likely died on the first and second floor as well. The ten or so remaining people were probably hiding on the second floor, not daring to enter the third floor again.
    “Them?” The severe-looking Tulily said calmly, “If they get involved, they’ll only disturb us.”
    Linley immediately understood. Glancing at the distant Olivier and Hayward, he thought to himself, “Tulily’s intentions are very clear. Only these ten experts are the cream of the crop. Bebe and I aren’t any weaker than them. As for those three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions, their power is also unfathomable. As for Olivier, Hayward, the disciples of the War God’s College, and the various magical beast experts…they are at least a level lower in power.”
    In a place like this, the top tier experts naturally would form a unit.
    Those twenty plus slightly weaker experts formed into a second unit.
    Although the second unit contained people like Desri’s good friends, ‘Hayward’ and ‘Higginson’, along with several fellow disciples of Fain’s, and two of Tulily’s apprentices, there was nothing that could be done.
    “Linley, Bebe, Cleo [Ke’li’ao] and your two brothers, you five probably aren’t that familiar with the sixth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods. Let me explain.” Desri said solemnly. “Bebe, you saw just a while ago that the only creatures here on the fifth floor are a few ‘Magma Demons’. In terms of power, they are only comparable to the likes of Hayward.”
    “Magma Demons?” Linley was puzzled.
    He had never seen any Magma Demons. Desri looked at Linley. “Linley, you didn’t come in time. Those Magma Demons are formed from lava, and are roughly comparable to a human in size and shape. They are extremely strong and possess great defense, but they are a bit slow. Their power…is most likely comparable to your good friend Barker, although their defense is perhaps a bit weaker than Barker’s.”
    Linley now had a clear understanding of these creatures.
    “The fifth floor is the weakest floor of the first five. Those Magma Demons have already been destroyed by us.” Desri continued. “This fifth floor is a floor for us to prepare and rest. But soon, we will be entering the sixth floor…”
    Linley, Bebe, and the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions were listening carefully.
    On the sixth floor, the danger level would rise dramatically, far beyond that of the fifth floor.
    “The sixth floor is a world filled with lava and rocks. There is a powerful creature there; the Flame Tyrant.”
    Flame Tyrant?
    “To be precise, this Flame Tyrant is hundreds of meters tall, and his body is composed of countless tough boulders. His strength is boundless, and his defense has also reached a terrifying level.” Desri’s face was solemn. “Most importantly of all, he wields a Bloodlust Greataxe. If any of us are hit by that greataxe, we will most likely die.”
    Linley’s heart twitched.
    As long as one was hit, one would die. That was too terrifying.
    “And that’s not all. Aside from the Flame Tyrant, the sixth floor also has hundreds of Magma Demons.” Desri’s face grew even more solemn. “One or two Magma Demons aren’t a problem, but hundreds of Magma Demons are extremely dangerous.”
    Linley felt himself at a loss for words.
    “Hundreds of Magma Demons. Isn’t that equivalent to hundreds of Undying Warriors?” Linley was inwardly shocked. “Although these Magma Demons have slightly weaker defense than an Undying Warrior, there are hundreds of them. That is simply terrifying.”
    Desri continued, “These large numbers of Magma Demons all obey the orders of the Flame Tyrant. Actually, I have a feeling…that the Flame Tyrant is an evolved form of the Magma Demons. Think about it. They are all formed from lava rocks, except the Flame Tyrant is as massive as a mountain, while Magma Demons are the size of a human.”
    The nearby Rutherford laughed coldly. “A Flame Tyrant is essentially a Magma Demon magnified hundreds of times over. Its strength and attack power is also hundreds of times that of a Magma Demon.”
    Linley and Bebe looked at each other.
    “Boss, those Magma Demons really were strong, on par with Barker. If the Flame Tyrant’s power is hundreds of times greater than the Magma Demons’…” Bebe’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind. Linley maintained his silence.
    Linley now had a clear understanding of what the sixth floor was like.
    The sixth floor’s adversary was a Flame Tyrant who commanded hundreds of Magma Demons. The Flame Tyrant itself was like a mountain, and had the power to smash a mountain to dust with a single punch. Nobody could withstand that sort of power.
    Desri was silent for a long time. After Linley and the others had fully absorbed this news, Desri continued, “None of us are a match for the Flame Tyrant by ourselves. Only if we join forces and work together will we be able to charge into the sixth floor.”
    Linley nodded slightly.
    “Three thousand years ago, we did battle against the Flame Tyrant.” Desri said.
    The eyes of Linley, Bebe, and the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions lit up. Only with experience could one form a good strategy on how to deal with the Flame Tyrant.
    “In truth, last time, it was Fain and Tulily who attacked the Flame Tyrant. As for the rest of us, we were sent fleeing by a swarm of Magma Demons.” Desri added. Three thousand years ago, he hadn’t even had the chance to touch the Flame Tyrant.
