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    hmmmmmm,,,, why would dey even engage demselves in sometin dey know myt kill dem later?¿???

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    Episode 16
    07:00 am, Bay Apartments
    “Who was the lady who came to
    kill us?” Lizzy asked her
    husband, Steve. “I still don’t
    know. I would give a million
    away to get a grasp of what is
    happening.” “I don’t believe
    you, baby. You just don’t have
    the courage to tell me. First a
    nude picture of me was sent to
    you, after that I was kidnapped
    and made to pose nude with
    some men. I believe it’s time to
    tell me the truth. Who loaded my
    camera with the nude pictures
    of you and your female friends?
    Who wants us dead? Please I
    need answers,” Lizzy
    demanded. Steve felt boxed in.
    He knew he was not going to lie
    his way out of this one. Lizzy
    had been a great wife to him,
    however his bent for sex
    outside of marriage and with
    multiple partners had driven
    him into the abyss of
    lasciviousness. “I cannot say
    that I have been a good
    husband to you, baby,” Steve
    said. His voice was shaky; and it
    wasn’t for the fear of his wife,
    but for the fear of what might
    happen to his family. He could
    see it coming. He could see
    himself losing his wife and kids
    to his shockingly adulterous life
    and the consequences of it.
    “So you have been sleeping
    around with every woman
    willing to part her legs for you?”
    Lizzy asked with tears running
    down her cheek. “I have done
    worse, baby. I wish I could go
    back in time and take it all back;
    make things different and love
    you like I should. I have done
    things you can’t believe.” “You
    know I don’t deserve this Steve.
    I have loved you and the
    children with all my heart. I have
    done everything you asked me
    to do. I have done things in bed
    with you that I can’t tell fellow
    women. I have taken your sex
    drugs to please you and almost
    died doing it. Have I not kept my
    body fit and sexy for you? I
    have lied at work and drove
    home like mad just to make love
    to you. I strip nude for you and
    dance naked in our bedroom
    like a w---e for you and still
    you run around with other
    women. What have I done
    wrong? Have I denied you sex
    at any time? Have I treated you
    with disrespect? Even now you
    are still my prince in shining
    armour.” Lizzy was shaking and
    crying profusely as she spoke.
    Steve had always calmed her
    with sex whenever she was
    worked up. He began to
    undress her. Lizzy didn’t blink;
    she sat looking right through
    him as he undressed her. When
    Steve was done peeling her
    clothes off, Lizzy stood up and
    walked into the next room and
    locked the door behind her. For
    once in their eight-year-old
    marriage, she did not walk
    away from him whenever he
    undressed her. Steve was
    disturbed. He tried to reach out
    to Lizzy and make up with her,
    but she would not open the
    door to him. He used all
    methods he could but she still
    would not budge. About the
    time Steve had given up and sat
    on the floor with his head
    bowed in sorrowful thoughts,
    Lizzy opened the door, walked
    back into the living room still
    nude and sat next to him like
    she was never angry with him.
    Steve put his arms around her
    and began to plead. Still feeling
    numb and cold with rage, Lizzy
    said, “I don’t want you to plead
    for forgiveness, it just won’t
    work with me. Please don’t
    waste your time doing it. This is
    what I want…”
    “What do you want? Tell me
    please,” Steve cut in. “I want the
    truth. The whole truth. I want to
    know what is going on. Steve I
    have always loved you and you
    know it. I can’t live through a
    day wondering what you might
    be doing when I am not with
    you. I want you to tell me all you
    have been doing. If you don’t
    tell me, this is what I am going
    to do. I will sleep every man you
    have known in your live and I
    will make sure you get photos
    of all of them just like yours
    were sent to me. I will make
    babies with men you despise! I
    will strangulate your children
    and send you photos of their
    lifeless bodies! You have hurt
    and broken me beyond words.
    Nude photos of me with
    strange men are floating
    around somewhere now and it
    is all because of you.” Steve held
    her and tried to calm her, but
    she kicked at him and
    unleashed a slap to his face.
    None of them had raised a
    finger on each other in their
    eight-year-marriage. Steve
    rubbed his face, trying to
    extinguish the stinging pain the
    slap had left on it.
    6:33 am, Oak City Hotel
    The guard whom the assassin
    had sent to find a way for her
    to get into Steve’s hotel room