    Fain spoke. “Of the five of us, Tulily possesses the strongest attack.”
    No one disputed this.
    Linley couldn’t help but look at this person, the number one expert of the great plains of the far east, the man known as the ‘War Saint’, Tulily. Tulily said calmly, “The defense of the Flame Tyrant is the most terrifying defense I have ever seen. But three thousand years ago, our power was weaker than it is right now.”
    The others all nodded.
    After three thousand years, the five of them had become Prime Saints. Their power had improved dramatically compared to three thousand years ago.
    “Once we enter the sixth floor, the seven of you need to help me, Rutherford, and Rosarie clear a path. The three of us, joining forces, should be able to deal with that Flame Tyrant.” Tulily said. Rutherford and Rosarie both nodded.
    Desri explained to Linley, Bebe, and the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions, “This is a powerful attack which the three of them have developed together after researching for a long time. Most likely, this is the most powerful attack we are capable of.”
    “Alright. I’ll help clear a path.” Linley nodded.
    Since Tulily was publicly acknowledged as the Prime Saint with the greatest attack, and had two others helping him, the power of their combined attack definitely would not be weak.
    “Now, what we need to do is…” Desri laughed calmly. “Train here and prepare on the fifth floor!”
    Fain laughed as well. “We’ll first train for eight years, then head off to the sixth floor.”
    “What?” Linley was somewhat astonished. They only had ten years in the Necropolis of the Gods, but they were going to spend eight of them here on the fifth floor?
    But Linley quickly understood. He had learned from Clay that the sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth floors were extremely dangerous. In these four floors, they probably wouldn’t even have the chance to rest.
    To go past these four floors, if they were successful, most likely they would only need ten days or half a month.
    “Prepare well. Each of the following floors, if we aren’t careful, will be the death of us. If you are afraid, you can also stay here on the fifth floor and wait for the ten years to be up.” Tulily stood up as he spoke calmly, and then flew by himself off into the distance to begin his meditations.
    Not just Linley and the other nine experts. Even Olivier, Hayward, and the other twenty experts knew how terrifying the sixth floor was, and so nobody was in a hurry to enter. All of them focused on seizing every available moment to train. Perhaps in this short period of time, they might make some breakthrough.
    Waves of heat distorted the air. Embers could be seen everywhere.
    The experts in the fifth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods began to train and meditate.
    Linley stared at the distant figures, all made blurry by the waves of heat. Olivier, the human experts, the magical beast experts…these thirty plus people were the most elite group of experts in the Yulan continent. Right now, all of them were training quietly.
    Linley and Bebe glanced at each other, their minds linked. The man and his magical beast began to train.
    “Thrum!” “Thrum!” “Thrum!” “Thrum!” …..
    The Throbbing Pulse of the World was omnipresent. Even though Linley was in the Necropolis of the Gods, Linley could still clearly feel that mysterious, profound throbbing pulse of the world. Every single pulse contained extremely profound mysteries. Linley began to meditate and attune himself to it, while at the same time, quickly mentally experimenting the ‘Profound Truths of the Earth’ over and over.
    One year. Two years. Three years.
    Many of the experts would train for a year or half a year, and then get up and test out the attacks they had developed or improved. Just like that, time continued to move forward.
    In the past, Linley had needed only a year to condense the 256 waves of the Throbbing Pulse of the World into 128 waves, but he needed five full years to make it a bit past halfway on his attempt to further condense the 128 waves into 64 waves.
    This was all as Linley had predicted. The Throbbing Pulse of the World became harder and harder to fuse in the later stages.
    In the blink of an eye, eight years had passed.
    The fifth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods was as it had been in the past, with waves of heat distorting the air. Many experts had finished their training long ago. After all, many of them had been training for thousands of years. A few years now was only enough to further perfect some of their existing attacks and condition themselves.
    “Why is Linley still training? We’re waiting on him now.” Rutherford couldn’t help but frown as he stared at the distant Linley, still in the meditative position.
    By now, the Five Prime Saints, the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions, and Bebe had stopped training. Bebe had actually reached the level of transforming into eight doppelgangers using the ‘Shadowshape Doppelganger Technique’. In their unit, the only one left was Linley, who was still totally immersed in his training.
    “Don’t be impatient. My Boss has already reached the critical juncture point. Once he makes this breakthrough, his power will multiply several times over.” Bebe stood next to Linley, staring coldly at the people in front of him as he spoke.
    “A breakthrough that will allow him to increase his power several times over?” Desri, Tulily, and the other experts couldn’t help but feel astonished.
    They had already reached the level of being Prime Saints, and had reached the end of the path of training they had chosen. Unless they made the true, final breakthrough and reached the Demigod level, it was very hard for them to improve at all. At their current levels of insight, it was impossible for their power to multiple by several times over, unless they truly became a Deity.