    was standing at the assassin’s
    door knocking. She opened the
    door, and pulled the guard in,
    she was still without her clothes
    on. “You came back rather too
    soon, have you found a way I
    can get to see my man in that
    room?” she asked. “I don’t have
    to. The man has left with the
    woman who was with him,” the
    guard replied. The assassin was
    shocked. “How? When?” she
    asked. “While I was still here
    with you, they left with the
    some of my colleagues giving
    them cover.” The lady dashed
    toward her purse, picked her
    phone and placed a call to
    someone outside the hotel,
    “Steve is gone! He is no longer
    in the hotel! Did you see him
    leave the hotel?” “No, we did
    not! He may still be somewhere
    in the hotel!” “He is gone man,
    someone in the hotel told me he
    is gone.” “Who told you that?
    We did not see him leave, he
    must still be in there!” “Did you
    see some of the guards leave
    the hotel?” “Yes, we did and
    they have long returned to the
    “Sorry man, when you saw the
    guards leave, they were actually
    smuggling Steve and his wife
    out of the hotel. Find him and
    get back to me.” “Gosh! How
    did I miss that? Are you coming
    with us?” the male voice on the
    phone asked. “No, I won’t be
    joining you in the chase just yet.
    I have got some work to do
    right away in my room. Bye.”
    She dropped the call and went
    over to the sound system in the
    room and turned up the volume
    and began to dance obscenely
    before the guard. The guard
    understood her cue and
    undressed hurriedly. She
    danced back to where he stood
    and inquired, “I hope you can
    make me cry. I like it when my
    man makes me cry.” Without
    warning, the guard slapped her
    across the face and the force
    sent her two steps backward.
    Holding her cheek in shock for a
    moment, she lunged towarmoment, she lunged toward the
    guard and drew blood from his
    face with quick thrown
    punches. She was a well-trained
    fighter, with stunning build.
    Without clothes on, the two of
    them engaged in a mock fight
    for a few minutes before she
    overpowered the guard and
    they descended into twisted
    sexual acts.
    11:20 am, Bimpe’s Husband’s
    Bimpe’s husband was sitting at
    the dining table with three well-
    dressed men in designer suits
    sitting opposite him. Bimpe’s
    husband pushed Bimpe’s
    picture to them and said, “That
    is my wife. I want her cut down
    immediately. We were supposed
    to have four children together,
    but for some reason, none of
    them is mine.” He pushed
    another picture to the three
    men and continued, “This is
    Maxwell, he is the father of my
    favourite child. I want him dead
    in three days… Here is the
    picture of the man who is
    responsible for my other three
    children. His name is Mayowa
    Folarin, and is fondly called
    Mayo. I want you to kill him and
    bring me his testicles….” He
    paused for a few seconds and
    continued, “You know what, try
    to bring me Mayo and my wife
    alive. I would like them to
    amuse with live sex before I kill
    them. Can you do that for me? It
    should be a piece of cake for
    you guys. You are not Desert
    Scorpion for nothing.” The
    three men exchanged looks and
    smiled. Bimpe’ s husband
    pushed a fourth picture to the
    men and explained, “Find these
    four children and bring them to
    me, they are supposed to be my
    children. I haven’t decided what
    to do with them yet.”
    When the three men left,
    Bimpe’s husband went over to
    his bar, sat on a stool and tried
    to break down a bottle of
    cognac. After a few gulps he
    whispered to himself, “This
    socks.” He stood up from the
    stool and went over to the
    dining table, picking his phone
    he dialed his secretary, “Hello
    Linda, what are you doing right
    now?” “I am working on the
    Kensington deal sir,” the
    secretary replied. “I want you to
    pass it to someone else, tell that
    person I said so. You have five
    minutes to do that. Once you
    are done, please get down to
    my house. I suppose twenty
    minutes should be enough for
    that.” “Okay sir, I will try my best
    to get your house in twenty
    minutes. However, sir, I do not
    know where your house is.”
    “Tell Samson to drive you down
    here. If he is not in the office,
    find him and have him bring
    you here.” As soon as Bimpe’s
    husband dropped the call, he
    spoke with his gateman
    through the intercom and
    informed him he was expecting
    a guest. About thirty minutes
    later, Linda, his secretary,
    walked into his grandly
    furnished living room. “Good
    morning sir. Ii am sorry I took a
    little longer to get here, Samson
    delayed me,” she bowed and
    explained her delayed arrival.
    Turning as if he just took notice