    “Whew.” Linley let out a long breath, then opened his eyes, a smile on his face.
    After spending eight years, Linley had finally, fully mastered the 64 layered waves of the Throbbing Pulse of the World, and the attack of his ‘Profound Truths of the Earth’ had once again multiplied several times over.
    Linley looked at the people standing there, and he instantly understood. He couldn’t help but let out a calm laugh, then said, “Apologies. I’ve made you wait for a long time. Shall we head out now?”

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    Book 11, Necropolis of the Gods – Chapter 16: The Flame Tyrant
    The thirty plus experts came together in front of the corridor from the fifth floor to the sixth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods.
    Linley could tell that Olivier’s aura seemed to have changed. In his heart, he couldn’t help but feel astonished. “This Olivier, could it be that he has made another breakthrough?” As the Prodigy Sword Saint, Olivier had needed only twelve years to reach a level where even Haydson was no match for him, rising to the level of being just beneath the Five Prime Saints.
    This rate of improvement was very terrifying.
    Now that another eight years had passed, it would be strange if Olivier hadn’t improved, actually.
    Desri looked at Hayward and the twenty other experts, then said loudly, “You should know the situation on the sixth floor. The ten of us will be responsible for dealing with the Flame Tyrant. As for the rest of you, your responsibilities will be lighter. As long as you can stay alive, go search for the exit to the seventh floor.”
    The other twenty experts nodded.
    Their task was far easier. Even if Desri hadn’t instructed them to do so, they would’ve still gone in search of the exit.
    “Enough. Let’s head out.” Desri said in a bright voice.
    And then, Desri and the rest of the Five Prime Saints, Linley, Bebe, Cleo and his sibling Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions, took the lead, stepping into the stairway and heading out towards the sixth floor. Behind them, the twenty remaining experts followed closely.
    Linley and Bebe exchanged glances.
    They were both very confident. Compared to eight years ago, Linley not only had improved in his ‘Profound Truths of the Earth’, his spiritual energy had improved as well. In fact, Linley had the feeling that he was about to make a breakthrough and reach the rank of Grand Magus Saint.
    Battle-qi refining, after all, only needed a bit of spiritual energy to control it.
    But eight years of training had caused Linley’s battle-qi to reach the maximum possible amount a Saint-level Dragonblood Warrior could reach.
    “Whoosh!” “Whoosh!” ….
    The ten most powerful Saints of the Yulan continent transformed into shadowy flashes. In the blink of an eye, they simultaneously entered the sixth floor…the world of the Flame Tyrant!
    “Hot!” As soon as he entered the sixth floor, Linley felt greater heat than he had ever felt before.
    Right now, Linley and the other nine experts were standing atop glowing red rocks. This entire sixth floor was colored red by lava and molten rock.
    “Drip, drip…” Scarlet flows of lava streamed like rivers throughout the sixth floor, occasionally releasing bubbles of gas. In the area around the lava rivers were glowing red rocks. Normal creatures would not be able to survive in a place like this.
    The other twenty experts entered the sixth floor as well.
    “Quick, search for the exit.” Desri instructed mentally. The twenty plus experts didn’t say anything, immediately flying away.
    Desri glanced at Linley, Tulily, and the others. Without needing to speak, all of them began to fly together. Tulily, Rosarie, and Rutherford flew in the center, while the other seven experts surrounded them. Tulily and the others were already beginning their preparations.
    They might encounter the Flame Tyrant at any time.
    “If we can avoid even meeting the Flame Tyrant before we enter the seventh floor, that would be good.” Linley secretly thought to himself, while at the same time he carefully inspected his surroundings, searching for the passageway that would lead them to the seventh floor.
    Suddenly, within one of the rivers of lava, a stone popped out. The strange thing was…this stone had eyes and a mouth. The stone suddenly flew out from within the magma river. It was actually the head of one of the Magma Demons.
    That Magma Demon roared, “Humans!”
    “Not good.” The faces of Linley and the others instantly changed.
    “Swish!” “Swish!” “Swish!” ….
    From within the river of lava, suddenly one Magma Demon after another appeared. The bodies of the Magma Demons were pure scarlet, and wrapped by faint wreathes of flame. They were roughly 2.5 meters tall, and wielded stone axes, warhammers, and other heavy weapons.
    In the blink of an eye, Linley saw three hundred Magma Demons appear within the area of their group.
    “The sixth floor is extremely large. If all the Magma Demons in the nearby areas are as numerous as they are here, then there are definitely over a thousand of them.” Linley thought inwardly, while at the same time, the experts began to fly at high speed while maintain high alert, ready to attack at any moment.
    “Oh, humans have come?” A rumbling, thunderous voice rang out within the sixth floor.
    The rocky ground of the sixth floor began to shake, and even the lava flows began to bubble and rise up in waves, as a massive figure arose from within the middle of a lava river. It was simply enormous. As it stood up, even the level of the lava river itself dropped dramatically.
    “It really is like a mountain.” Linley saw that distant, enormous creature: The Flame Tyrant!
    The Flame Tyrant’s entire body was formed from tough, unyielding boulders, with fire surrounding its entire body. With such an enormous body, its physical strength alone was no doubt at a terrifying level.
    “Everyone, be careful.” The faces of the ten experts were solemn.
    The Flame Tyrant glanced at them with a contemptuous look, then laughed wildly. “The likes of you would dream about entering the seventh floor? In your dreams. Today, all of you will die! Children, come kill these outsiders along with me!” The Flame Tyrant’s voice was extraordinary loud, and his words echoed like the thunder in every part of this world.
    As the Flame Tyrant spoke, he suddenly summoned a dark red greataxe into his hand.
    The axehead of this greataxe alone was over a hundred meters wide. In the hands of the Flame Tyrant, however, this Bloodlust Greataxe was nothing more than a small hatchet, and he twirled it with grace and ease.
    Having received the order, the large amount of Magma Demons hovering in mid-air simultaneously let out howls of rage as they charged towards Linley’s group. Even Olivier and the other twenty-plus Saints came under attack from the Magma Demons as well.
    “Charge through them.” Tulily ordered.
    The ten major experts didn’t hesitate at all, charging straight towards the Flame Tyrant. Halfway there, over a hundred Magma Demons surrounded them.
    Earlier on the fifth floor, it was Desri, Bebe, and a group of experts killing several Magma Demons. But now, it was over a hundred Magma Demons attacking them.
    “Have to block them.” The outer layer of seven experts knew this very well. Facing the attacking Magma Demons, Linley fought empty-handed.
    “F--k off.” Linley directly punched towards one of them.
    “Haha…” The Magma Demon laughed loudly as it sent a fist smashing towards Linley. Linley used his draconic scales and the outer layer of ‘Pulseguard Defense’ to accept this punch, taking the heavy blow of the Magma Demon’s stony fist head on.
    Linley’s body trembled slightly, but the Magma Demon’s body trembled, then exploded into shards of rock.
    “What terrifying strength!” Linley was inwardly shocked.
    If he were to take those blows at full strength, he wouldn’t have been able to repel it so lightly. Just then, he had primarily used his Pulseguard Defense to ameliorate 90% of the power of the enemy’s attack. How could the 10%, upon encountering Linley’s draconic scales, possibly harm Linley?
    Against the Magma Demons, Linley only utilized the 256 layered waves of the Throbbing Pulse of the World.
    “Boom!” Every single Magma Demon which attempted to attack Fain were smashed flying away by Fain’s lightning-fast fists. Fain’s speed was simply too fast. Those Magma Demons couldn’t touch him at all. But Magma Demons were extremely durable, and Fain’s attacks were only able to heavily injure them.
    It wasn’t that Fain wasn’t powerful; it was that Fain didn’t dare to use his full force. He had to conserve his energy.
    Each of the Magma Demons which attacked Desri, upon drawing near him, suddenly toppled down from the skies for seemingly no reason at all.
    Desri was originally a Grand Magus Saint of light-style magic. He was currently a Prime Saint, and his spiritual attacks were at a terrifying level. Although these Magma Demons possessed tremendous physical attack and defense, Desri’s spiritual attack just so happened to strike at their weakness.
    “Slash!” The three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions very forthrightly smashed the Magma Demons with their dancing paws, sending rocks everywhere and heavily injuring those Magma Demons, with many dying.
    At times, when the Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions wished, they would suddenly open their mouths and directly swallow the Magma Demons into their stomachs.
    But Bebe…Bebe was terrifying. His speed was comparable to Fain’s, and those Magma Demons weren’t able to touch Bebe at all. But even the most casual claw swipe from Bebe would heavily injure the Magma Demons.
    “Boss, these Magma Demons are really tough to deal with. Their bodies are too hard.” Bebe’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind.
    “Of course they are hard.” Linley understood.
    He had once tried to be like Bebe, and to use his speed to dodge the enemy’s attack, and then use pure force to strike against the bodies of the Magma Demons. But the defense of the Magma Demons was simply too great; Linley’s pure strength-based attacks were only able to injure the Magma Demons.
    “Bang!” Yet another fist from Linley shook yet another Magma Demon in front of him into powder.
    “Different profound truths clearly result in different levels of power for attacks.” Linley couldn’t help but sigh inwardly. “My Profound Truths of the Earth, despite not having reached the limit, in terms of power, is far more powerful than the Profound Truths of the Wind.”
    Even Prime Saints could have fairly large differences in power. For example, that leader of the Snowy Panda-Cats, who had mastered an extremely powerful and profound truth of the Elemental Laws of the Wind. As for Desri and Fain, the profound truths they had gained insight into could only be considered ones with fairly low attack power amongst the manifold Elemental Laws.