    of her, Bimpe’s husband waved
    at her to sit down. She sat
    wondering what she had done
    wrong. Her eyes were darting in
    every direction. There was
    something near a bottle of
    cognac at the bar. It was like a
    gun. Linda felt her heart sink
    into her stomach. She was not
    sure for which of her many sins
    she had been invited to her
    boss’ house. She was too afraid
    and so thought very fast;
    removing her phone from her
    bag, she clutched her abdomen
    and winced in pain, feigning
    she had suddenly become sick.
    She wanted to go use the
    bathroom and call for help.
    “Excuse me sir…” “Linda do you
    know why I invited you here?”
    Bimpe’s husband cut in. Still
    clutching her abdomen, Linda
    shook her head and said, “No
    sir.” What followed next was a
    blast for her. “I want you to
    seduce me,” were Bimpe’s
    husband’s next words. In shock
    Linda released her hand from
    her abdomen and dropped her
    phone to the sofa she was
    sitting on. Her mouth hung
    wide open and her eyes
    seemed to pop out of their
    sockets. “I am sorry sir, I did
    not…” “Linda, I am not a child.
    You have always tried to seduce
    me when we worked late
    together at my office. Right
    now, I am offering you a chance
    to do it without fear.”
    Linda was at her wits end. She
    had no clue about what to say
    next or about what was
    happening. The sight of a gun
    sitting at the bar did much to
    make her nervy. For about three
    minutes she did not say a word.
    All she did was breathe heavily
    like an asthmatic patient. “Linda,
    I am still waiting for you. When
    should I take off my clothes?”
    Bimpe’s husband asked. “I am
    very sorry sir that in the past I
    tried to seduce you. Please
    forgive me. From today, I will do
    my best to be of good
    behavior…” She knelt in a prayer
    posture, clasped her hands and
    continued, “…I swear by God sir,
    I will never let you see any of my
    body parts.” “I am sorry Linda; I
    want to see your body parts
    today. I will pay for it if that is
    fine by you.” Linda could see
    her boss was serious and so
    she stood to her feet and began
    to remove her clothes. While she
    did that, Bimpe’s husband
    walked closer to her and said,
    “You are a pretty girl. The only
    reason I did not take any of
    your seductive baits was simply
    that I swore never to touch
    another woman after my
    marriage.” “So why do you
    want to do it now and in your
    house? You should take me
    somewhere else at least for
    your wife’s sake,” Linda
    suggested. “My wife is dead.”
    Linda was frozen when she
    heard that and drew closer to
    her boss with only her under
    garments on and put her hands
    around him before asking,
    “When did Madam Bimpe die
    sir?” She was genuinely
    concerned. Bimpe’s husband
    put his hands around her and
    replied, “She is dead in my
    6:20 pm, Bode Thomas Street
    Leroy was on the sidewalk
    pacing hastily, suddepacing hastily, suddenly a
    Chevrolet SUV stopped for him,
    the door swung open and he
    jumped in. Some way behind,
    were Eve and Stanley in an ash
    Peugeot 306. They were actually
    following Chucks who was in
    Chevrolet SUV when they
    spotted Leroy. Eve was trying
    very hard to control herself. She
    could not believe it that Stanley’s
    best man on their wedding day
    could have anything to do with
    the man who shot them on the
    night of their wedding. Both
    Stanley and the guards’
    helmsman who was at the back
    seat of the Peugeot 306 had to
    restrain her from jumping out
    of the car and chasing after the
    Chevrolet SUV with the gun in
    her hand. “You have to stop
    Baby! Stop please!” Stanley
    shouted at Eve barely
    restraining her. Eve tried to talk
    but her mouth gave no sound
    as hot tears ran down her
    cheek. In the Chevrolet SUV, a
    frantic conversation was going
    on between Leroy and Chucks.
    “Who ordered the hit?” Chucks
    asked. “I don’t know who, but I
    got my orders from Emilia.
    However, there are those above
    her whom she takes orders
    from. I think they were the ones
    who wanted your friends shot
    on their wedding day. They may
    be the ones who paid for the
    videos to be made,” Leroy
    Story continues…

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    Hmmmmmm it’s getting very interesting!!!

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    We are going somewhere

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    It'z Wizzy
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    Hmm u’ll are running secrets in circle

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    Still observing

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    am just speechless, a whole load of secrets

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