    “Boom!” “Boom!” ….
    Every single one of the Magma Demons attacking Linley was reduced to powder. This sight caused many of the other Saints to feel astonished. Based just on pure physical attacks, at most they might be able to break the Magma Demons into small pieces of rocks, but they couldn’t possibly reduce them into powder.
    “The Flame Tyrant is here.” Desri called out softly.
    “You little rascal. You’ll be the first to die.” The Flame Tyrant stared angrily at Linley. Then, like a thunderbolt, it leapt off the rocky ground, making the rocky ground tremble and crack as it delivered a mighty chop with the Bloodlust Greataxe in its hands.
    Clearly, Linley’s ‘military exploits’ had been seen by the Flame Tyrant.
    “Rosarie.” Tulily growled.
    Rosarie, Tulily, and Rutherford, who had been prepared this entire time, finally unleashed their attack. Suddenly, countless amounts of ice and frost descended in an area of many kilometers, and even the rivers of lava were chilled to become rocks.
    The fires covering the body of the Flame Tyrant were extinguished, and the scarlet red stones on his body turned a much dimmer red as well, as countless amounts of frost and ice covered his body.
    The Flame Tyrant’s attacking motion suddenly came to a halt, as though he had been frozen.
    Water-style forbidden-level spell: Absolute Zero!
    Under the attack of this Absolute Zero spell, generally speaking, when it was used, that terrifying drop in temperature alone would cause the opponent to freeze, then shatter into countless pieces. Even the opponent’s soul would be frozen, then shatter.
    But the target of this spell was the Flame Tyrant. This forbidden-level spell, ‘Absolute Zero’, was only capable of affecting his soul and making him temporarily dizzied. In addition, encased in countless amounts of ice, his weakness, his power dropped as well.
    “Swish!” Immediately afterwards, Rutherford transformed into a ray of light, charging straight towards the Flame Tyrant.
    Rutherford, the number one Saint of the Arctic Icecaps, who had been training there for thousands of years, had reached a level of perfection in terms of utilizing the forces of glacial ice. Rutherford’s palms suddenly glowed with a faint blue light, and he smashed them hard against the body of the Flame Tyrant.
    The strange thing was…
    The countless amounts of ice and frost that had been layering the body of the Flame Tyrant suddenly sank deep into the Flame Tyrant’s body. “Crunch!” The enormous body of the Flame Tyrant actually began to be covered with countless tiny cracks.
    The body of the Flame Tyrant was extremely hot, but after being covered by the opposite-element spell, ‘Absolute Zero’, and then with Rutherford forcing that energy deep into its body, the incomparably tough rocky body of the Flame Tyrant began to crack on a wide scale from the sudden change in temperature.
    “Bastard.” The Flame Tyrant finally recovered from his state of dizziness. Realizing the situation he was in, he couldn’t help but roar in anger.
    “Die!” Tulily had already reached the Flame Tyrant’s body.
    Dark black light surrounded Tulily’s fists, and the entire area around them was filled with countless cracks in spacetime. Tulily’s fists seemed to carry the strength of the heavens themselves, as he smashed viciously against the body of the Flame Tyrant. The already cracked body, suddenly…
    Countless rocks were sent flying everywhere by that terrifyingly powerful explosion. The Flame Tyrant had exploded into countless rocky fragments.
    “Success.” Tulily, Rosarie, and Rutherford all let out a long sigh.
    This was the ultimate attack of the three of them. First they pooled their energy together to cause the Flame Tyrant’s soul to be attacked, while at the same time counteracting the heat of the Flame Tyrant’s body with the Absolute Zero spell. Then, Rutherford would control the frost and the ice to make it go deep into the Flame Tyrant’s body.
    Fire and ice were polar opposites, and the sudden clash between them would cause the rocks which made up its body to crack. This caused the defensive power of the Flame Tyrant to drop by ninety percent. With only ten percent of its defense remaining, it had naturally shattered when facing Tulily’s most powerful attack.
    “If they didn’t work together, that terrifying defensive power of the Flame Tyrant probably would allow it to take Tulily’s full power attack without much impact.” Linley said to himself.
    Now that the Flame Tyrant was dead, everyone naturally felt much more relaxed. It would be fairly easy to deal with the remaining Magma Demons.
    “Let’s hurry up and find the exit.” Desri said. Everyone nodded, feeling much more relaxed.
    What nobody noticed was that during that wild explosion earlier, when countless rocks had been blasted in every direction, there was a seemingly translucent, fist-sized rock that had also been shot out far away. This translucent rock, in the distance, began to spin.
    The entire rocky ground was beginning to shake.
    “What is going on?” Tulily, Rutherford, Linley, and the others felt shocked.
    “Crunch!” Large amounts of cracks appeared in the ground of the sixth floor, and then one enormous rock after another flew up, as well as a large amount of the rocks in the lava rivers. Over billions of enormous boulders flew up.
    Linley and the others watched with gaping mouths and stunned gazes.
    “Not good.” Everyone had the sense that something bad was happening.
    However…nobody knew what the problem was. All ten experts were on guard, carefully inspecting their surroundings. But on the sixth floor, one rock after another continued to rise into the air.
    “Whoosh!” “Whoosh!” “Whoosh!”
    All of the giant rocks, as though listening to some command, shot out to one location at the same time. With a terrifying series of sonic booms, trillions of boulders instantly clustered around one location, and that location was the place where the translucent rock was floating.
    Countless boulders surrounded that translucent rock.
    In the blink of an eye…
    Yet another Flame Tyrant appeared!
    The faces of the ten experts changed dramatically.
    “That translucent rock.” The ten experts seemed to see, just then, those countless boulders clustering around the nucleus. Desri’s face sank down. “That was the core of the Flame Tyrant. Without destroying that translucent rock, we can’t kill the Flame Tyrant. He can just make himself be reborn.”
    “You have truly made me angry.”
    The mountain-like Flame Tyrant’s body was once again wreathed in flames, and his eyes were filled with fiery rage as well. Wielding its Bloodlust Greataxe, he bellowed with fury, “You detestable humans want to enter the seventh floor? In your dreams! All of you will die!”
    The mighty bellow of the Flame Tyrant echoed throughout the sixth floor!

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    Book 11, Necropolis of the Gods – Chapter 17: The Tunnel’s Location
    On the sixth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods, the mountain-like Flame Tyrant strode forward on the rocky terrain, wielding that Bloodlust Greataxe in his hand, twin eyes blazing with rage while also howling furiously. Instantly, all of the lava flows in the sixth floor began to bubble and rise up.
    Linley and the rest of the ten major experts, hovering in mid-air, had a bad feeling.
    “What should we do?” Rosarie asked quietly.
    The others were all silent.
    “We lost the best opportunity that we had. To kill the Flame Tyrant a second time will be very difficult.” Tulily’s gaze was totally focused on the distant Flame Tyrant. “Rutherford, Rosarie, all we can do is to try again and see if we can succeed.”
    Rutherford and Rosarie all nodded slightly.
    “Children.’ The Flame Tyrant roared furiously. “All of you, attack. Kill them alongside me.” As he spoke, the Flame Tyrant transformed into a fiery blur, carrying a terrifying howling sound with him as he charged forward. Although the Flame Tyrant was physically large, his speed was also extremely fast.
    The ten major experts reacted in perfect unison.
    “First retreat backwards. Buy Rosarie and the others some time.” Desri’s voice rang out in the minds of the other nine experts.
    Forbidden-level spells, especially large-scale ones, needed a good period of time. The ten major experts flew backwards at high speed like ten meteors. All of them were extremely fast, not slower than the Flame Tyrant at all.
    “Hrmph!” The Flame Tyrant’s furious snort could be heard.
    “Groooowl…” A thickly dense crowd of Magma Demons began to surround them, coming from all corners.
    “Can’t allow ourselves to get corralled by these Magma Demons. Once our speed drops and the Flame Tyrant catches up, we’ll be in terrible shape.” Fain’s voice rang out in the minds of the various experts. All of the experts present understood this logic. Instantly, the seven major experts on the outside perimeter began to utilize their special skills.
    They had to protect the three inside their perimeter and make sure they weren’t affected.
    “Strange.” Linley flew at high speed, but found out that not a single one of the Magma Demons dared approach him.
    “The Magma Demons are all afraid to go near Linley.” Desri, Fain, and the others, upon seeing this, didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. All they could do was to work hard to force each of the Magma Demons back.
    Against the other magical beast experts, or against the likes of Fain and Desri, the Magma Demons would at most be heavily injured. All the Magma Demons needed to do was rest and heal for a while, and they would be fine. But against Linley…as long as Linley’s fist hit them, those Magma Demon’s bodies would transform into powder, and they would become deader than dead.
    “Linley, protect Rosarie!” Desri’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind.
    “Understood.” Linley flew closer towards Rosarie.
    Instantly, none of the Magma Demons dared to attack Rosarie either. Any that did attempt to attack Rosarie, Linley would suddenly flash next to and swing a fist at. Linley’s fist…was death to any Magma Demons it touched.
    “Kill that human female.” The Flame Tyrant roared frantically.
    The Flame Tyrant knew how powerful Rosarie was. The Flame Tyrant was a fire-type creature, while Rosarie just so happened to be his nemesis…although Desri was also a Grand Master Saint, to the likes of the Flame Tyrant, the threat he posed was far weaker than that of Rosarie.
    “Roaaar!” “Roaaar!” “Roaaar!” …
    Instantly, a large number of the Magma Demons ground their teeth and, no longer paying Linley any more mind, roared with fury as they all charged towards Rosarie.
    “Wonderful, they are coming.” Linley let out a loud laugh, sweeping his dark golden gaze across the many Magma Demons, and then he transformed into a gust of wind. Not only did his twin fists dance about, even his two legs whirled about in a dance of death like blades. Anything struck by Linley’s legs were also instantly reduced to powder.
    The temperature suddenly dropped precipitously. The previously boiling lava rivers suddenly congealed, transforming into flat rock. Even the scarlet red coloration of the rocks turned to a dark black color. Countless amounts of frost and ice descended down from the heavens within an area of several kilometers around the Flame Tyrant.
    Water-style forbidden-level magic: Absolute Zero!
    “Roaaaaar!” The Flame Tyrant’s entire body was covered with frost and ice as well, but then, letting out a loud bellow, its body, which had already turned a dark grey rocky color, suddenly once more slowly began to turn red. As for that layer of ice and frost covering it, it slowly began to thaw and melt.
    Seeing this, everyone had a bad feeling.
    “His soul wasn’t affected.” Rosarie’s face changed. The forbidden-level magic, ‘Absolute Zero’, also had a secondary soul-affecting attacking. Earlier, the first time they used it, the Flame Tyrant had felt dizzy due to the attack on his soul. But this time, the Flame Tyrant wasn’t impacted at all.
    An invisible burst of energy erupted from Desri, striking towards the Flame Tyrant at astonishing speed. Instantly, it entered the Flame Tyrant’s body. The light-style Grand Magus Saint, Desri, was highly skilled at spiritual attacks.
    The bellows of the Flame Tyrant halted.
    “Good!” The eyes of Fain, Tulily, and the other experts lit up.
    “Rutherford.” Tulily growled.
    A lightning-quick flash. Rutherford’s face was rather fierce, and his palms were completely covered with blue light. Anyone near Rutherford wouldn’t be able to sense a hint of cold at all, because Rutherford had already reached an extremely high level of control over the freezing power of the Elemental Laws of Water.
    But at this moment, below the Flame Tyrant, dozens of Magma Demons suddenly appeared, which simultaneously charged towards Rutherford, attempting to block him.
    Like a flash of blue lightning, Rutherford dodged past more than half the Magma Demons, and then landed successive blows with his palms against two of them. Those two Magma Demons instantly charged into blocks of ice, and with a ‘crunch’ sound, the two Magma Demons instantly shattered into icy flakes.
    “Die.” Rutherford had already reached the Flame Tyrant, and he was about to strike down with his twin palms.
    “Whoosh!” The motionless Flame Tyrant’s enormous body suddenly retreated at high speed, while at the same time, the Bloodlust Greataxe in his hand, gleaming with bloody aura, cast a dazzling, devilish flash of light as it chopped down towards Rutherford’s head. The speed of this chop was extremely fast, and had reached a simply astonishing speed.
    Although the flying speed of the Flame Tyrant was lower than Rutherford’s, the speed at which he wielded the Bloodlust Greataxe was terrifyingly fast.
    “Careful!” Linley, Desri, Fain, and the others grew worried.
    “Ah!” Rutherford raised his head and saw the freezing light of that hundred-meter long axehead chop down at him. He was terrified, his heart shaking. He didn’t have the chance to run or flee, so all he could do was let out a furious roar, slamming his blue, glowing hands upwards in an attempt to block.
    Using his palms against the Bloodlust Greataxe!
    The two were simply incomparable.
    “Clang!” A metallic sound could be heard, and Rutherford’s body was sent flying backwards like a meteor. But this time, the Flame Tyrant wasn’t in a hurry to continue charging after him. He just stood there, laughing loudly.
    “Rutherford.” Tulily and the others immediately went forward to catch him.
    Rutherford’s face was extremely pale. His arms were gone beneath the elbows, but the strange thing was, they weren’t just cut off; they had completely disappeared. His shoulders and his clothes were torn and stained with blood.
    “Don’t touch that axe. That axe is very strange and very frightening.” Rutherford said, his entire body still trembling.
    Desri immediately stretched out his hands and shot out a glittering, starlight-like ray of light, covering Rutherford’s entire body. Rutherford’s wounds began to regenerate at an astonishing speed, and even those two disappeared arms began to rapidly regrow.
    “Haha, amusing, amusing.” The Flame Tyrant actually began to laugh loudly.
    “The Flame Tyrant is toying with us.” Desri frowned.
    Linley glanced at the Flame Tyrant as well. The Flame Tyrant truly was toying with them. Perhaps just then, its earlier rage was just an act.
    In particular, Linley was certain of one thing: “Just then, when the Flame Tyrant was struck by Desri’s spiritual attack, it should have been faking its reaction. Otherwise, it would be too much of a coincidence for him to have suddenly recovered and attacked Rutherford at the critical moment. He wouldn’t have been to seize the opportunity so perfectly, preventing Rutherford from even being able to flee.”
    “Haha…” The Flame Tyrant’s thunderous sound shook the world of the fifth floor. “Amusing. Truly amusing. Are you very surprised?”
    “Indeed, the first time you attacked me, you had the chance to kill me. However, that was me being over-confident.” The Flame Tyrant stared at the distant group of humans hovering in mid-air. “Spiritual attacks? In terms of spirits, mine is incomparably powerful. In addition, I have ‘Bloodlust’.”
    The Flame Tyrant looked at the greataxe in his hand. “This is a true divine artifact. By relying on ‘Bloodlust’, I can enter a bloodlusted state. In this state, your spiritual attacks cannot harm me at all.”
    Desri and Linley exchanged a glance.
    “Terrible.” Everyone felt the situation was grim.
    “Originally, I could’ve perhaps spared one or two of you. But now…” The Flame Tyrant’s body began to faintly emit a bloodthirsty red light. “All of you will die.” As he finished speaking, the Flame Tyrant’s body began to emit a ‘crunch’ ‘crunch’ series of sounds.
    The Flame Tyrant’s body was shrinking!
    The originally hundreds of meters tall Flame Tyrant, wreathed by flames and red light, soon…
    Transformed from being hundreds of meters in size to only a few dozen meters tall.
    Currently, the Flame Tyrant’s body was completely covered with a layer of red light, and its aura had become even more terrifying.
    “It has been a long time since I have been in my battle-form.” The Flame Tyrant’s Bloodlust Greataxe shrank by more than half as well. It truly was a divine artifact.
    “Everyone, be careful.” The ten experts all felt that this matter had just become very dangerous. For now, they weren’t sure how to deal with this Flame Tyrant.
    The Flame Tyrant’s body flickered, transforming into a devilish, bloody red streak of light which cut through the air, so fast that he was comparable to Fain. In terms of speed, Fain, Bebe, and Desri had the fastest speed amongst the ten, while the others were a level lower in speed.
    The devilish red light surged towards Tulily.
    Tulily couldn’t dodge in time.
    “Break!” Tulily’s face was extremely ferocious. He let out an angry roar, smashing out with his twin fists.
    Tulily’s twin arms immediately exploded apart, and he himself was smashed backwards like a meteor. Blood splattered everywhere from that vicious collision. Tulily, the Prime Saint with the greatest attack power of the five, was knocked by a single blow into a state where his life or death was unknown.
    At this time, Linley and the rest of the nine remaining experts fled to a distant location.
    Desri’s body had transformed into a beam of light. He moved extremely fast, and discovered Higginson and the others. “Have you discovered the exit yet?” Higginson and the other twenty plus experts had been searching for the exit to the seventh floor this entire time.
    “Can’t find it.” Higginson was both frantic and helpless.
    “The exit? Haha…” A greataxe flashed past Desri’s group, and Desri immediately grabbed Higginson and dodged in a flash.
    Blood flew everywhere, and a magical beast as well as two human Saints were instantly bisected. Their corpses fell from the skies. The corpse of the magical beast fell onto the rocky ground, while the other two corpses fell directly into the river of lava.
    The distant Fain’s face changed. “Sixth Brother!”
    “You won’t be able to find the tunnel.” The Flame Tyrant, hovering in mid-air and wrapped by that red light, was laughing loudly. “The exit to the seventh floor is actually in the center of the sixth floor, but I have over a thousand of my children protecting it, and they have already fully blocked it off. If you want to enter the seventh floor, you have to kill over a thousand of my children.”
    Linley and the other experts felt their hearts tremble.
    “Over a thousand.” Linley and Bebe exchanged glances.
    “Boss, even if I were the one to charge over, at most I’d be able to kill ten before the Flame Tyrant reached the exit again.” Bebe also realized how bad the situation was.
    This Flame Tyrant’s speed was comparable to Bebe and Fain, but his attack…even the most powerful of them, Tulily, was far from being his match. If they kept fighting like this, not a single one of the experts present would survive.
    “How can there be so many Magma Demons?” Linley glanced at Desri.
    From what Desri had said, in total, there should only be a thousand Magma Demons here on the sixth floor. Desri glanced at Linley. “Linley, three thousand years ago, we were beaten back as soon as we entered the sixth floor. A thousand was just our estimate.”
    Linley was speechless.
    “Desri, give me a hand.” Linley suddenly took a deep breath and said softly to the nearby Desri.
    “Hrm?” Desri looked at Linley with surprise.
    “This is my most powerful attack. If it doesn’t work…then let’s try to come up with a way to flee from the sixth floor.” With a flip of his hands, Linley retrieved his adamantine heavy sword.


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